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An artistic way to experience urban geography: J-Storm Urban Maps are  Live-Work Centerpieces and Cubicle-Art of about 20 cities
An artistic way to experience urban geography: J-Storm Urban Maps are Live-Work Centerpieces and Cubicle-Art of about 20 cities
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    1. Justin Smith 2-time creator on

      Captdoggle, Your map (Blue, San Francisco) was sent out late Fall of last year. In Update #9, I was checking for lost maps, and asked that backers email me if they hadn't received their map by December 10th, 2013. As I didn't hear from you, I was unaware of the problem with your map until now. Despite being 8 months later, I am sure we can resolve this easily. Kindly forward your confirmation, or even just an email with your current address, to be sure.
      Thanks again for your support.


    2. Captdoggle on

      Have yet to receive my map. What the hell?

    3. Michael Petersen on

      Justin, I received my Seattle map a couple weeks ago, and it's beautiful! Well worth the wait. Thanks again so much!

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter Hogan

      just wanted to say a big thankyou, picked up my map from the local post office this morning and its now hanging proudly on the wall in my loungeroom


    5. Justin Smith 2-time creator on

      Hi Peter (and everyone),

      I'm putting together a full update and video coming out in the next day or so. The short version is that about 200 maps have been shipped with new packaging (in some cases twice) or delivered in person. Next week I'll be working through the remainder, as well as a few special cases. There are several that got caught in a glitch in the ordering, and others that I am refining the design a bit (Buffalo, Seattle, etc..).

      Yours was in a batch I sent last Saturday, but UPS left a message saying that one to Australia didn't go out because of the dimensions... They still have it, but for some reason it needs to go as a special parcel class... The US ones from that batch should be arriving to the East Coast on December 3rd, or sooner based on distance from SF.

      For those who have not received their maps yet (or partial orders) please hang tight and stay tuned for the update. Now that the bulk of them are out, rounding up what's left should be fairly quick. For those who have their maps, let us know how they look! Also, watch for the video, there's still more to come of this project :-)



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      Peter Hogan

      any news?

    7. Sean Alpert on

      I got my map recently, and it looks AMAZING! It was definitely worth the wait. I know that everyone is eager to get their maps ASAP, but I encourage you to be patient - good things will come soon. Justin is a man of his word and will make it happen.

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    9. Biren Patel on

      Have any backers received their map yet?!?

    10. Justin Smith 2-time creator on

      Hi Travis - please see Update 8 in the Backer area. Thanks!

    11. Justin Smith 2-time creator on

      Hi Travis, no problem. I'm long overdue.

      We are looking at weeks, not months. 10 days MAX to "final order" email, start shipping, and some other exciting news on the map front :-)

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      Ttravis on

      I don't mean to pester, but we're approaching the year anniversary of funding. Can you give us an idea of when they may ship. Are we looking at 3 weeks or 3 months?

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      Ttravis on

      Any news on the maps front?

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      P. J. Marcy on

      Hooray!!! YOU DID BERKELEY!!!!! I have one excited Cal grad!

    15. Justin Smith 2-time creator on

      Thanks guys - just posted another one on the updates page. Start clearing your wall-space, they are coming soon!

      PJ - Thanks for the note. The project is finally running out of problems :-)


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      Looking forward to another update... :-)

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      P. J. Marcy on

      I continue to be impressed by your resiliency and positive attitude. As eager as I am to get my map, I do understand the many challenges you have faced and give you major kudos for continuing to plug away!

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      Peter Hogan

      Hi Justin, any up for those of us out here in backerland?

    19. Captdoggle on

      How about another update?

    20. Justin Smith 2-time creator on

      Progress is definitely happening – keep that space open! Most of the designs are done and on their 1st or 2nd iteration. The second machine is working very well and reliable, although it is a smaller capacity & speed. It’s great to be able to focus on the maps and less on technical trouble-shooting. Now I’m streamlining & refining the sanding and chiseling process, painting and coatings, and packaging. I’m hesitant to put down an exact shipping date, but we are getting close :-)

      As usual, there have been several little obstacles that make the project move slower than ideal scenario, but fortunately no more major blows to the project like the original lemon-laser. Recent challenges are things like: attempted break-in at the shop and lost 2 weekends working on security lights/system, down one weekend with a bad cold, a busy “day-job” period (and travel) that cut into evenings for Kickstarter work, clogging paint-sprayer and minor tool problems, etc.. But as I always say: Eventually this project will run out of problems to throw at me – and then you’ll get some really awesome maps!

      I’m also working on the new website and all the back-end stuff so that making your final-final choices will be very clear – especially for those of you who got multiple maps of different sizes, colors, etc. I will also be adding a few new designs/variations/neighborhoods to add to the original 42 city options.

      Feel free to check out the new site:
      Lots of pictures, but sorry about the picture quality and glare from my construction lights. I usually work on this from like 10pm to 2am so there’s no natural, diffuse light. I’m adding more cities and picture all the time, so check periodically to see progress on your city.

      Constructive comments and suggestions are always welcome. But keep in mind that this is still a work in progress so if you have question about where exactly your code is or some other detail, please don’t panic. It’s probably something I’m currently working on, and if the question still exists when I’m finished I’ll be sure to get it answered or fixed. (Again, you will receive an email with the code and instructions soon. If you do nothing after a certain amount of time, I’ll send you the map you indicated in the survey).

      Speaking of suggestions – one backer watched the video from the last update and emailed with a solution to the balancing issue. I’ve tested it out and it is by far the best way. YOU ROCK!!! Bonus maps for that backer. A crowd funding backer suggested a solution to a problem which improved the product on a Kickstarter project. That’s crowd-sourcing at it’s best right there! Awesome!

    21. DanTMan on

      Any progress? I'm saving space on my wall.

    22. Justin Smith 2-time creator on

      Hi Dan,

      That’s probably a good way to put it. Anyways, I am very busy working on the fastest path I can find to getting this project completed, and promise a hefty update by the end of next week. In the meantime if you have any urgent questions feel free to shoot me an email at

      Thanks again for your patience!


    23. DanTMan on

      No updates in 3 months. Attacked by your own laser?

    24. Tribsen on

      Very quiet here. Justin, please update us and keep us informed on the status of this project.

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      @Mary +1

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      Mary L on

      It's been over a month since your last update and I am still waiting for my map. Please update again.

    27. Justin Smith 2-time creator on

      Hi Mike, and everyone. Sorry again for the delay. I'm afraid the machine is down again/still and I am working on new alternatives to get the maps made. Please bear with me.

      Thank you for your patience


    28. Mike Coughlin on

      Has anyone heard from or tried to reach out to Justin lately for a product update?

      Has anyone received their product?

    29. Sasha Antman on

      Tried to contact was trying to find out an update on production delivery etc?

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      Bueller? Bueller?

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      Wondering if the Minneapolis map will be Minneapolis/St. Paul, or just Minneapolis?

    32. Marc Roth on

      If you saw me on Market Street say hi! =)

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      Clyde McKenzie on

      I'd like the 22x22 Northern Michigan map inside or outside of this Kickstarter campaign. This is a very cool idea and I hope you get the burst of support needed to fulfill your base requirement and more. Best of luck.

      Clyde McKenzie