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First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.
First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.
1,428 backers pledged $239,094 to help bring this project to life.

The Aurora Production Schedule


Hello again backers

We recognize that it is now March and apologize for not yet providing any new information on your Aurora shipment yet. Therefore this update is focused on production, and illuminating just how little there is left to do before we can ship your Aurora! (As a quick reminder we will be sending out surveys closer to launch-day to gather your updated shipping info and to get to know our customers even better)

Over the last few months we have hosted a vibrant conversation with our most committed backers on the iwinks message boards. Listening to them has taught us that we need to change our communication strategy to keep our community better informed on our progress. So as the first order of business we apologize for the delay of this update and hereby commit to, at the very least, monthly updates from now until we ship Aurora

A New, Informed Production Schedule

We are very proud of the progress we've made towards the completion of Aurora’s design and are in the early stages of preparing for mass-production. We couldn't be more excited to be moving this quickly! We have just a few outstanding issues left to resolve with our designs before we can place our final order with our manufacturing partners, which would put us at 3 months before Aurora would be in a box and on its way to you! We anticipate 2-3 weeks to solve these issues, then 3-4 weeks maximum to print out any necessary new designs, put it all together and LOCK IT IN ;)

Therefore we are targeting the end of June for shipment of Aurora beta units and July for shipment of all Aurora preorder units, for both kickstarter and webstore customers. This gives us about one month to lock-in our designs, a goal we believe attainable if we continue working as hard as we have for the last year and a half ;)

With all of this going on, we've managed to advance the iWinks Service. Our user experience is under heavy construction, featuring a mobile app, new website and new logos all in the works! More on that in our next update!

New Year, New Look.
New Year, New Look.

Designing For Manufacturing

Our groundbreaking wearable device has certainly come a long way since our inception – it tracks your sleep progress and can help trigger and track your level of dream awareness. The Aurora manufacturing design is made up of 3 parts:

I) A Comfy & Adjustable Headstrap with Built-In Research-Grade Sensors 

After our past week of testing we are proud to share that the new Aurora design is our most comfortable design ever! Made from soft and pliable conductive fabrics, our brainwave sensors are built directly into our fully adjustable headband strap.

iWinks' Soft Fabric Brainwave Sensors
iWinks' Soft Fabric Brainwave Sensors

We are proud today to share that our sensors also satisfy our insanely high expectations for brainwave signal quality. When we decided to drop out of our graduate programs to pursue iWinks, we promised ourselves that our contributions would aid the dream research community by providing a simple monitoring tool for the dreaming frontal lobe. Our practicality further influenced the design to promote proper care by making the electronics detachable from the strap, thanks to our highly conductive snap button connectors.  

Snap-On, Snap-Off.
Snap-On, Snap-Off.

II) Circuit Board (PCBs) Our circuit board features a powerful computer on-board running our patent-pending REM and lucid-tracking algorithms while also allowing for future remote updates. Our tests have verified that these boards deliver all the features we promised for Aurora. However there are a few last bugs (one major and one minor) left to resolve before we send it off for production - a minor setback in our ever-accelerating progress!

Color your dreams!
Color your dreams!

III) Enclosure Our plastic enclosure is the cherry-on-top, and the final piece of the Aurora puzzle. As soon as this design is locked-in, our longest manufacturing lead-time countdown will begin. We have gone through many designs (and designers) over the years and learned a lot about what Aurora needs to be. 

For our final enclosure, we're partnering with a firm with over 30 years' experience in the medical device industry. We are working closely with them to keep Aurora comfortable and promoting good sleep while ensuring our LED's full color spectrum engages each eye independently while also staying clear of your field of view. We plan to present our final enclosure design - and the final look and feel of The Aurora - in our next update!

The enclosure will direct a full color spectrum independently into each pupil.
The enclosure will direct a full color spectrum independently into each pupil.

This type of injection-molded design calls for a hard tool to be created (30 days) and used as the mold to shoot our plastic pieces (30 days). The end result is a safe enclosure ready for us to snap together around our electronics (30 days). 

Aurora early enclosure concept
Aurora early enclosure concept

The Home Stretch

All of this great progress has come at a cost -  nearly all of the funding raised so far has gone directly into acquiring the finest parts, materials and services for The Aurora design. Our core team has happily worked without a steady paycheck for over a year and a half, and continued upcoming costs for app development and other services are forcing us to raise our purchase price to $299. So get your orders in now! As a special thank-you to our beloved kickstarter and existing webstore customers, you will receive the same high-quality product as future customers!


We are working around round the clock, losing sleep and valuable dream-time to resolve these final issues. Our team dropped out of Neuroscience and Computer Science graduate programs at top-tier research Universities to bring this disruptive invention to market and we remain focused on creating the most incredible consumer dream technology available! We've put our hearts and souls into this incredible project and feel very fortunate for the jobs you've helped us create in the process. As we continue working hard, we ask that you keep talking about iWinks and spreading the good word about lucid dreaming! 



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    1. Manoko on


      Brought the discussion to the general comment section.
      Now we will probably get a reply from iWinks, let's just be patient. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Zeb.Liu on


      Why no respond to Manoko? Aurora's new design is really very much like the Zeo headband…

      Also in the video (2:56) there is a replacement sensor included in box, and he said you need to replace sensor for every 3 months. So what about the "Soft Fabric Brainwave Sensors" used in Aurora?

    3. Manoko on


      How different ?
      When I have pictures of the two (ZEO headband and the Aurora headband) side by side, I really don't see any difference.

      To me there's a big chance you guys decided to go with their solution and built on it to make it your own.

      I'm not trying to put words in your mouth, but the least you could do is be honest and say that the Zeo was a major source of inspiration for the design of the Aurora headband.

      Am I wrong ?

    4. iWinks LLC Creator on

      Peter while the concept appears similar, our sensor material and placements are different compared to the (market-extinct) Zeo headband.

    5. Peter Widmer on

      Thank you guys for the update. delays happen. That`s ok if the communication is well with your customers. I have one question: the new brainwave sensors in the adjustable headband on the picture above look very much like the ZEO headband - actually the picture looks almost identical with the ZEO headband - a former product. How come you can use the same model? Are you in touch with the ZEO creators?

    6. Missing avatar

      Zeb.Liu on

      Hi, is there any way to clean up the "Soft Fabric Brainwave Sensors" when it is dirty? Is it washable?

    7. iWinks LLC Creator on

      Thanks guys,
      Laurie - we are designing aurora to help you reduce those nightmares! :)

      Brain - good question and sorry for not mkaing it clear. The preorder/eventual purchase price WILL be raised to $299 soon. For the time being you can still order it at 199 on the webstore.

      Brian :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Laurie Flynt on

      I just hope to eliminate nightmares when I get mine. Take all the t I me u need to make this a successful product!

    9. Brian Muller on

      Thanks for the update and I too look forward to reading the monthly updates and getting my Aurora this summer! I'm quite confused on the raising of the purchase price however. Is it $299 as mentioned in the update or $199 as currently listed on If $299 that's a very large jump in price! Also, you address the update to your backers and action us to "get your orders in now"? Don't you mean to address this to non-backers who'd like their own Aurora outside of the KS campaign?

    10. Brian Su on

      Delays happen, and I'm completely fine with it. I understand unexpected problems coming up because it happens all the time in my line of work. That being said, I'm still excited to hopefully get my hands on one of these this coming July!