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The Aurora headband plays lights and sounds for lucid dreaming with a smart alarm clock to help you sleep better.
Introducing the world's smartest sleep tracking headband and mindful dreaming aid!
Introducing the world's smartest sleep tracking headband and mindful dreaming aid!
1,428 backers pledged $239,094 to help bring this project to life.

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Manufacturing Update #8. Roll Call: Developer's Apprentice Backers!!


The wait is over! Our first wave of final production Aurora Dreambands and supporting software are being distributed to the next tier of kickstarter backers!!!

Aurora Dreamband is the world's most advanced sleep tracker and lucid dreaming aid!
Aurora Dreamband is the world's most advanced sleep tracker and lucid dreaming aid!


Last update, we promised our next wave would extend into our Developer's Apprentice tier. Since then, we've been collecting addresses from these tiers and higher (check your kickstarter messages)! Our team has hand-assembled the first wave of production-ready units for evaluation! It's an exciting time to be an Aurora Dreamband backer!

Aurora Dreamband Early Access Program

Targeting our Developer's Apprentice tier (and higher), this exclusive sneak peek is providing our most prized backers with unprecedented first access to our lucid dreaming features. As we graciously welcome our newest set of backers to the test group, we would like to remind you all that we couldn't have gotten here without your support! 

Our friends and family have helped us expand our baseline sleep libraries, ensuring Aurora's sleep tracking algorithms are accurate!
Our friends and family have helped us expand our baseline sleep libraries, ensuring Aurora's sleep tracking algorithms are accurate!


Let's Get Dreaming!

As we prepare to launch the final product, we are focused largely on educating our users to get the most from their journey into lucidity and sleep hygiene and to live a healthy, mindful life. 

Learn more about what you can do while lucid with Aurora Dreamband!
Learn more about what you can do while lucid with Aurora Dreamband!


Our next test group was hand-selected from the above tiers to help us evaluate our user program. Testers will receive a production-level sample device as well as early access to our revolutionary software packages.

 Product Spotlight: Borealis

Users are currently able to interact with Aurora Dreamband in 2 ways: via our mobile app Aurora and with our desktop/cloud platform Borealis.

Over a year in the making, Borealis is about to revolutionize the way the world experiences lucid dream induction technology. A streamlined application connecting all Aurora Dreamband devices, Borealis powers our Crowd Research Platform and allows dreamers to test different types of lucid dreaming stimuli!

Borealis is powering a revolution in the lucid dream experience
Borealis is powering a revolution in the lucid dream experience

Over the past few years as we've been developing Aurora, we've been so fortunate to be the first to explore the effects of our safe lucid dream induction technology. We've learned so much about the effectiveness of the technology and are dedicated to the educational aspect of this very advanced practice.

What has kept us motivated all this time is not how much we've learned but what is still left to learn about lucid dreaming and REM sleep in general. 

Out of all the stages of sleep, scientists claim to least understand the function and evolutionary advantage of REM sleep, as compared to the other ("non-REM") sleep stages. We hope to leverage our community's Aurora Dreamband data to inform our scientific understanding of sleep while we help you along your quest towards lucidity and fulfilling your personal sleep health goals. Towards that end, Borealis users will be able to upload their sessions for further analysis and opt-in to distributed scientific experiments! 

All thanks to your support!

Developers documents and API protocol is in active development
Developers documents and API protocol is in active development


We are prioritizing upper-tier kickstarter backers for the Early Access Program though we are considering applications from preorder customers as well. If you have preordered and are interested in Early Access, please message us either on kickstarter, facebook or send us an email to with a note explaining why you think you would be a great candidate for the Early Access Program! 

Distribution Strategy

If you were not in one of the upper kickstarter tiers for our campaign or preordered through our webstore then you're probably thinking, "When can I expect to receive my unit?"

It's not too late to preorder!
It's not too late to preorder!


Given our tremendous progress with manufacturing, we've been able to update our distribution schedule. The below schedule is based off of the latest information and lead times from our factories. We will continue to update the public on production as we continue to complete our upcoming device fulfillment goals.

