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The Aurora headband plays lights and sounds for lucid dreaming with a smart alarm clock to help you sleep better.
The worlds first sleep-and-dream enhancing headband.
The worlds first sleep-and-dream enhancing headband.
1,428 backers pledged $239,094 to help bring this project to life.

Mass Production Update #11


Shipment Information

We have now fulfilled the 2nd wave of Early Access device shipments and are excited to welcome new Aurora testers to the group! Wave 2 has officially shipped out to recipients in the domestic region (US) to closely monitor quality control for this round. These shipments went to our original Kickstarter backers from ‘Lucid Dreamer’ and higher tiers, and select applicants from our Early-Access (EA) testing program.


Early Access Testing

Thanks to all who applied for our EA program. The program has ensured we fully understand the Aurora user experience before releasing it into the wild. We’ve been very busy - from comfort, usability, monitoring algorithm performance, dream stimulation effects and bug fixing… there are lots of parameters to building a sleep and dream-enhancing device. Aurora is extremely stable today and our focus has been on edge cases, or the 1% of issues difficult to recreate in the lab environment.

giving Aurora a whirl!
giving Aurora a whirl!

Our EA applicants have come from all walks of life  - software developers, bio-hackers, dream enthusiasts, athletes … and even a dolphin! EA applications are currently closed and will reopen before the next wave of shipments. Stay tuned to our updates for the latest.

Please do not email us your address information. Address forms are sent directly to backers via Kickstarter direct messages or email. This has ensured we ship your device to your most up-to-date address. Again, please don't email us your address, we will email you when your order is ready to ship.

Mobile App

Our team has been working on our mobile experience to make Aurora as easy to use - and effective - as possible. Our mobile apps (iOS and Android) will allow you to use and modify Aurora settings and view sleep reports wirelessly. Our engineering magicians have worked hard to make the final user experience seamless, and we think you’ll like it. We’ll be releasing more app details closer to its final release to the app stores.

Aurora Mobile is nearly finished!
Aurora Mobile is nearly finished!

Final Production

As we’ve been fulfilling EA deliveries, our standing stock of Aurora units has slowly dwindled. Therefore we’ve officially ramped up the volume of production to keep up with the demand of our delivery schedule. Having closely monitored feedback over the months of beta-testing we are confidently moving forward with large-scale manufacturing. Thus our shipment volume will increase as more devices get produced, software gets polished, and our mobile apps hit the official app stores! Until then we remain committed to keeping all backers updated with (at least) monthly updates.

Thank you!

We’d like to thank all who have recently joined us, as well as those who have supported along the way. The Aurora has been a 100% crowdfunded project and thanks to your support our team has lead the field in active sleep and dream enhancement with Aurora. Together we've unlocked new abilities for sleep and dream enhancement that weren't available before. We remain just as committed today as we were on day 1. If you haven’t preordered (or want to continue to support us) you may do so here - every order helps support our continued efforts. Again, we would like to thank all of those who have supported our team, and helped us to successfully produce the Aurora.

Sweet Dreams!

iWinks Team

Box Art Sneak Peak!

Aurora: the original sleep sensing and dream enhancing headband!
Aurora: the original sleep sensing and dream enhancing headband!


Dearest Backers, 

we're so excited to give you a sneak peak of the final device designs (above) and box art for the Aurora:

Behold, The Aurora Box Art!
Behold, The Aurora Box Art!


The Aurora boxes are en route to our US facilities for order fulfillment!
The Aurora boxes assembled and ready to move
The Aurora boxes assembled and ready to move



Meanwhile, orders for higher-tier kickstarter backer ('lucid dreamer' level or higher) will continue to be fulfilled. If you are in these tiers please ensure you've filled out your Aurora user account info (link will be in your kickstarter direct messages) so that we may fulfill all orders in a timely fashion. 

Finally and most importantly we wish you all a very happy new year

We cant wait to share more good news soon! 

the Aurora team


Our web addresses have changed! Please update your records:

Website (

Twitter @SleepwithAurora (

Exciting New Feature Announced & Aurora Patch 1.3 Released


Happy Holidays from the iWinks family!


New Feature Announcement!! Aurora Preorders make great holiday gifts!!
New Feature Announcement!! Aurora Preorders make great holiday gifts!!



As a gift to all of our backers, we are so excited to announce that The Aurora will come equipped with a previously unannounced feature! This feature expands the capabilities of Aurora: the sleep-and-dream enhancing headband. This exciting announcement tops the list of major new features supported in Aurora Patch 1.3.

