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The Aurora headband plays lights and sounds for lucid dreaming with a smart alarm clock to help you sleep better.
First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.
First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.
1,428 backers pledged $239,094 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Albert Kopp about 9 hours ago

      I definitely agree. Even a very rough ETA for the Android app would be greatly appreciated. Anything more than "just be patient" would be nice to hear.

      This thing has been nothing more than a paperweight for me for months now. Usually if I don't use something for a while, I end up throwing it out!!

      If you're having such a hard time with developing this app, maybe you could reach out to the backer community to see if any other Android app developers would be willing to help??

    2. Missing avatar

      lithium630 2 days ago

      I have also been waiting for the Android app for a long time. The desktop app is pretty bad. The Aurora had been sitting in a drawer for months. I would love to give it another shot when there is a reason to.

    3. Jeremy 3 days ago

      Android... I'll say it again - provide a screenshot or other proof that it's actually in development. This is my third request for proof that you actually started building something. If you can't provide an ETA, but it's "soon" then it must have begun and you should have some proof of that. Otherwise we can rightly assume you're not being honest about development here.

      This is the third notice, so after this, we'll just assume you haven't actually started building an Android app.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Lin 4 days ago

      i can't login as i don't have the access to the slack page. again and again, i am not able to confirm my address via the link, it will say signup fail or i need to key in my activation code despite not able to find in my email. (including spam folder) i have been asking this via facebook and emailing to iwinks but hadn't gotten a reply. pls help.

    5. iWinks LLC Creator 4 days ago

      For questions and comments about using your deice, please post to our slack channel:

    6. Missing avatar

      John Focas 5 days ago

      I am trying to set this device up and nothing is working. i have downloaded the simple app yet i can not find out to configure the device.

      I have a mac and yet i can not find software to run this device.. very unorganised guys... i had such high hopes for this and we have a youtube channel that we would love to review the device on but feel it would be unfair if we did this at this stage.

      Please help

    7. Missing avatar

      Mieke VdB 6 days ago

      @iWinks LLC - Bluetooth Question: Since my mac can instantly find the headband using BT, does this mean bluetooth is continuously "on" as a standard on the iwinks device? Thanks!

    8. Daniel Levin 6 days ago

      @iWinks -- I still haven't been sent a headband despite confirming my shipping address at the link (, and talking with your customer service (whom said it would ship).

      Please respond.

    9. Marsha Tyszler
      6 days ago

      @oWinks, please see my comment in the latest update. I hope you’ll post a new update ASAP addressing the situation some of us have been trying to inform you of for quite some time. A forfeiture just doesn’t seem appropriate under any circumstances, and it may even be against KS TOS. Please make things right with us backers who you e left hanging.

    10. Alon Walter on April 14

      @Dan Ross - yes. Daniel personally answered me, and promised that if I keep patient a little more, then they will refund me.
      I only had to allow for 10% loss due to KickStarter’s fees.
      After I saw that they are wrapping up, but didn’t get back to me, I tried to find someone to fulfill that promise.
      Eventually Daniel said that they decided not to refund people.
      After that he didn’t answer me anymore.
      Not only that, but they didn’t contact to inform me about it. So I almost missed the deadline...
      And now, you can see that the little response that I do get from them is not apologetic, but rather patronizing and self righteous.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dan Ross on April 14

      @Alon you were promised a refund and they went back on their word?

    12. Wang Tien on April 14

      I still haven't received my reward. I login to your link provided link (iwinks) but it says already shipped !!
      is this normal ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Lin on April 14

      hi, i have mention over and over again that i am not able to confirm my address via the link, it will say signup fail or i need to key in my activation code despite not able to find in my email. (including spam folder) i have been asking this via facebook and emailing to iwinks but hadn't gotten a reply. pls help.

    14. Bert Riedel on April 14

      I have confirmed my address and continue to get emails saying if I don't I will forfeit. Will you be sending?

    15. iWinks LLC Creator on April 14

      Kickstarter backers - this is your last chance to claim your preorder! Confirm your shipping address here:
      BY MAY 1st or we will be forced to FORFEIT YOUR ORDER. Thanks again for all of your support and we hope to fulfill all KS preorders asap!

      For questions and comments about using your deice, please post to our slack channel:

      thanks so much for your support!

    16. Glen Bodor on April 11

      "unfortunately there was a problem and last night's session was not recorded"

      ... Sooo... Doesn't connect to PC at all. Doesn't hold a connection to iphone. Doesn't record sleep sessions.

    17. Alon Walter on April 11

      I was asking if you can confirm that I’m on the next shipment.
      I did not complain about not getting a refund.
      I complained about being promised a refund, and then being denied, leaving me uncomfortably close to the deadline.

    18. Glen Bodor on April 11

      And I just read we need to buy a new headstrap every 3 months? What? Why? And if so, why aren't we just given 2 or 3 headstraps to start with .. you know, after our 4 year wait?
      Man, I was so excited for this. Have been excited for years, even through other KS scams and a bunch of kafuffle at least the iWinks Aurora was still coming. But after receiving it, what a downer. Do they sell for much on eBay?