I) Prototype Development & Testing 

(2014/2015 - completed!)

Aurora's core intelligence and powerful wireless capabilities are expertly crafted into a small circuit board. A custom housing and light dispersion mechanism is designed over 5 design iterations with dozens of headband designs converging on our final device form-factor: a comfy headband with powerful sensors perfect for sleep.

Hardware completed

Borealis app development begins

II) Beta Testing

(January 2016 - completed!)

This was our first phase of public testing and was critical in helping us prepare Aurora Dreamband for the general public. Thanks to our team of beta testers, we collected lots of data, refined our algorithms, and squashed dozens of bugs. Beta testing is now over - thank you to our beta testers!

iOS app development begins

Early Beta units distributed

III) Early Access Program 

(In Progress! - September 2016)

These lucky users will be the first to fully experience Aurora Dreamband's lucid dreaming capabilities. These devices provide all the functionality of the final device without the final aesthetics or packaging. The fun begins!

iOS app internal testing continues.

Borealis app public testing begins

IV) Pre-Release 

(Estimated Q4 2016)

Devices shipped in this phase will closely resemble the final product in both aesthetics and functionality. The fun is ramping up!

iOS app public testing begins.

Android App development begins.

Device Safety Certification is completed.

V) Aurora Dreamband Launch!

(Estimated Q1/2 2017)

Full packaging, polished devices, and apps supporting the revolutionary Aurora Dreamband official release! The real fun begins - we engage our incredible development and research communities on our API and SDK documentation which will carry Aurora into the future.

iOS app released to public

Borealis app released to public

Android app public release

Join us on our journey to expand human consciousness, one dreamer at a time.

Thank you to everyone who helped us prepare Aurora Dreamband for the future.
Thank you to everyone who helped us prepare Aurora Dreamband for the future.
If you believe in what we are doing but can't afford to preorder an Aurora Dreamband, there are other ways to support iWinks! We always love having pizza in the office and just a simple share goes a long way in generating new resources for the project! Spread the #dream #love!!

These are all yours, kickstarter!!
These are all yours, kickstarter!!

We know it's taken a long time, but we're here and it's all thanks to your support! It's an exciting time to be a backer! See you in the comments!

-the iWinks team


Our website is in a transitional state, please bear with us as we prioritize final production over appearances!

Mass Production Update #7


Greetings fellow dreamers,

Here are a few updates for you: 

Manufacturing Progress

The iWinks team has been doing a tremendous job of ironing out all the final kinks in manufacturing the Aurora Dreamband. We are very excited to share that we have just received our first large batch of over 300 hundred units from our factories! This is up from only 20 last time. 

Aurora Dreamband Sensor shipment FRESH IN!
Aurora Dreamband Sensor shipment FRESH IN!

Once these units clear our quality control tests we will have them on their way to our next batch of testers. Backers in our Developer's Apprentice Tiers should expect to receive their units first, with other tiers given next priority.   

Address Forms

We will be collecting shipping addresses very soon and are working to build this feature into our website. While we are still shipping in waves, we will be notifying each customer where they stand relative to other backers in the queue after most user accounts have been collected. Our next update will have a link to create a user account and submit your shipping information!


We are making great strides to put Aurora Dreamband in a package and get it on its way to you!

Working design, back of box
Working design, back of box



While working closely with our team of Early Access testers we've noticed that users absolutely LOVE reviewing their sleep performance each morning and learning from our knowledge base of sleep and dreaming! With new user testing going on all the time we thought we would share just a few testimonials we've collected thus far. As more units go into circulation we will be able to learn more from our users.

"I went to sleep earlier than I normally would and slept longer because I was so excited to see my sleep data the next morning. I am curious about my sleep and cant wait to buy this device and use it more often to learn about my sleep patterns." - Nick

"I woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. On my way back to bed the lights were flashing vibrant multi colors. I thought, “This shouldn’t happen when I’m awake.” When I later learned that the device was programmed for one color setting, I realized that I had never actually woken up. The stimulus found its way into my dream and my dreaming brain embellished colors and patterns that were never programmed into the Aurora!! This is so cool! " - Tommy

We are working hard to get the next wave of units out and appreciate your patience as we continue delivering on our backer rewards! Thanks again for all your support and dedication! This has been a group effort from the beginning and we are so happy to be where we are today because of you!!

go team iWinks!