But before we get to that, let's take care of a few administrative details:

Production-Level Auroras fully assembled and ready to ship!
Production-Level Auroras fully assembled and ready to ship!

We're Shipping More Early Access Devices

Address forms have now been sent to backers in both the "Developers Apprentice" and "Lucid Dreamer" (and higher) tiers via Kickstarter direct message. If you are a backer in one of these tiers please check your inbox and fill out the form and we will process your delivery as soon as possible. ("Lucid Dreamer" backers who submitted a questionnaire during the last round but did not yet receive a device will be fulfilled on this round). We look forward to shipping out your devices and as always, thank you to all our backers for your patience and support.

Now on to the fun..

Aurora Patch 1.3 Released … Introducing DreamSounds

All Aurora devices come equipped with a functional audio device on-board, adding elementary sound capabilities to the established repertoire of Aurora features. 

Patch 1.3 Features:

  • DreamSounds Onboard: Enabling a new paradigm in Aurora REM-stimulation
  • Improved LED controls: Choose from several dazzling REM-lighting effects
  • Enhanced Sleep Summaries: Sleep summaries now indicate REM-stimulus events 
  • Under the Hood: Various quality-of-life improvements, featuring streamlined data handling, bug fixes, and improved battery life

1) New DreamSounds Onboard!

With this exciting update Aurora has enabled a new paradigm of REM stimulation capabilities. Over the last few weeks, Aurora Early Access testers have been able to choose from a list of DreamSounds - or tones presented by The Aurora during REM -  designed to subtly rouse the senses during dreams. 

Many users have reported increased dream-stimulation successes with these features and we can't wait to share this feature with the next round of Early Access testers. 

Testers are able to choose from a list of pre-loaded DreamSound tones!
Testers are able to choose from a list of pre-loaded DreamSound tones!

In a future update we will dive deeper into dream reports gathered since our last update on this topic. Note that the new feature has not changed our production schedule, as we originally designed Aurora's circuitry to include a sound generator. Finally, The Aurora still features wireless REM-signaling capabilities for developers and dream explorers willing to brave the uncharted waters of novel sleep and dream experimentation.

2) Improved LED Controls

Patch 1.3 expands on Aurora's LED controls announced in earlier updates. Users may now choose from new dazzling light features to get even more from Aurora's custom crafted ocular-stimulating LEDs.

Improved LED controls!
Improved LED controls!

3) Improved Sleep-Summaries 

Patch 1.3 features a highly-anticipated feature that many testers have requested during testing: a way to indicate REM-stim events on our sleep summaries. Aurora Early Access testers love using this new feature and have reported increased levels of dream recall and lucid dreams.

Aurora Final Product and Packaging will be unveiling in the next update! Stay tuned!
Aurora Final Product and Packaging will be unveiling in the next update! Stay tuned!


Final product and packaging photos were recently taken and will be unveiled soon, along with an updated production schedule. 

Thank You!

We’d like to thank you, our backers, for your sustained enthusiasm and excitement for the Aurora, and for remaining patient and supportive throughout the development process. We are as eager to ship Aurora as you have been to receive it. We’re nearly at the finish line, and we couldn't have made it without the trust and support of our backers.

As far as we know, we are the only team in history to completely bootstrap an EEG-based wearable consumer device. Where all other teams have been backed by V.C. or other means of private funding, we've remained 100% crowdfunded from concept to market, and remain indebted to our backers as we couldn't have accomplished this incredible feat without your help! If you continue to believe in what we are doing please talk about us, follow our social media channels (links below) and share this update with your friends and family. Each share helps to connect a growing community of dreamers and to educate the public on the newest developments at the frontier of sleep-enhancement technology. 

Thank you and stay tuned - in the next update we will unveil the final Aurora device and packaging and share the upcoming shipment schedule. We look forward to shipping more Auroras soon.

Dream Well!

the iWinks Team

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Mass Production Update #10, Dreamband Production Ramping Up!


Dear wonderful backers! We are so pleased to make some exciting announcements today!

100 assembled devices delivered to our lab!
100 assembled devices delivered to our lab!

We have received the next batch of 100 fully assembled Aurora Dreamband devices (up from 20 last time)! This will more than double our test group size and allow us to collect even more critical feedback from testers before we ship the remaining units. However the real value of this milestone is that - on the manufacturing end - we are ready to go into full mass production!

The next batch of Aurora Dreambands are completed, production is ramping up!
The next batch of Aurora Dreambands are completed, production is ramping up!

While we get these devices ready to ship to the next wave of Early Access testers by the end of November, we are continuing to work with our manufacturing partners to meet our full delivery deadlines (read more below). This will be the 2nd wave of Early Access units delivered, and we cant wait to hear what kind of awesome lucid dreams our next group of Early Access testers will have with their Auroras!!