    19. Glen Bodor on April 11

      Just received my Aurora today in Australia.

      First impressions, looks cool, pretty comfortable. Not as cheap as Jeffrey thinks, but not exactly amazing looking. But eh, it's not there for the looks. Feels solid enough. Clicks into the headband with a bit of fiddling - neoprene isn't exactly the most sturdy product to maintain its shape.
      But then what? I read the quickstart, and the URL domain printed in the quickstart ( doesn't exist. Great. I try the direct link and download a PC program and install it, then plug the Aurora into my PC... but nothing turns up. Try a few different ports, but nothing happens besides it starts charging. I check and it's green status so it doesn't really need charging. It doesn't turn up as a USB device, nor does it show in the PC app.
      Okay, I turn bluetooth on on my PC and try to connect that way, but nothing there either. Still nothing shoes in the PC app. Can't quite work out how to get it to talk to the PC. Not even sure if it can since there's no instructions. There's not even links for slack or discord chats, nor any info on about where to go for help. Meh.
      Okay, next try to connect it to my iPhone with bluetooth but nope, it won't show up in Bluetooth devices to pair. I try all the combinations of button pressing possible to try a pairing cycle but nothing happens. Scour the web, no help. Analyse the quickstart guide, no instructions. What am I supposed to do with this thing?
      Turns out you just need Bluetooth on and have the Aurora Dreamband app open and you'll get an "Aurora connected" message. BUT! If you exit the app, it loses the connection. If your phone goes to screensaver, it loses the connection. The app doesn't appear in Background App Refresh settings on iPhone so you can't just have it run all the time in the background.. so it just times out and disconnects when your phone goes to sleep. I feel like that makes it a bit pointless, but I'll try it out tonight.. maybe it wakes up the bluetooth connection while I'm asleep or something.
      So far, I'm thoroughly, utterly disappointed with the lack of information about how I'm supposed to make this thing work. I feel like a quickstart guide should actually allow me to start rather than leave me high and dry trying random things to get it to work.

    20. Jeffrey Kok
      on April 10

      Just received my Aurora
      First impressions, all the components were there; sensor, strap, USB cable, microfiber tote, instruction sheet, sticker.
      Overall packaging is dusty with patches of dust & dirt in the inside (like it was packed in a very dirty environment) or been sitting on shelf for very long.
      The USB cable, microfiber tote and sticker is under the plastic holder, so you’ll need to lift it up to see it.
      All the components have a cheap look and feel, like some cheap-chinese-clone product, nothing stands out as a premium or high quality, definitely not worth $200-$300.
      The instruction manual is pretty useless, with key details information missing
      E.g. how to pair with IOS, how to sync/connect, etc
      IWinks keep referring to slack channel but there is no info on how to join slack channel

    21. Jeremy on April 10

      I paid for this in 2014. It's been 4 years. I've been patient long enough. Prove to me that you built something on Android at this point. While one may not be able to provide a definitive ETA, there's no reason you cannot provide proof that the app is in development - some code, a screenshot showing something working... unless you haven't actually started to build the app...

    22. iWinks LLC Creator on April 10

      Jeremy please be patient and, like all our original campaign promises, the final software component will be fulfilled shortly.

      Robert please post your issue on our end-user Slack channel. We do not offer device support in kickstarter comments.

      Alon, project creators are not required to provide refunds on kickstarter, these were the order terms you agreed to.

    23. Jeremy on April 5

      Enough is enough on this Android app. Provide an actual ETA, or some proof that you're building anything. This device arrived years late, with the excuse that you were using higher qualilty material (and in the end provided relatively low quality material compared to other items on Kickstarter). In the extra years it took we all would have expected this to ship with Android.

      Android was promised to customers who purchased this years ago.

      Provide proof that this is in development or we can justly assume you haven't even started building the Android app.

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert on April 2

      I received mine little over a month ago. Was working fine at first. Continues to lockup. Have to reset and try again. At first it showed that I was getting some deep sleep. Evidently I haven't done any deep sleep for 3 weeks. I ask questions through the software but only hear crickets. The software is a bit lacking. No legend to explain what numbers are on the PC version. Now after resetting and reloading everything looks fine only to get a message on the phone in the morning saying there was a problem. Reset, try again. Same results. Right now I have a paper weight with no one answering the emails. Whoever is suppose to answer the mail should take their Aurora off, wake up and take care of customer support. I hoping I'm the only one that is having this problem.

    25. Alon Walter on April 1

      If you’re setting a deadline in May 1st, than please verify that I am in the next shipment.
      I didn’t get any message yet, and I was FORCED to verify my address VERY late because you guys decided to go back on your promise to give me a refund (!).

    26. iWinks LLC Creator on March 31

      Sorry, please use this link:

    27. iWinks LLC Creator on March 31

      @Manoko and all KS backers awaiting an order: PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR ADDRESS (at app.iwinks/io/signup)

      If we have not received your address confirmation by MAY 1st your unit will be forfeited.

