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54 uniquely illustrated playing cards. Printed by LPCC. In-depth 250 page 32-game hanafuda rulebook.
54 uniquely illustrated playing cards. Printed by LPCC. In-depth 250 page 32-game hanafuda rulebook.
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October Project Status Update

Posted by IndianWolf Studios LLC (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Here’s our October update to let everyone know how things are progressing. We also have a question for everyone.

The Deck: 

The digital proofs looked great. We expect to have the hard proofs in our hands soon. We were told that the card proofs are ready, but that the foiled tuck proof will take a bit more time. LPCC uses the same processing for proofs as the final deck so it can be time consuming. We are all anxious to see the decks in print, but these are all steps to ensure that we will be delivering a quality deck.

The Rulebook:

The rulebook is complete and ready to go. Our original plan was to ship the rulebooks around the same time as the decks. However, since the rulebooks and decks are shipping separately anyways, we are strongly considering shipping the rulebooks sooner.

If we ship the rulebooks now, they will have a good chance of arriving before the holidays (decks are not due until next year).

The rulebooks and decks will ship separately either way so this will not result in any changes in shipping or customs. The rulebooks will be shipped directly from the book printer’s facilities in the US, EU, and AU so the rulebooks will be EU-friendly and AU-friendly.

If we decide to begin rulebook fulfillment, we will need to lock address changes. Once the address have been locked, anyone who will need to change their address for deck fulfillment will need to contact me directly. We will post another update about this later with more information.

We would love to hear what our backers think about this. Post a comment here to let us know your thoughts. “Would you like to have your rulebooks shipped before the holidays?”

If you have any other questions let us know.

Thank you all again!

Jason & Antonietta


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    1. Chris Clarke

      Ship the book! I've got a deck as well.

    2. Jeremie Lariviere

      i wasn't planning on using these for gifts, so i'm good with whatever works best

    3. IndianWolf Studios LLC 5-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback everyone! (^_^)
      We will post an update soon that outlines our steps for moving forward with shipping the rulebooks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Graham Haskin on

      It'd be good to have the book, since I already have a generic deck.

    5. James Walter Gooch Jr. on

      Please ship the rulebooks first! I already have two generic hanafuda decks and I desperately need a good rules reference.
      Thanks! �

    6. Rene Poyyayil

      Yes please ship the rulebook before the holidays! Thank you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nicole on

      It doesn't seem like you'll get many people saying to wait. Personally I'm happy either way (also "shipping" the rulebook to me is easy since mine is digital). I guess it would be nice to get early since I can play the games with Tabletop Simulator.

    8. Maria LoCastro

      Possibly not a valuable response since it mostly amounts to s shrug, but the book's not a gift and I can't use it without the cards anyway, so it's totally up to you and the other backers. I really have no preference.

    9. Eric Scheirer Stott

      I'll go with the most convenient for you

    10. Martin

      if they're being sent separately anyway, I see no reason to not ship the book as soon as it's available for shipping

    11. MentatYP

      I'm fine either way, although the rulebook will be just a tease if it arrives early since I won't have cards to play with yet.

    12. Heather Hostetler

      I would prefer the rule book shipped sooner :)

    13. Bruno G. Buffoni on

      Great option, you guys ....
      Could I pay for an extra copy, in the Australian language of course ?
      That'd be awesomeness itself !

    14. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Laffey on

      I would LOVE the rulebook sooner if it can be done. So excited!

    15. Ian Cumpstey on

      For me, all things being equal, I'd prefer to have the book sent now ...

    16. Cang Ling Yee

      Yes. Ship the rulebook first please

    17. SableFox

      Yes - I would like the rule book shipped asap :-)

    18. Missing avatar


      I am +1 on the books shipping first.

      I was hoping to give this as a part of a Christmas present. :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Joshua Labrecque on

      I'm definitely good with having the rulebook ship first. It'll be nice to flip through in anticipation of the rest of the cards. Might even be able to try out a few new games with my regular Hanafuda decks as well.

    20. Daniel Cooksey

      I'm easy either way. My rulebook is digital.

    21. Ryan Littlefield on

      I would love to have the rulebook! But if it's easier and costs you guys less to wait and have them ship together, that's also fine. In no huge serious rush, but would enjoy it a lot.