You are reading this right: we are prepared to make the next mass-production order the big one. The wait is almost over ... we are getting ready to build thousands of units to fulfill all of our kickstarter and webstore preorders! Meanwhile, we are working with our Early Access testers and development teams to continue improving our UX for the rest of our backers. 

Safety Certifications Update

We are proud to announce that Aurora Dreamband has officially passed U.S. FCC safety certifications!!

Aurora Dreamband electronics certification is underway
Aurora Dreamband electronics certification is underway

This means that Dreamband is certified 100% completely safe for use in the United States! We are now awaiting our EU and Japanese certifications, since we want Dreamband to be safe by major globally-recognized standards. 

For safety, we will await final certifications to be completed before placing the full order for our electronics. We are using this time to prepare all of the other final manufacturing materials - our brain-sensing headbands, device packaging, USB cables and any other 'extras' that might go into the box ;)

Updated Production Schedule

Back in September, we announced new launch dates. Today we are proud to still be on schedule for that proposed timeline. We have updated that timeline and recreated it below for your convenience.

I) Prototype Development & Testing

[2014/2015 - Completed!]

Aurora's core intelligence and powerful wireless capabilities were expertly crafted into a small circuit board. A custom housing and light delivery mechanism was designed over 5 case design iterations and dozens of headband designs, converging on our final device form-factor: a comfy headband with powerful sensors perfect for sleep and LEDs guaranteed to reach your eyes. Our fabric brainwave sensors took lots of work to get right. We're glad we put in the time and you will be too!

  • Soft fabric sensors replace the hard metal disc electrodes used in our campaign
  • Hardware designs completed
  • Firmware development begins

II) Beta Testing

[January 2016 - Completed!!]

Beta Testing was our first phase of public data collection and was critical in helping us prepare Aurora Dreamband for the general public. We wanted to fully understand how our sensors worked out in the real world. Testers slept with the device in passive (recording-only) mode. We collected gigabytes of sleep data, refined our algorithms, and squashed dozens of bugs. Beta testing is now over - thank you to our beta testers!

  • iOS app development begins
  • Early Beta units distributed

III) Early Access Program

[September 2016 - In Progress Now!]

select backers who are so excited to help test the device, they are willing to forego the final device packaging and test out or beta-version software.

These lucky users are the first on earth to fully experience Aurora Dreamband's revolutionary lucid dreaming capabilities. These devices provide all the functionality of the final device without the final aesthetics or packaging. The fun has already begun (we shared real in-field user testimonials last time!) and continues today with our next batch of units being prepared for more testers.

  • iOS app development continues.
  • Android app development begins.
  • Borealis app update #1 is released, expanding light stimulus features for testers to explore!
  • Device Safety Certifications completed.

IV) Pre-Release

[Estimated - December 2016]

Devices shipped during this final pre-launch phase will more closely resemble the final product in both aesthetics and functionality. The fun is ramping up!

  • New Feature Announced!!!
  • Branded Device / Headband. 
  • iOS app public testing begins.
  • Android App development continues.

V) Aurora Dreamband Full Product Launch!

[Estimated Q1/2 2017]

Full packaging, polished devices, and apps supporting the revolutionary Aurora Dreamband official release! The real fun begins - we engage our incredible development and research communities on our API and SDK documentation which will carry Aurora into the future.

  • Final devices ship to all backers / preorder customers! All thanks to people like you!
  • iOS app released to public
  • Borealis app released to public
  • Android app public testing begins

Thank You for Your Support!

We truly couldn't have done this without your help and want to remind everyone that when we launched our campaign, we were just a small team tasked with 2 very difficult problems: creating a revolutionary wearable device and a new market. We knew this meant we would have to carry the burden of education about our space while also being first-to-market with the world's first ever bio-sensing lucid dreaming device

Today, our work has already impacted people all around the world. Our testers are reporting having lucid dreams that they otherwise wouldn't have had, while more and more enthusiastic makers and creators are taking stabs at the wide-open world of dream augmentation. As the thought leaders of our space, we promise to continue educating and providing the best solutions available so that our new industry will flourish and benefit all mankind. 

And its all thanks to support from people like you... So thank you thank you thank you!!

Lucid Dreaming User Reports and Testimonials #1


Just a few weeks ago we unleashed our basic lucid dreaming features into the hands of our public test group for the first time ever. Today we share the first lucid dreaming progress report and testimonials from these Early Access testers, as collected in the comfort of their own beds!