Mass Production Update #6


iWinks is proud to announce that we have received our first batch of mass-produced Aurora Dreamband devices!!

Mass produced devices have arrived!!
Mass produced devices have arrived!!

We have been working diligently with our factories over the last 6 months and have finally done it -  our build process is fully automated!! We are so happy to be able to share this news!!!

This new lot of 20 sample units will be going to great use - backers in our Developer's Apprentice tier as well as select influencers will receive these production units for testing and evaluation. These users are testing the lucid dreaming features while learning about their sleep health and habits. Their data gets incorporated into our library, allowing our algorithms to learn what works and what doesnt for our users. 


Our manufacturing partners are in China and Mexico, and the devices are currently being assembled in California. Our current lead times for a full mass production order is about 4 weeks per batch. And while we can't guarantee your exact ship date today, we will be prioritizing order fulfillment in the following order:

20 -> Developers Apprentice Tier + Select Influencers

50 -> Developers Apprentice Tier + Lucid Dreamer Tier + Select Influencers

250 -> Lucid Dreamer Tier + Select Influencers

500 -> All remaining kickstarter and preorder customers, repeated until all orders are fulfilled

Shipping in waves has allowed us to keep a watchful eye on new issues that arise when bringing a new wearable tech device to market. The last thing we want is to spend all of your funds to manufacture and ship a device that will break, or that wont work for you. We will continue to do this until all preventable issues are ironed out. The above schedule may be amended to better serve this progress.

Aurora Dreamband box mockups
Aurora Dreamband box mockups

We are now working towards delivering the product in a nice package. A clean box and user guide are being developed to ensure you have a great experience beginning on your first night. (Please be advised that this effort is not holding back our progress in fulfilling orders; should we receive confirmed batches before our packaging arrives, we will ship your devices without packaging.)


So far we have had great success learning from our closed beta testers, and they have done a great job as our first external test subjects - all thanks to the magic of kickstarter! 

As we grow this test group from a closed beta into an open beta, software updates will become available more quickly and the platform will continue to become more robust and stable. Our new desktop app version allows our users to more fully explore their sleep performance and habits, while simultaneously opening the doors to new sleep studies and of course - unlocking the incrediblepower of lucid dreaming!!

Connecting and Synching your data will unlock new insights about your sleep and dreams!
Connecting and Synching your data will unlock new insights about your sleep and dreams!

And finally, the transition to a fully open beta will be marked by providing testers with early access to our iOS app, in full development. With the release of the app we will mark the transition from a closed beta into an open beta, and will make an official announcement when this happens.

Sneak Peak of the mobile app design
Sneak Peak of the mobile app design

Our profile system allows users to choose from many custom iWinks experiences for the perfect night of sleep, and our beta users are already having great fun testing out this service.

Thanks for your patience and support and we cant wait to share this revolutionary device with you!


Our customer support team gets swamped each week by thousands of customers asking to know when they will receive their device. Unfortunately, we can only afford a limited number of customer support hours each week, and this is the same team that prepares these kickstarter updates - so sometimes this service can prevent us from getting updates delivered to you in a timely manner. We love talking with you all and are happy to keep in close personal touch as we have since we launched our campaign, but please keep this in mind. We are always working hard to finish the job and please be patient as we continue to focus on getting theses devices into your hands!

Once again thanks for all of your support and we look forward to sharing the Aurora Dreamband experience with you!

the iwinks team

Mass Production Update #5


Greetings Dreamers, 

and thank you for supporting Aurora Dreamband - the world's first sleep sensing headband designed to influence dreams! We started as a kickstarter project to build the most advanced lucid dreaming device out there but ended up with a platform capable of so much more! While our partners have been busy with manufacturing, we've developed a cutting-edge platform capable of aiding doctors, researchers and hackers in creating their own sleep studies!

