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Down-to-the-minute weather prediction for your exact location. Accompanied by stunning high-resolution radar animations.
Down-to-the-minute weather prediction for your exact location. Accompanied by stunning high-resolution radar animations.
1,203 backers pledged $39,376 to help bring this project to life.

We're almost there...

Hi, Backers!

We're just about there! Dark Sky has been released to our crack team of beta testers, and while we still have a laundry list of tasks to do and bugs to squash, we aren't far from the finish line. (Looks like we won't hit our original goal of releasing in March, but we won't be far off.)

Some things:

1) Check out our brand spankin' new website:

2) T-shirts and umbrellas are at the printers, and they look hot.

3) Why not follow us on Twitter?!/darkskyapp

4) When we finally release the app, here's how you'll get your copy: Apple won't let us give away free copies of the app to just our backers, so we'll be "gifting" them to you via iTunes. We'll literally just buy you a copy of the app from the App Store... it's weird, but it'll get the job done. When the time comes, you'll get an email with more instructions.

Thanks everyone! Without your awesome support, we would never have been able to make this thing a reality.

- Jack, Adam and Jay


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    1. Garret Moore on

      I backed this for the great idea, glad to see it fly. Wish I had the iPhone to see it, but look forward to a port to Android hopefully.

    2. Kim Slawson on

      I got my iTunes store email and just downloaded it! I can't wait to try it out (but it's sunny here!) Great work guys!

    3. Jordan Liggitt on

      looks great, can't wait to try it out! any idea when the codes will be distributed to backers?

    4. Missing avatar

      carol heath on

      Note to Jack, Adam and Jay... It may be a reality for you, but until your backers receive their copy, it is not a reality for them. Can you please give a status update? Many thanks.

    5. Ian Clarke on

      Hmm, how do I join the beta? I'm a software engineer so I'll provide good feedback - I'm also a backer. Also, whatever happened to an android version? (don't worry, I've got a iTouch so I can test the iOS version).

    6. Adam Grossman & Jack Turner Creator on

      Harry: That's only for promo codes, and Apple only gives you a handful of promo codes per app version.

      Kay: It shouldn't be a problem gifting a non-US resident the app.


    7. Kay Sindre Skogseth on

      Will it be difficult gifting the app if I have a non-us itunes account? Will be vacationing to the US in the summer.

    8. Harry Hung on

      About point 4.
      Ain't there redeem code? I see many developers giving away apps by redeem codes.

      Also, if you have time to expand the coverage
      This may be useful for Hong Kong (My place! :D)