After years of hard work we are pleased to pass our most critical point yet - public testing! Our solution feedback loop includes Aurora Dreamband, Borealis and of course our lovely testers!
After years of hard work we are pleased to pass our most critical point yet - public testing! Our solution feedback loop includes Aurora Dreamband, Borealis and of course our lovely testers!



First In-Field Lucid Dreams Reported!

We are so proud to announce that we've received our first user reports of lucid dreams induced in the field thanks to Aurora's help. In a very short time we've received exciting and encouraging results as users have reported numerous successful lucid dreams

We're focused on learning everything we can from our users in a short time so that when you open your Aurora box in a few months, you will have the best possible experience. To our knowledge, this is the first distributed experiment of its kind for any lucid dream induction technology. Be assured that as we grow, our momentum will continue to break down new barriers for the field!

Master Developer kickstarter backer, UK
Master Developer kickstarter backer, UK

With manufacturing still on schedule from our last timeline (Q1 '17, more in the next update), things are moving so quickly that sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to check our reality :)

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

Our testers are forever leaving their mark on the Aurora user experience by contributing valuable brainwave data and feedback. Our goal is to do everything in our power to give Aurora users complete control of their device and our seasoned testers are claiming that we've already built the most flexible and feature-rich lucid dreaming device on the market! 

"During a dream (my first dream of the night I believe) I was roused by the lights, I kept still and within about 60 seconds felt my whole body vibrating very strongly. Knowing that this is the transition to the dream, I 'separated' from my body and began a lucid dream ... The Aurora worked, it did its job but something more important was now evident; The lucid dream was within the first 2 hours of me sleeping and as we know that the first rem period only lasts about 10 mins proves that the REM tracking is very accurate on Aurora! [..] The device is great and has already surpassed anything Ive used in the past by a clear mile"

- Early Access tester, United Kingdom.

One Early Access backer enjoying his Aurora Dreamband!
One Early Access backer enjoying his Aurora Dreamband!

"I did a reality check just to be sure I wasn't dreaming that the Aurora arrived, and if the reality check worked like it's supposed to (look at some words in your environment; look away; look at them again; if they are the same you're probably not dreaming), then I am awake and I'm really holding an Aurora in my hands. First impression: It's really really cool!!! Quite compact and simple design and reasonably light weight. I'm amazed that the three sensors are cloth! I put it on and it feels very comfortable. "

Early Access tester, VA, USA

Early Access tester, Tx, USA
Early Access tester, Tx, USA


We want to say a big thank our to our committed and valuable testers!!! We are continuing to receive new feedback, brain data and dream reports each day.. We couldn't be more excited to be here!

Borealis Software Update

We have condensed the first round of feedback into actionable upgrades to our user experience. We will be providing a software update with these upgrades to our users over the next week as our team plans the development roadmap over the 3-6 month period following product launch. The upcoming Borealis update includes improvements to:

  • LED Dream Stim Controls
  • Sleep Graph Plotting
Improved LED controls allow users to specify blink rates, durations and colors (and more!)
Improved LED controls allow users to specify blink rates, durations and colors (and more!)


There will also be some very important quality-of-life and under-the-hood upgradres in this update:
  • streamlined internal testing system (reduces update development time for future builds) 
  • Improved battery life
  • Bug fixes

This is the first update we have provided to public testers. While it adds critical new content and features to the Aurora / Borealis experience, a primary goal for this update is to test the update process itself, as we are sure that after product launch we will continue to want to provide updates to users as we set new standards with our dream-enhancing neurotechnologies.

Moving Dream - Enhancement Forward

It only gets better from here. We've spent many years developing a flexible and comfortable platform in the Aurora Dreamband and our first round of public feedback has been extremely encouraging. We are working towards establishing scientific and rigorous controlled experiment to validate Aurora's success rate for lucid dream induction, as well as improving dream recall. We plan to include our users in these experiments and are moving our platform in that direction today.

We will continue to work with and grow our test group (more in the next update) to expand our understanding of externally-induced lucid dreams. In doing so we will continue to update our backers and expand our offering of neurotechnologies. Be prepared for some very exciting updates moving forward.

Thank You!!

We cant say it enough... this has only been possible because of our committed backer community. 3 years ago we all came together with a common goal, and now thanks to people just like you who were inspired by our vision, this mutual dream has become a reality. Thank you!! If this update excites you, please share it and link to us on social media (below)! And remember its not too late to Preorder your Aurora Dreamband today!

We have even more exciting news about Aurora Dreamband mass production, packaging, certifications and mobile app progress on the way ... so stay tuned!

See you soon in the next update!

the iwinks team!

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