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The Aurora headband plays lights and sounds for lucid dreaming with a smart alarm clock to help you sleep better.
First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.
First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.
1,428 backers pledged $239,094 to help bring this project to life.

July Production and Announcements


We are happy to report good news on our first large scale device production: 

Final Sample Preliminary Approval! 

The final Aurora production samples have arrived from our factories and we're excited to report they have have passed nearly all of our quality assurance tests! 

Final production headstraps at the factory
Final production headstraps at the factory

We discovered only one minor issue: our micro SD cards (Aurora's onboard memory) did not perform as well as samples sent by the vendor. Luckily we caught this issue early and are already sourcing and testing replacement cards. Once a solution is identified we will move forward with device fulfillment and purchase SD card stock to ensure we always have high quality cards (in case there is another worldwide shortage).

Aurora production in full swing
Aurora production in full swing


We are working on a solution in parallel while our manufacturing team finalizes production on the rest of the Aurora Kickstarter devices. We hope to be fulfilling these orders by our next update and promise to continue providing regular updates in the interim.

EA Devices shipped

We are now working with a reputable fulfillment service to expedite the processing and shipping of all remaining Aurora orders. 

EA device package
EA device package

This is important because:

  • EA box assembly now closely resembles the final product
  • We can now scale shipping volumes with no added effort from our team
  • This will effectively double the size of our user base

The next wave of Early Access devices have shipped to our new service and we are targeting end of next week to release them to EA customers. We apologize for the delays but believe them necessary as we work towards automating our order fulfillment protocol. Our goal is to have all future orders ship immediately.

Note* There are just a few hand-crafted EA devices left in stock before we move to shipping the final version of the Aurora device to customers. If you are interested in participating as an EA tester please contact us at with a short bio to be considered (you must provide proof of your Aurora purchase).

Aurora Mobile Released on TestFlight! 

Great news! Aurora Mobile has been approved and released on the official TestFlight for iOS! This is enabling us to quickly and easily distribute the app to all our iOS customers (Android app in development). 

Aurora Mobile dropping soon
Aurora Mobile dropping soon


We thank all the users who have helped test our apps and provided useful feedback leading directly to many improvements of the Aurora experience. We encourage all users (existing and new) to continue sharing your thoughts with us!!

For our Devs

Production has kept our team busy but we haven't forgotten about our developers! Pointing back to some of our early updates, we announced early intentions to make the Aurora platform fully open and easy to use. We wanted developers and casual hobbyists alike to be able to easily get up and running with developing on Aurora. 

We've put years into designing Aurora as a flexible open platform and fully intend to deliver on that promise and more. Please stay tuned as we get closer to unveiling details about the Aurora Open Platform.

Thank You

The Aurora has been made possible exclusively by backers just like you, who believe in our mission, product and the power of sleep and dreaming. As an entirely crowdfunded start-up, your individual decision to back and support our project has helped to achieve our collective goal. Because of you, we have succeeded in making the Aurora Dreamband a reality. We’d like to thank each of you for investing in the future of wearable-sleep-technology.

If you haven’t already, please join us & our growing community. Pre-order your Aurora at the special discounted pre-order price today!

Sweet Dreams!

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    1. iWinks LLC Creator on

      @Our Supporters

      Your questions and comments are important to us. If you would like us to respond to you directly, please message us at, send us a direct message via Kickstarter, or talk to us on Facebook! You can also comment in the general Kickstarter comments, where we try our best to check in frequently, & have an open dialogue with our Kickstarter community.

      Sweet Dreams!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds on

      Why would anyone at this stage want an "Early Access" device that isn't the finished product when this update suggests the finished product will be shipping before the next update, so in the next 4 weeks?

    3. Moein Akbarof on

      So you say EA devices shipped
      But to whom?
      Am i ganna receive an EA device or not? given that i backed for developer's appentice

    4. Ben Rosenthal

      Welcome to the design process!

    5. Missing avatar

      Christian Lefrançois on

      Tim, sure, it looks like a vaporware, but all these photos and pictures seem real and make me still believe in it. But you're right, next updates will have their share of bugs...

    6. Tim Suetens on

      It feels like every update contains the same information. "Yay, production is going well, but..."
      and meanwhile I still don't have the device and the KS is years old.

      I don't want to be impatient, but I can't help it!