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The Aurora headband plays lights and sounds for lucid dreaming with a smart alarm clock to help you sleep better.
First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.
First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.
1,428 backers pledged $239,094 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. iWinks LLC Creator 4 days ago

      @Erick, we are prioritizing the Dreamband fulfillment and will be sending the rest of the rewards soon. Stay tuned!
      @Alon, please email with this issue.

    2. Erick Lima Paes de Farias 4 days ago

      My Aurora arrive I paid from Aurora Dreamband, iWinks Sticker, iWinks Poster and iWinks T-Shirt order Id H78VCK1401.

      But just arrive te Aurora band.

      Hope not going to wait much more to receive all my other things, when that is spect to be send, is that not to be send together?

    3. Alon Walter 6 days ago

      @iWinks, maybe things are still hectic, but I was promised last August (!) that a refund will be processed for me - just to be patient a little longer.
      It’s half a year later now, and I can’t even get a response via Facebook (where I was asked to maintain my correspondence with you).
      Now you are finishing your wrap up, and I fear I won’t have any one to keep what I was promised!

    4. iWinks LLC Creator on February 12

      @Jan, we do not yet have a specific ETA for the Android app.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jan Sakalos on February 9

      finaly after few years of waiting its here, but no android apps.

      is there any specific date when it will be available. (hint - asap, soon ... is not specific date)

    6. iWinks LLC Creator on February 9

      @Little Mouse, you're welcome! Enjoy!

    7. Missing avatar

      Little Mouse on February 8

      I just received my Aurora yesterday, unfortunately I didn't have time to set it up. Hopefully tonight... Thanks iWinks

    8. iWinks LLC Creator on February 7

      @Dan, we have an update in the work as we speak. Please stay tuned!
      @Antonio, we're so excited to hear that Aurora is working well for your! You will soon have full API access, we're just doing some final housekeeping.
      @Richard, please take this to the Slack channel. Some other backers might have an idea or fix already :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Richard A on February 3

      Why does the device continue to blink even though it clearly knows that I'm awake? It's incredibly annoying to try to go back to sleep and the lights just keep shining in my eyes. I have it set to blink after 4 hours into REM and I'm adjusting the REM stim repeat interval day by day, but on the graphs you still see a cluster of yellow A's and the red light bulbs together as I'm waking up for the day. I'd figure this device would be smart enough to know not to blink in my eyes when I'm still awake

    10. Missing avatar

      Antonio Perez on February 2

      I forgot to say I already got my Aurora and works amazing, never had a lucid dream before, and already got several (despite they last a few seconds because I have to learn not to get so excited) thanks!

    11. Missing avatar

      Antonio Perez on February 2

      @Tore you can use the desktop app, works perfectly despite some improvements could be made (IE allow for custom ranges instead of just sliding for configuring specific parameters)

      Is there any forum or git with the Iwinks source code so we can contribute with pull requests and improvements for it?

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan Ross on February 1

      Hi iWinks,
      When you expect to have shipped the rest of the devices?
      Almost two months since the last update.

    13. iWinks LLC Creator on January 31

      @Dragonbait, please DM Amalia on Slack and we can get to the bottom of this.
      @Glenn, you're very right! Thank you so much. Enjoy your Aurora!

    14. Glenn Rogers on January 31

      A huge congratulations of passing this delivery milestone, mine arrived yesterday (in contrast to so many other failed projects). The next milestone is now staying in business and that can only be achieved with continually improving the product, the app, the overall user experience and engagement with the Kickstarter community.

    15. Dragonbait
      on January 31

      Still no sign of my Aurora despite messages to suggest it was on its way some time ago :(

    16. iWinks LLC Creator on January 30

      @EagleStriker, this is definitely an issue. Please email to get this sorted out!
      @Tore, we are working on this tirelessly. Stay tuned!

    17. Tore Andre Lie on January 30

      Recieved my Aurora today (Norway) but am unable to test due to the lack of an Android app. hopefully that will arrive some day...

    18. EagleStriker on January 29

      Iwinks, I logged into the iwinks account and it stated the order was shipped (updated 6 months ago).