Our Borealis platform allows beta testers to control their lucid dreaming stimulus and contribute their sleep data to our database!
Our Borealis platform allows beta testers to control their lucid dreaming stimulus and contribute their sleep data to our database!
Aurora Dreamband lights up the eyes during REM for lucid dreaming!
Aurora Dreamband lights up the eyes during REM for lucid dreaming!

 Production Update

We are excited to report that mass production is seeing great progress! A few days ago we received the final samples for our smart-textile headbands - the last set of final samples we had been waiting on. They look and feel GREAT and have let us verify that the molds are now ready for mass production! We are working with the manufacturer on sourcing and protocol for the headbands to keep quality control high as we expand production into the hundreds and thousands.

Smart Textile Headband molds are now verified!
Smart Textile Headband molds are now verified!

Meanwhile, our first mass-production order for the plastic cases have arrived and we are beginning to assemble the first mass-production batch of electronics in our lab! 

Our first mass production order for plastics have arrived!
Our first mass production order for plastics have arrived!
Aurora Dreamband electronics module - exploded view
Aurora Dreamband electronics module - exploded view

While we will build the first batch ourselves, we're working with our MFG partners to automate this build process at our factories while keeping costs down and quality control high. 

The Aurora Dreamband Electronics Module - isnt it sleek?
The Aurora Dreamband Electronics Module - isnt it sleek?

At this point, our top priority is to hand-build the first batch of units in the lab and immediately automate this process with our partners to ramp up production. We've identified a minor issue with installing our snap buttons -  affecting one out of every 5 units -  and are working with our factories to machine a tool to fix the issue. 

We cant wait to deliver your Aurora Dreamband!
We cant wait to deliver your Aurora Dreamband!

We are also working to have our packaging, fulfillment and shipping logistics ready to facilitate the balance of your orders, and to create inventory for future orders.

Live Updates Every Weekend!

If you've been joining us for our live chats (Sundays at 3pm hosted on our twitter channel), you've seen the progress we’ve been making each week, from the day we got our embedded platform online, to the day we received our final plastic and electronics samples... all the way to today. You’ve seen the trials and tribulations from receiving samples, identifying issues, and working with the factories to get it right. Most of all, you've seen a committed and dedicated team who will stop at nothing to get the job done!

We are embarking into unknown territory - building a product that has never existed before and its been many weekends and late nights in the lab. If you’re happy that we've continued to press forward on our original promises and pleased with our recent progress, please buy us a pizza! Few things boost moral in the lab like a hot pie!

We hope that the next time we provide an update, we will have a few of the first batch of devices ready to ship! 

until then,

stay lucid


Technical Post #2 - Discovering The Aurora Platform


Greetings Dreamers,

We are excited to announce a collaboration with tech giant INTEL and UC Berkley's Entrepreneurship center! Working closely with these groups, iWinks recently participated in a one-of-a-kind tech accelerator program (and graduated with a prestigious award); the program took place over the last few months and will air on NATIONAL TELEVISION soon! Full announcement coming next week!

Lets Talk iWinks Tech

It's been 2 months since our first beta units made their way into the hands of our most adamant supporters - and boy have we learned a lot! These brave and patient souls have helped us identify all sorts of bugs and usability issues; this has been instrumental in getting Aurora Dreamband ready for prime time. We owe them a big thank you - its because of them that all of our backers will receive a fully tested, streamlined product with a great user experience! Today we will be sharing what that process has been like, and featuring the incredible software we've developed to perform these critical tasks!

If you havent already, its not too late to preorder your Aurora Dreamband today and rediscover your dreams!!

Aurora Dreamband - Enhancing Dreams since 2012!
Aurora Dreamband - Enhancing Dreams since 2012!

Firmware (Or, Delivering a Great User Experience!)

Now that our manufacturing partners are pushing manufacturing forward semi-independently, our team efforts are focused on finalizing the finished product as soon as we receive them so we can immediately begin fulfilling orders

Towards that end, our beta testers have been testing our latest 6 firmware builds as beta releases and each new release has improved and stabilized the Aurora Dreamband user experience. The firmware is the magical machine code that allows our device to deliver a great user experience and will be installed by our team on the final products when we receive, package and begin shipping them to you!