    28. Thy Leds on March 29

      I can’t wait for mine but reading the review below eeeekkkk 4 years for ________

    29. Glen Bodor on March 20

      Hiya iWinks,
      I just sent an email to your support, just confirming here that I still don't have my Aurora even though I was one of the first 100 backers to put faith in the project. Hopefully you can sort it out soon?
      Thanks in advance!

    30. Manoko on March 20

      Hello there.
      Just wanted to make sure everything is alright with my Aurora: I still haven't received it even though I was one of the earliest pledges.
      Thanks !

    31. Jeffrey Tso on March 17

      After 4 years of patiently waiting, I finally got the band. But I believe my unit is faulty! I used the unit for a week and the casing button is stuck. Help me out here!!

    32. Missing avatar

      PREISS on March 13

      i have received mine a while ago but as i have an android phone i couldn't try it.
      I have borrowed an Iphone to test it but i can't find the iphone app, could you help me find it ?

    33. Albert Kopp on March 10

      Patience.... Like 4 years??
      I know you're working on it still. I appreciate the communication at least though.
      Looking forward to the app, when it's ready.

    34. iWinks LLC Creator on March 10

      @Albert patience is a virtue - all will be fulfilled.

      @Pa Temple we have sent you a DM about your order.

    35. Albert Kopp on March 10

      I seriously can't believe that there is no Android app yet. Not even a beta version! This is extremely frustrating especially since I've had my device for over a month now. And I don't own any compatible Windows machines or Apple devices (and I don't plan to either).

      There is seriously no work around for us Android users????

    36. Pa Temple on March 10

      The pamphlet in the shipping box said I should receive a fiber tote, and a USB charging cable, in my box. These items were not included with my device. My message to the site was ignored. Please send me the charging cable so I can proceed with aurora setup, thanks! pa temple

    37. h3rm on March 8

      is there maybe a possibility to emulate ios on android until the app is finished?

    38. iWinks LLC Creator on February 19

      @Erick, we are prioritizing the Dreamband fulfillment and will be sending the rest of the rewards soon. Stay tuned!
      @Alon, please email with this issue.

    39. Erick Lima Paes de Farias on February 19

      My Aurora arrive I paid from Aurora Dreamband, iWinks Sticker, iWinks Poster and iWinks T-Shirt order Id H78VCK1401.

      But just arrive te Aurora band.

      Hope not going to wait much more to receive all my other things, when that is spect to be send, is that not to be send together?

    40. Alon Walter on February 18

      @iWinks, maybe things are still hectic, but I was promised last August (!) that a refund will be processed for me - just to be patient a little longer.
      It’s half a year later now, and I can’t even get a response via Facebook (where I was asked to maintain my correspondence with you).
      Now you are finishing your wrap up, and I fear I won’t have any one to keep what I was promised!

    41. iWinks LLC Creator on February 12

      @Jan, we do not yet have a specific ETA for the Android app.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jan Sakalos on February 9

      finaly after few years of waiting its here, but no android apps.

      is there any specific date when it will be available. (hint - asap, soon ... is not specific date)

    43. iWinks LLC Creator on February 9

      @Little Mouse, you're welcome! Enjoy!

    44. Missing avatar

      Little Mouse on February 8

      I just received my Aurora yesterday, unfortunately I didn't have time to set it up. Hopefully tonight... Thanks iWinks

    45. iWinks LLC Creator on February 7

      @Dan, we have an update in the work as we speak. Please stay tuned!
      @Antonio, we're so excited to hear that Aurora is working well for your! You will soon have full API access, we're just doing some final housekeeping.
      @Richard, please take this to the Slack channel. Some other backers might have an idea or fix already :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Richard A on February 3

      Why does the device continue to blink even though it clearly knows that I'm awake? It's incredibly annoying to try to go back to sleep and the lights just keep shining in my eyes. I have it set to blink after 4 hours into REM and I'm adjusting the REM stim repeat interval day by day, but on the graphs you still see a cluster of yellow A's and the red light bulbs together as I'm waking up for the day. I'd figure this device would be smart enough to know not to blink in my eyes when I'm still awake

    47. Missing avatar

      Antonio Perez on February 2

      I forgot to say I already got my Aurora and works amazing, never had a lucid dream before, and already got several (despite they last a few seconds because I have to learn not to get so excited) thanks!

    48. Missing avatar

      Antonio Perez on February 2

      @Tore you can use the desktop app, works perfectly despite some improvements could be made (IE allow for custom ranges instead of just sliding for configuring specific parameters)

      Is there any forum or git with the Iwinks source code so we can contribute with pull requests and improvements for it?

    49. Missing avatar

      Dan Ross on February 1

      Hi iWinks,
      When you expect to have shipped the rest of the devices?
      Almost two months since the last update.

    50. iWinks LLC Creator on January 31

      @Dragonbait, please DM Amalia on Slack and we can get to the bottom of this.
      @Glenn, you're very right! Thank you so much. Enjoy your Aurora!

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