    19. iWinks LLC Creator on January 29

      @John, We are working on all of these things, please keep an eye on our regular updates.
      @Michael, Thanks for the feedback!
      @Higinio, please email for this. Also, the information is in your welcome email.
      @EagleStriker, please make sure that you've created an iWinks account and confirmed your address. Without this, we can't ship your Aurora.
      @Tom, We're sorry that you haven't had a good experience. If there is some issue, please contact Amalia or Andrew on Slack for troubleshooting.

    20. tom anyz on January 29

      i was really excited to see your campaign back in january 2014. since you showed some promissing/working prototypes i decided to pledge 200$ to support the further development because i had the impression that (not like some others on kickstarter) you guys know what you're doing. the timings provided on the project timeline (six months) seemed pretty tough but not unrealistic.
      FOUR YEARS LATER (!) after tons of changes, redesigns, excuses and weird explanations i was eventually happy to receive the final product aaaaand... it does not work!! first impression - it looks like some 20 dollars preowned china trash! wasn't the design and selection high-quality materials one of the main reasons for the delay?? the link to the android app displays a coming soon info? the downloaded osx app is not able to find or connect the device... come on!
      sorry but your product is worthless and a huge disappointment! back in 2014 you guys pledged almost three times more than you originally aimed (240k$ of targeted 90k). i am asking my self how far would you be now if you got only those 90k... its a shame!

    21. cieran on January 28

      @Higinio look for the despatch email from iwinks and there’s a link in there

    22. EagleStriker on January 27

      Anyone else not received their unit? (I am one of the first 100 backers from 2014).

    23. Higinio Morinigo on January 27

      Aurora slack channel... How to access it... Any clue please.
      Several questions that need answers.

    24. Michael Hill
      on January 27

      Finally received the Dreamband in the mail and I was ecstatic.

      Tried it for a couple of nights so far and it's taking a while to find the right settings that will work for me (i.e. the blinking lights end up waking me up), but I'll find it eventually.

      Since there is no Android App at the moment, I decided to use the PC version. Still trying to understand how to view the data from the multiple data streams it recorded, but one step at a time.

      It's giving me good information on my sleep pattern and yes, so far I've have two lucid dreams with this device on.

      Four years in the making and so far I believe it was worth the wait.

    25. Missing avatar

      John Anderson on January 26

      When will community and official profiles be available?
      How can I get access to the beta apps?
      How can I search these comments?
      Thanks. Device was a birthday present to myself 3 years ago. It arrived 2 days before my birthday, so nice...

    26. iWinks LLC Creator on January 26

      @Christian, thanks for letting us know! We will fix these soon.
      @Michael, we wanted to make sure that Aurora would facilitate, not inhibit, sleep and dreams. We're glad you're happy!
      @Cieran, glad you figured it out. And thanks!

    27. Michael on January 25

      @iwinks: I am positively surprised about Aurora's size - it is much smaller than anticipated. Well done! Also great packaging. Well done. Thank you.

    28. cieran on January 25

      Doh! Just checked my email and found out how. I’ll have a read but what’s the general consensus about delay time - less than an hour/ over an hour/ immediately. Just an average to test would be useful thanks! 👍

    29. cieran on January 25

      @iwinks excuse the ignorance but what’s the slack channel and how do I access it? I’ve not checked in on this page for months!

    30. iWinks LLC Creator on January 25

      @Preiss, we are working very hard on the Android app and it is closed to being released. Please stay tuned.

      @Cieran, there is quite a bit of talk about this on the Slack channel. Please check that out!

    31. cieran on January 25

      Hi guys and gals, Just received my Aurora here in the UK and so far I'm loving it.

      However I need some advice regarding the REM stimulation delay either from the Kickstarter community or iWinks. Whats the general view on the ideal delay time between the device detecting REM and then going off? I noticed that it's set to 4 hours which seems really long. I tried setting it to 0 as this seemed to make more sense to me but now I've read some people saying 30 mins is about ideal.

      Any ideals or suggestions - would be much appreciated. Also why are people generally not sharing the community submitted profiles.

