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Update #11

The New Dark Sky


So it's been more than two years since you folks helped fund the creation of Dark Sky. Today, we've released the biggest update in the app's history.

It's been completely rewritten from scratch with an all new design, extended 24-hour and 7-day forecasts, and unbelievably sexy weather maps. It's by far the best weather app ever created (says us).

Check it out:

I can't believe we're still going strong two years later; it's all due to you fine, attractive folks supporting us back when Dark Sky was just a nutty idea. Thanks so much!

Update #10



We’re extremely excited to announce that today we launch Forecast, a new global weather service. Check out the full announcement on our blog.

Forecast includes the hyperlocal rain forecasts from Dark Sky, along with extended forecasts, and even a time machine that lets you explore the weather decades in the past or future.

We wouldn't have been able to do any of this if it weren't for our Kickstarter backers. You folks provided us not only the funds to allow us to launch, but also the infectious excitement and moral support that has sustained us over the past year.

Thanks so much!

Here's to another great year.

Update #9 - For backers only

Top-secret Dark Sky Weather Project


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Update #8

Dark Sky is Go!

Hello backers!

Thanks to you all, we did it! Dark Sky is available in the iTunes App Store right now:

Each of you should have already received an email with a link to download the app; if you haven't, please contact us and we'll get it sorted out. We've already received some early bug reports, and we have an update pending Apple's approval right now to resolve most, if not all, of the issues.

As for the other reward tiers, we apologize for being behind! There was a problem getting some of the t-shirts printed, but that's being resolved now and we'll have everything in the mail as quickly as we can.

So, this phase of Dark Sky will be drawing to a close very soon, but it's not the end of the road: we have a lot we'd like to continue to do with Dark Sky, not the least of which will be adding support for additional regions. If you want to stay up to date on our progress, be sure to follow us on Twitter, if you're not already:

Once again, we can't express our thanks enough to you, since without your support this app never would have gotten this far. We love each and every one of you.

-- Jack, Adam, and Jay

Update #7

We're almost there...

Hi, Backers!

We're just about there! Dark Sky has been released to our crack team of beta testers, and while we still have a laundry list of tasks to do and bugs to squash, we aren't far from the finish line. (Looks like we won't hit our original goal of releasing in March, but we won't be far off.)

Some things:

1) Check out our brand spankin' new website:

2) T-shirts and umbrellas are at the printers, and they look hot.

3) Why not follow us on Twitter?!/darkskyapp

4) When we finally release the app, here's how you'll get your copy: Apple won't let us give away free copies of the app to just our backers, so we'll be "gifting" them to you via iTunes. We'll literally just buy you a copy of the app from the App Store... it's weird, but it'll get the job done. When the time comes, you'll get an email with more instructions.

Thanks everyone! Without your awesome support, we would never have been able to make this thing a reality.

- Jack, Adam and Jay

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