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The Aurora headband plays lights and sounds for lucid dreaming with a smart alarm clock to help you sleep better.
The original sleep-and-dream enhancing headband.
The original sleep-and-dream enhancing headband.
1,428 backers pledged $239,094 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Da Sylvain about 14 hours ago

      yep I agree with Ross, nothing new here.
      I would like to see a bit more enthusiasm and testimonials from some of the premium users...
      so don't be shy fox!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds 1 day ago

      Halfway through Q1 now. How many units exactly have shipped? Still amazed at the lack of testimonials here, no youtube unboxing vids etc. All very quiet.

    3. Antonio Poli 1 day ago

      Why the delay?

    4. Ross Newman 2 days ago

      How many have been shipped to date? I ask because you only had approximately 162 backers in the "Developers Apprentice" and "Lucid Dreamer" packages combined.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dani Guardiola 3 days ago

      Fresh New Scientist article about lucid dreaming:

      "Heal yourself from inside your dreams"

    6. iWinks LLC Creator on February 12

      Shipping internationally is an important priority for our team, as we have thousands of supporters from many different countries. We will notify you when more accurate forecasts become available. Soon, we'll be shipping the Aurora all around the world! Thanks for staying patient.

      @All Other Backers
      For a personal responce from our team, please e-mail us at with any questions or comments you may have. Thanks!

    7. Antonio Poli on February 8

      Do you have forecast which international shipping day?

    8. iWinks LLC Creator on February 8

      @Antonio de la Esperanza
      Not to worry, Antonio!
      Address forms are being sent out via Kickstarter direct messages with each wave.
      This form will need to be filled out by the backers included in that month's wave.
      This ensures address information is as up-to-date as possible before your final shipment.

      Please continue following our updates and e-mail newsletters for more information. If you have any other specific questions, send us a message at, or send us a direct message here on Kickstarter! Thanks :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Antonio de la Esperanza on February 7

      Hi, how can I check the address that I submitted for delivery? I have just moved and I would like to update. Thanks!

    10. iWinks LLC Creator on February 6

      @Antonio Poli & @Magic Constantine

      Yes, you are correct @Magic -- Orders have been fulfilled for the 'Lucid Dreamer' backers living in the United States. The international shipments have not yet been sent out. When they are, you will be notified by us directly. Thank you for reaching out.

    11. Antonio Poli on February 5

      I live in Brazil, has not been submitted yet?

    12. Magic Constantine on February 4

      I'm a kickstarter backer with lucid dreamer tier.
      I live in scotland. Mine won't have been dispatched yet will it? Am I right in understanding that only lucid dreamers and up who live in America are being dispatched. Is that correct?

    13. iWinks LLC Creator on February 4

      @Evan Jones
      That’s a great suggestion. We will pass it on to our creative team and see what can be done. A fully functioning version of the application has been made available to the beta testers and backers who have already received their units. Detailed instructions have also been included.

      For now, Borealis has been preloaded with many different - and recognizable - audio files. The onboard audio component is a piezo electric sounder/buzzer, capable of playing basic sounds and songs.

      @Matthw Lasell
      The shipping waves have allowed us to make monthly progress with firmware upgrades and minor improvements. And yes, we have been working with the manufacturer since the earlier production of some of our first beta units.

      We do not have specific shipping as of yet - but we encourage you to continue following our monthly e-mail newsletters & KS updates for more details – as they become available.

      If you have more detailed questions, please e-mail us at

      Please check your inboxes for the most recent e-mail newsletter (Sent out earlier this afternoon) If you haven’t already subscribed, please do so at

      Thank you for your continued patience and support for the Aurora project :)

    14. Missing avatar

      lithium630 on February 4

      Are you able to give a real time line now?

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthew Lasell on February 4

      hate to be a negative nelly here but the teirs(lucid dreamer and up) that are not even done amount to under 200 units, and mass production started on nov 2015...

    16. Evan Jones on February 1

      Can you provide a short video walk-through of the current version of Borealis? This way we have a good idea of what to expect before our device arrives as well as a reference guide once we have our shipment in hand.

      I'm especially curious about the new DreamSounds feature:
      1. How complex is the audio quality?
      2. Can users create and upload their own audio files for this?

    17. iWinks LLC Creator on January 31

      @Glenn Rogers
      You can reach us directly by emailing us at You can also send us a direct message here on Kickstarter. We can troubleshoot any issues for you there.

      @Ross Newman
      We are shipping to our Kickstarter backers based on the funding tier you are in, rather than the backer #. We have already been shipping to backers in the 'developers' tiers, as well as the domestic backers from our 'lucid dreaming' tier. You will be notified via a Kickstarter direct-message when it is time for your shipping wave.

      If you have more questions, send us an email at
      One of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!

    18. Glenn Rogers on January 30


      I'd be grateful if someone could email directly as I've not received any updates by email since 30-03-2015.

      Thanks in advance!

    19. iWinks LLC Creator on January 29

      @paolo thanks for noticing our unwavering commitment to you and our community as this has really only been possible thanks to contributions from people just like you.

    20. Paolo Salvi on January 26

      Btw just realized 3 years has passed since the funding... what a wait... hope it is worth...
      Not sure how you guys have been able to stay in the business for so long without a commercial launch...

    21. Paolo Salvi on January 25

      They mentioned Q1/Q2 2017 for the full launch in one of the latest update. Hope this is still the plan.
      100 units should have shipped already...

    22. Dylan Gaffney on January 24

      Realistically i would imagine that all backers should have their products by summer...seeing that production started a long long time ago...

