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Down-to-the-minute weather prediction for your exact location. Accompanied by stunning high-resolution radar animations.
Down-to-the-minute weather prediction for your exact location. Accompanied by stunning high-resolution radar animations.
1,203 backers pledged $39,376 to help bring this project to life.

Dark Sky is Go!

Hello backers!

Thanks to you all, we did it! Dark Sky is available in the iTunes App Store right now:

Each of you should have already received an email with a link to download the app; if you haven't, please contact us and we'll get it sorted out. We've already received some early bug reports, and we have an update pending Apple's approval right now to resolve most, if not all, of the issues.

As for the other reward tiers, we apologize for being behind! There was a problem getting some of the t-shirts printed, but that's being resolved now and we'll have everything in the mail as quickly as we can.

So, this phase of Dark Sky will be drawing to a close very soon, but it's not the end of the road: we have a lot we'd like to continue to do with Dark Sky, not the least of which will be adding support for additional regions. If you want to stay up to date on our progress, be sure to follow us on Twitter, if you're not already:

Once again, we can't express our thanks enough to you, since without your support this app never would have gotten this far. We love each and every one of you.

-- Jack, Adam, and Jay


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    1. Missing avatar

      James Roloff on May 20, 2012

      Had not received the code. Was searching the Kickstarter page and found the statement re: contact about this. I recently received the T-shirt, but when I reviewed my e-mails before and since the "Survey" [Survey sent: 02/23/12 • "Your response">"Submitted: on February 23"]. I would appreciate knowing how to go about obtaining my "Dark Sky" app.
      Note: Pledge $40 or more, You Selected; 146 Backers Name: James S Roloff

    2. Göran Lönnberg on May 12, 2012

      I am from Sweden and unfortunately the iTunes redeem code is only valid for the US. Need a "quick fix" on that.

    3. Missing avatar

      GREG AUSINA on April 20, 2012

      I'm a french backer and unfortunately the iTunes redeem code is only valid for the US. Can you fix that fast? We are having a lot of rain showers and hailstorms at the moment in Paris. It seems to be a good time to evaluate your promising work.

    4. Burrito Justice on April 20, 2012


      Never got the code! (I did miss the survey, sent it in last week...)

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jusseaume on April 19, 2012

      I believe it's a great apps for produce growers and I am happy to a backer but unfortunately iTunes will not allow download in Canada!

    6. Jay B Payne on April 18, 2012

      I never got my code or my t-shirt and I did send in the survey info

    7. Missing avatar

      john millspaugh on April 18, 2012

      I purchased a copy for wife, looks great. I never got my code or link to download my copy though.
      Also, no shirt?

    8. Rees Maxwell on April 17, 2012

      Oh hell, never mind! I supported this, but didn't select to preorder a copy, so I'll go head on over to iTunes and buy one myself! (Blushes)

    9. Rees Maxwell on April 17, 2012

      FYI: Didn't get my code yet.

    10. Missing avatar

      davidsiegler on April 17, 2012

      Did not receive link for download

    11. Jim Kirk
      on April 17, 2012

      Very cool. At first it seemed to be stuck on "loading" on my iPad, but a tap seemed to get things going.

    12. dpl on April 17, 2012

      i received the code and downloaded the app , but it does not work at all?? any tips?? it won't recognize my location and location services are enabled and even when i type it in , it shows nothing!

    13. Missing avatar

      Craig on April 17, 2012

      I did not receive an email to download the app.

    14. Chris Wallendorf on April 17, 2012

      Love the app! Looks great on the iPad. Just wish it would rain here...

    15. Missing avatar

      James Duke on April 17, 2012

      I was much disappointed to find that DarkSky does not work on my 3GS iPhone! Phooey!

    16. Missing avatar

      Aegir Hallmundur on April 17, 2012

      I know the app only works in the US, but can it be downloadable outside the US App Store? I'd like to use it when I visit the US but my iTunes account is set to the UK store.