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"The Cautionary Tales of Jack & Justin" Pilot's video poster

"The Cautionary Tales of Jack & Justin" is a pilot for a comedic anthology series in the style of Tales From The Crypt. Read more

Chicago, IL Webseries
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This project was successfully funded on September 5, 2011.

"The Cautionary Tales of Jack & Justin" is a pilot for a comedic anthology series in the style of Tales From The Crypt.

Chicago, IL Webseries
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UPDATE! [Wednesday, August 31st] PART II IS NOW LIVE! Click HERE to watch it. *The video above is part one in a Kickstarter exclusive "Fundraising" Trilogy. Note that this is not the pilot - it was simply made for fundraising purposes in the style of our episodes. 

             A pilot for a comedic anthology series in the style of 'Tales From the Crypt' and 'The Twilight Zone' - aimed for web or television distribution. Focuses on genre elements beyond mere horror, the aim is to make you laugh first, and thrill your pants off second. 

             Without giving anything too exciting away, the pilot for the first season of "The Cautionary Tales of Jack & Justin" involves a seemingly 'haunted' wireless printer that consumes the lives of our peeping tom's. Printing not only data from their apartment but also that of a beautiful girl across the street from them, Jack & Justin are presented with your everyday moral dilemma: simply return a defective printer that violates the privacy of your neighbors or...use the printer to your advantage to learn more about this sexy babe and try to manipulate false encounters to get her to fall in love with you. Clearly the latter. 

             Needless to say, nothing is ever simple (or logical) in the moronic world of Jack & Justin, and they quickly find themselves over their heads in deep poop. What is the mysterious printout the boys receives late in the night? Is it a cry for help or a ghastly confession of murder? How long can Justin survive at her Bikram Yoga studio before she notices him? Will they recycle all the ink cartridges they use up or merely throw them in the trash? And who the hell is the crippled figure that lurks in her apartment when everyone is asleep?

             Our main interest lies in landing a 15-minute spot on Cartoon Network's late night sub-channel 'Adult Swim.' With a demographic that ranges from age 21-85 male and female, and sociopaths of all ages, we feel like 'Adult Swim' is the perfect home for us. Lately, we've been noticing a shift in their programing from cartoons exclusively, to now having a solid mix of both cartoons and live action. Shows like Tim and Eric and Children's Hospital create an audience to match our content. Neither of those shows incorporate a heavy 'movie flair' to them, so with the right resources and equipment, we can help our show stand out among them. 

             For starters, we plan to shoot with a very high end digital camera called the Red One. The camera is not only more affordable to shoot on than film (allowing more money to be allocated into set design, costumes, props, and post production) but also creates a very realistic filmic look. There is no doubt that if we are able to acquire this camera that we can create a more believable, dark, and thrilling world that would contrast wonderfully with the comical mishaps and stupidity of our main characters.

             Submitting to festivals once the film is created will help our work receive attention from producers, agents, and the general public. The more people that see our film, the more hits we get on our older videos online, and the more the demand for new episodes increases, helping our chances of pitching to a studio and creating a full season of 'Jack & Justin.' Submissions to festivals is an expensive process but one that cannot be overlooked!

             The soundtrack to the pilot will be created from scratch by Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm. You can hear Jack's style by checking his one man band 'Mr. Bear' also available on iTunes! Everything will be recorded with real instruments to help create that unique cinematic symphonic sound.

             We don't subscribe to the Chicago Tribune but we do have an unlimited subscription to Netflix, Blockbuster Video, and over $200 in late fees to Specialty & Adult Video Palace. We went to school for movies and although that doesn't make us experts, we can definitely hold our own in a game of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." 

             The point is, we have a good idea about what the influences for the show are going to be. Not to be confused with satire or parody, 'Jack & Justin' simply borrows classical cinematic themes and techniques and then dumbs them down for your entertainment. Take a look at this class gem from Brian De Palma and now re-imagine it starring Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. 

Not to reference Jim Carrey twice but you seriously need to revisit this underrated masterpiece from Ben Stiller. He dared to blend comedy and psychopathic horror long before Jack & Justin found themselves face to face with a demonic Janitor who stole all their stuff. 

             And who can forget the classic Martin Scorsese remake of the classic 'Cape Fear' with '90s heart throb Nick Nolte. 

             But the best example of all for how we would like our show to be perceived is 'Tales From the Crypt.' Please do yourself a favor and revisit the first episode called 'The Man Who Was Death' with William Sadler. Woo wee, it's a shocker. 

 (last updated 8/18/11)

             Bob Zegler - Creative Producer. Bob works as producer for a company he helped create in 2005 with friend Brad Bischoff. They have won number awards for their work, including the highly coveted Chicago Award for their film 'WET' at the 45th CIFF. See Bob's most recent film here:

             Casey Tompkins - Director of Photography. We've worked with him numerous times, and he shot this Kickstarter video for us! An amazing talent from Columbia College as well, currently applying for grad school at AFI for Cinematography! Check out his reel below.

             Mollie Alexander - Production Designer. Mollie has a talent for making the surreal and fantastic come to life. Having production designed and art directed numerous high budget films at Columbia College, Mollie has developed a style that is not only unique but highly sought after. See her most recent production design work here:              

             Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm - Writing, Directing, and Editing. Also playing the roles of Jack and Justin respectively. If you aren't familiar with the web series check out the newest episodes at under 'Jack & Justin in Chicago,' or click the 'Selects' button to see their weekly skits, and 'Jack & Justin in LA' to see their early blog videos that started it all. 

             Art Department - This will be our biggest expense, seeing as how we won't be shooting in a live apartment, but instead building one from scratch in a studio space (the new Columbia College Media Production Center sound stage). The set will be reused to create a second apartment - saving a little bit of money - but the rest of the art budget will go into props, wardrobes, effects, and makeup.

             Actors and Crew - A good actor these days 'aint cheap, and we need the very best to compensate for our idiotic personas. Crew also won't work for free, plus we need to pay for transportation costs and feed them. Kind of like a Mogwai from 'Gremlins.' You can't feed them too late or give them water or they'll mutate. Coffee is ok though, we think. 

             Equipment - We want to rent the very best cameras, lenses, lights, dollys, and all the other stuff that works magic behind the scenes. Have you seen 'The Social Network?' That was shot with the same camera we plan to use. Trent Reznor not included with rental. 

             Post Production - Proper color correction and visual effects, as well as the costs for music rights and sound mixing. 

             Remember, any little bit helps - plus, Kickstarter WILL NOT charge your card until we reach our goal of $8,000. If we don't reach it, you pay nothing.


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