Early on, several of our beta testers experienced over-stimulation - the LEDs were too bright and flashed too often. Since then we've focused on designing our default REM-stim settings (including the minimum amount of time between stimulation as well as the default brightness of the LEDs) and collected lots of sleep data - which has directly improved the accuracy of our sleep staging algorithms. 

We're happy to report that together these changes have greatly improved our tester's nightly experiences and we are already receiving some incredible testimonials - and for the first time ever we are happy to report that users that have no professional affiliation with our team have been experiencing Aurora-Dreamband-Enhanced-Dream-Experiences (ADEDEs)! While the field is still so young, these early promising results mean that we are ready to start shipping a great product to you now, and to build on our success moving forward!

The iWinks App 

Codenamed Borealis, our cross-platform desktop application is providing users with a way to get the full Aurora Dreamband experience tonight. Our first release is for the desktop - and we are supporting both OS X and Windows machines!

Our beta users are already using this tool to configure and update their Aurora Dreamband - helping us collect sleep data and rapidly experiment with new features in the field! The past 2 months has been dedicated to working out the kinks for this software and we are excited to announce the current list of features!

  • Firmware Updating - With a click of a button, Aurora Dreamband firmware is downloaded directly to users devices! This means our user experience is constantly evolving as we learn from our beta testers!
Connecting to Aurora Dreamband takes one click!
Connecting to Aurora Dreamband takes one click!
  • User Accounts - Access your sleep data on any computer. Simply log in with your account information and voila!
  • See Your Sleep Data - Syncing your Aurora Dreamband data to your computer is a breeze. View important statistics about your sleep, including a hypnogram showing your actual sleep stage progression through the night. Most sleep trackers fail to do this reliably and we've not only solved this challenging technical problem but have embedded it within the device itself (smartphone NOT required)!
A sleep graph from one of our beta testers! Look at all of that rejuvenating deep sleep and invigorating REM sleep!
A sleep graph from one of our beta testers! Look at all of that rejuvenating deep sleep and invigorating REM sleep!
  • Share your data - The app allows you to seamlessly upload your raw data to the cloud, enabling us to anonymously retrieve data from the field to help improve and monitor our algorithm's performance.
  • Automatic-Updates - The app updates itself automatically each time it is opened! 

We are celebrating this major milestone since this platform enables us to test the core value proposition for Aurora Dreamband while opening the door to new possibilities. 

The next features we'll be tackling will help our lucid "power" users get more out of the device by providing enhanced configuration settings to take greater control of their REM dream stimuli!

But what about the mobile app?

This desktop app will be serving as a user experience testbed for our first batch of shipments. Because mobile development can be timely and costly, and after rebuilding several versions of our prototype iPhone app, we decided to focus our efforts on building a great standalone device first before layering in the app experience.  Our progress with the desktop app has already provided us with great knowledge that just wouldnt have been possible from a smartphone app. We plan to release iOS and Android apps after we begin shipping the first finalized devices to backers and preorder customers.

When Can I Expect My Device?? 

You can expect an official dedicated update regarding production very soon but we have some very good news today! We have resolved all the remaining issues with the manufacturing and are simply waiting for our partners to finalize the production schedule. We are preparing to place the down payment for the first large batch of units and will update you once that is done (we expect this to happen sometime in the next week or two)! At that point, we will be only 45 days away from having the first batch of units in stock, ready to be shipped! 

Check in with us today!

The truth is, things are happening so fast now that when we sit down to write an update, things have already changed by the time it's finished! So instead we've been hosting weekly Periscope live chats (link on our twitter feed) to provide regular updates on our weekly progress. The live chat is held every Sunday at 2pm PST (notice earlier time due to Easter Sunday) and we encourage you to join us and ask your questions to get answers in real time! We look forward to seeing you all at 2pm!

Lots of exciting stuff happening so stay tuned!!

And as always, stay lucid!