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Jabari Presents is a celebrity documentary series, featuring the intimate profiles of athletes, musical artists, and entertainters.

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What's up Kickstarter! I hope you enjoyed the video above and I'm truly thankful for your time. Storytelling has always been something I've loved doing and with the help of people like you I've been able to make a career out of it. I'm lucky enough to have been granted access to some of the most inspiring people on the planet and my goal is to share a slice of their story with the world. 

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What is Jabari Presents?

Jabari Presents is an online celebrity documentary series, featuring intimate profiles of influential athletes, musical artists, actors and other established entertainers. In the first season, Jabari Presents was watched by over 200K viewers from around the world. In preparation for season 2, Jabari plans to exceed the show's wildest expectations by creating short-form documentary films on even more eclectic and influential celebrities than before. 

Joining each of these talented individuals within their own natural environments and workspaces, Jabari will find out how they reached their level of success and what separates them from the rest. Jabari Presents: Season 2 will feature 10 episodes, airing in August 2012 that will be released bi-weekly and is estimated to reach millions of viewers. For more information on Jabari Presents: Season 2, visit, or contact Brian Walker at

Where Does the Money Go?

Total Budget: $40,000

Budget Breakdown:

Travel and Lodging: 27%

Post Production: 22%

Equipment: 16%

Production Staff (camera, crew) 33%

Past Episodes:

Diggy Simmons

Wiz Khalifa

Nigel Sylvester


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