    23. Ross Newman on January 22

      Backer #112 and still haven't received anything. Based on your number of units produced I would have expected to receive something by now. Exactly how many units have been produced and shipped? When can I expect to receive mine?

    24. iWinks LLC Creator on January 19

      @Lawrence J Miller
      I believe we've got you all set up on Slack now, if you have any further questions, you can use that channel to communicate with us and the other beta-testers & early access testers.

      For any other backers with specific questions about shipping or technical support, please contact us at, or message us directly on Facebook. One of our service representatives will be happy to assist you :)

    25. Lawrence J Miller on January 16

      How do I get access to the slack channel? Can someone please add me and send me an invite, with the channel name?

    26. Paolo Salvi on January 13

      Finally something is moving... can't wait to hear more...

    27. Lawrence J Miller on January 12


      Just received my unit today. Than You Very Much. Couple of questions though.

      1. Where do I access downloads for the App (Desktop, Android)?

      2. Is the API available at this time?

      3. In about 3+ months, how would I go about ordering another headband part?

      4. In the apps, will there be a feature for firmware updates? And how often do you expect those?


    28. iWinks LLC Creator on January 11

      @Steven Landau congratulations! We are so pleases that you had success with your Aurora Early Access device on your first night! Bon Voyage!

    29. Evan Jones on January 10

      Daniel, not sure if you received my last email but did you find my order #? I believe I'm supposed to be in this new shipment round but have not yet received the address request message. Thanks man!

    30. Steven Landau
      on January 9

      The Aurora device is absolutely amazing!!! It worked on day one. I was absolutely aware I was in a lucid dream state and was able to "drive" my own dreams! Unbelievable! Great job and well worth the wait!!
      Thank You!
      Yours Truly,
      Steven Landau

    31. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds on January 9

      Nice packaging. Could you please advise how many Auroras have shipped so far as there is such a lack of user comments here on their experiences.

    32. Erşan Uzunoğlu on January 7

      you keep saying the "dreamer edition and above" will reiceve their units first... but counting the amount of backers that are on that tier and above is a total of 156... i thought you had already fulfilled these.... also.. where is the "Later bird edition" in the que?


    33. Antonio Poli on January 6

      So far no news about the shipment :( I want news !!!

    34. Moein Akbarof on January 4

      Received that private message on augost and still waiting for another update about my dreamband
      Some day some day...

    35. Da Sylvain on January 2

      Happy new year everyone!
      I'm still happy to be part of that adventure and help to advance the sleep science!
      In that regard 2017 is going to be awsome!

    36. iWinks LLC Creator on December 30

      Da Sylvain and co. - nearly all accounts of audiovisually-induced lucid dreams have been anecdotal in the scientific research thus far. As you know many of our testers have been able to reach their personal lucid goals using the Aurora (see update #49). Sadly, today there exist very few credible studies on the efficacy of this induction method - something we are working to change. There remains a large opportunity for expansion in the scientific research of (safe) audiovisually-induced lucid dreams.

      In fact we have established partnerships with a few key sleep and dream researchers at top tier universities and will be leveraging Aurora to accelerate the pace of research in this area.

      Specific to lucid dreaming: (we have stated this before) once they ship, everyone who purchased an Aurora will be able to participate in distributed dream studies, and together we will be able to answer this question and more. Our goal is not only to help more people experience lucid dreams but to bring science one step closer to understanding lucid dreaming and REM sleep in general! But we cant do it alone - please help us getting the word out!

    37. Da Sylvain on December 27

      thx Simmonds for the link.
      A very anecdotal small piece of data which at least give me some hope for this device...

    38. Paolo Salvi on December 26

      Well at least it is a very good review... looks promising...

    39. Dylan Gaffney on December 26

      Took him 8 months....? I have been waiting for over 2 years!!!

    40. Da Sylvain on December 26

      Hi, I was about to raise the same concern...
      Is there some testimonials of some of your early backers/testers??

    41. LaViel on December 25

      Hello. Has anyone here successfully had a lucid dream using the Aurora? I'd like to hear user reports about the efficacy of the Aurora at inducing lucid dreams.

    42. Dylan Gaffney on December 24

      If my knowledge serves me right, the strickly business rank is up after this next shipment as we paid $175 vs. $160 and $150 levels. I can't wait.

    43. Antonio Poli on December 24

      I sent my address, when will it be sent? I want the tracking number.
      I would like the manual to be translated into Portuguese, I am Brazilian I do not understand another language. Att.

    44. iWinks LLC Creator on December 24

      @fnorkn thanks! Its a simple sound maker but it does the job! Can you elaborate a littler more on 'positive suggestions'?

      @martin as stated in the recent update, we will discuss that in the next update

      @Francois - what language(s) would you require?

      @antonio Did you read the update? If you have been selected for the next round of shipments you will have received a KS direct message with link to the address form.

    45. fnorkn on December 24

      Wow , you managed to cram in a speaker?
      Well done!

      Would it be possible to program it (yourself) to do positive suggestions during deep sleep or r.e.m.?

      Enjoy the end of year festivities!

    46. Missing avatar

      FRANCOIS JULIEN on December 24

      Hi iwinks team,
      Will you translate manuel user and app in other languages ?
      If no, think to students, they are les expensive and it would be easier for us to use it.

    47. Antonio Poli on December 23

      Where do I send my address?

    48. Martin Novotny on December 23

      Hi there, any outlook on when Late Bird Specials are going to be served?

    49. Adam on December 23

      yep, all good now, thanks

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