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Down-to-the-minute weather prediction for your exact location. Accompanied by stunning high-resolution radar animations.
Down-to-the-minute weather prediction for your exact location. Accompanied by stunning high-resolution radar animations.
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The New Dark Sky


So it's been more than two years since you folks helped fund the creation of Dark Sky. Today, we've released the biggest update in the app's history.

It's been completely rewritten from scratch with an all new design, extended 24-hour and 7-day forecasts, and unbelievably sexy weather maps. It's by far the best weather app ever created (says us).

Check it out:

I can't believe we're still going strong two years later; it's all due to you fine, attractive folks supporting us back when Dark Sky was just a nutty idea. Thanks so much!

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    1. Michiel Carpentier on February 9, 2014

      Why is the app not available in the Belgian app store? I have pledged support 2 years ago, so why can't I enjoy this app?

    2. AtFAB on January 30, 2014

      Congratulations on 2+ years. I think this was one of my first projects to back, and I'm so glad I did. I use your app practically every day - it's incredibly accurate, clear & simple, and so visually beautiful. Best of luck in the years ahead and keep up the brilliant work you're doing.

    3. Adam Feldman on January 28, 2014

      I wish you brought over the combined precipitation/temperature vs. time chart that the mobile version of uses into the updated Dark Sky app. I really, really, really value having finer-grained temperature predictions available, versus the three data points available for today's temperature and only two for future days.

    4. George Kasica on January 28, 2014

      As one of the original backers great job. As a forecaster here it's a great quick look app and amazingly accurate. Keep up the great work.

    5. Todd Sherman on January 27, 2014

      Well done! IMHO the globe (while sexy) should be zoomed into my area of interest because it takes a lot of pinch/zooms to get to a proper perspective. Also, its slow to load even on a blazing fast connection - probably because there is a lot of data I don't care about. Finally, why is the timeline on the bottom in the Map view mainly historical? I dont care what happened 3 hours ago.

    6. Missing avatar

      chris watts on January 27, 2014


    7. Missing avatar

      Vinnie T on January 27, 2014

      Forecast and Dark Sky are my go to weather Apps. Looks like with this new update I will not be needing Forecast anymore. I absolutely love the Dark Sky Notify. It has helped me get my grill cover on before the rain or hike with confidence even though it looked like the sky was going to let loose. Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kiwi on January 27, 2014

      Yeah, I would like, if not an ETA, then at least a response to what the philosophy is to bringing the app to other countries.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nathan Loofbourrow on January 27, 2014

      Also, wish the Y axis of the globe stayed oriented up, I get lost once I zoom in if the world is sideways.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nathan Loofbourrow on January 27, 2014

      Nice update. Love the 24 hour and week views. One feature of the old Radar screen that was nice is that it started zoomed in on your local area -- it's a pain to go to the map and then have to pinch your way down to the planet.

    11. Rick van Vliet on January 27, 2014

      Thanks guys. We were in on the originaI Kickstarter drive. And I recommend the Dark Sky app to anyone who asks me to recommend a weather app. Forecast is good, Dark sky rocks. Can't wait to see the new version. (now...stay out of the rain if you can :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Brad Fortin on January 27, 2014

      I can't believe it's been 2 years and it's still not available in Canada. Here's hoping the next version makes it across the border.

    13. Dalton Rooney on January 27, 2014

      Wow, beautiful update, guys! I'll be using the new version a lot more often, even though it never rains in San Diego.

      Thank you for the free update, I would have gladly paid full price for this.

    14. Bruce Murray on January 27, 2014

      Won't go horizontal on iPad.

    15. AC Missias on January 27, 2014

      awesome! keep up the great work!