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Down-to-the-minute weather prediction for your exact location. Accompanied by stunning high-resolution radar animations.
Down-to-the-minute weather prediction for your exact location. Accompanied by stunning high-resolution radar animations.
1,203 backers pledged $39,376 to help bring this project to life.

Holy Cow -- We did it!

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It's a Thanksgiving Miracle! Over the weekend we surpassed our funding goal, thanks to all of your ludicrously awesome support.

Over a thousand of you pre-ordered a copy of Dark Sky. The fact that you were willing to drop cold hard cash on an unfinished product (even though many of you don't even have an iOS device, or live outside the United States) is absolutely amazing. Jack put together an outtake reel from our Kickstarter video that I think properly expresses how we feel:

But we've still got a couple days left!

We have been inundated with requests over the past month for an Android version of Dark Sky. Hundreds of people (many of them backers) have contacted us wondering when we'd bring Dark Sky to their phones. The thing is, we're iOS guys... we've never developed Android apps, and neither of us has an Android device. Our plan was to start with the iOS version and use it's success to branch out to other platforms in the future.

But here's the deal: If we can get to $45k in the next 2 1/2 days, we'll use the extra funds to bring on an Android developer to work on the Android version starting from day one. How's that?


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    1. Gregory Burd on

      Hmmm... I hope you've not abandoned the idea for an Android port. I'm a backer for iOS, but I also use Android and I would happily buy this app for that platform too. :-)

    2. Todd Sherman on

      How about an update? Looking forward to it!

    3. Ian Clarke on

      Darn, I didn't notice the $45k thing for Android until it was too late :-(

      Might I suggest that you create a new quickstarter project for this with a relatively short time window? I could promote the crap out of it on sites like

    4. David Dean on

      My sincere congrats to you guys, it's a really great project. It's unfortunate that we didn't hit the $45k but I hope you guys make a gajillion dollars on the IOS version and manage to port it eventually.

      Good luck!

    5. Jesper Roth on

      Congratz! Like what you did with some timeseries analysis. Maybe possible to add Sweden to your list. At least i'm sure it could be part of a master thesis here at Lund university Mathematical Statistics department... =)

    6. Missing avatar

      Greg Peterson on

      Dear Mr. Michael Winn,

      If you want to back out, that's your loss. I'm staying in.

      Sincerely, Greg P.

      P.S. I don't have an iPhone either. I just want to support an amazing project.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Congrats! Hoping all goes well and we see an International rollout soon :)

    8. Ryan Naylor on

      Congratulations! Props to you guys and Troy, NY!

    9. Stella Violano on

      I am so happy for you guys! And I am eager to see the app up and running. You have no idea how many times since pledging that I have wished I had it. Congrats guys!

      PS: Mr. Winn, They were pretty up front about this being an app and not an internet page. To ask other backers to withdraw seems a bit extreme. Perhaps it will be on the internet someday but still......

    10. Michael Winn on

      I no longer trust these people. Advise you withdraw.

    11. Bertram Joseph on


      I had pledged $5 bucks hoping it would come to Android, but now I'm in for $40!

    12. Adam Grossman & Jack Turner Creator on

      Javier: We do plan on expanding outside the US, but it'll happen slowly and one country at a time. We need to find access to radar data in each country, and figure out how to parse it and pull it into our system.

    13. Javier Gómez-Acebo Finat on

      Congratulations on making this awesome project go live!!

      Actually, I'm more interested in getting updates for weather in Europe… Do think you'll be able to make something similar for us over the pond!

      Thanks a mill and keep up with the good work