    32. Missing avatar

      PREISS on January 24

      I just got my aurora but what a surprise when i try to download the android app !!

      I'm getting a pdf saying "App comming soon"

      After so much time you deliver a product without the app ???

      What the hell !

    33. iWinks LLC Creator on January 24

      @BJ, thank you so much for all of your help! I'm glad you found how to get on the Slack channel :)
      @Sven, no. We provide a USB cable to plug in your Aurora.
      @Moran, please send an email to . Note the .org ending, rather than a .com ending. You can also take your questions and concerns to the Slack channel. There, our support team could help you more fully and you will also have access to other backers and supporters.
      @Higinio, we're so excited for you! Keep dreaming!

    34. BJ Tomiko
      on January 23

      I found the info on getting access to Slack in an email back when my unit shipped out.

    35. Higinio Morinigo on January 23

      WOW !!!, lucid dreams out of the box !!!
      Received yesterday noontime and slept with Aurora last night :)
      I got 3 different lucid dreams in a row. The first one was an unusual night bright sky at the end of a road that woke me up to been aware that I was using the device, so on the next one I was looking outside my home standing by a glass door to another a usual bright sky, so instantly I knew that it was a dream and decided to walk thru the glass .... And happened !!!... Then I started flying around and experimenting to go thru my roof, walls, etc... So in my next dream I was complete aware and curious about surroundings... Looking and remembering all details.... A true amazing experience !!!. Thanks Iwinks !!!

    36. Moran Zukerman on January 22

      Received mine 4 days ago, however, aside the fact that it looks totally different then all previous projections and comes with a band that according to the manual needs to be replaced after 100 uses/3 months ... been sleeping with it the last 3 nights and :

      1) no dream, no lucid dreaming, nothing.
      2) nothing syncs with my phone though the device is being turned on and fully charged.
      3) sent an email to iwinks and the email comes back saying :
      Delivery incomplete
      There was a temporary problem delivering your message to Gmail will retry for 46 more hours. You'll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.

    37. BJ Tomiko
      on January 22

      Slack channel? Where is the info on accessing that? (I'm aware what Slack is, I use it at work, but I'm not sure how I get access to yours)

      @Sven, no, you just plug it in to your PC with USB.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sven Krauter on January 22

      Do I need a bluetooth-dongle to use the windows software?

    39. iWinks LLC Creator on January 22

      @Matt, we can't yet provide an ETA for the Android app release. Please keep an eye on our updates!
      @BJ, please contact Andrew on the Slack channel and he can help you figure out what's going on.
      @Qwickset and @Xin, we're so excited! Enjoy!

    40. BJ Tomiko
      on January 22

      I got around the CRC Failed issue by changing the settings I was trying to send to the unit just slightly. Not sure why it had an issue with what I was trying though. So the update was successful, but last night I had the same issue where the REM lights kept getting triggered while I was awake. It seems like it either needs to be able to better determine the difference between an Awake/REM state (Use accelerometer data perhaps? I was rolling around quite a bit just one or two minutes before it triggered, so it should have known I was still awake), or if it has detected an awake state, wait longer before triggering the lights?

    41. Xin Lai on January 21

      just got mine Aurora dreamBand. looking forward to Android app

    42. BJ Tomiko
      on January 21

      @Matt, you can get it working with the Windows PC app mentioned in the Quick Start guide, you don't need an apple product.

      @iWinks, I got my Aurora yesterday and set it up last night, ran into a couple problems though... who should I contact to discuss issues? The first issue is that it kept detecting I was in REM sleep when I was awake and triggering the lights. This made it impossible to fall back asleep, so I had to turn it off. The second issue is that I wanted to tweak the intensity of the lights, but I get a "CRC Failed" error when trying to update my Aurora via the PC app. Worked fine last night, but won't save my minor changes today.

    43. Matt Anderson on January 20

      I got my aurora dream band today. Although... no android app for me yet. Any idea when the Android app is coming out because I have ZERO apple product?

    44. iWinks LLC Creator on January 19

      @Alexander, once we fulfill all Aurora devices, we will start shipping all the other prizes. Please stay tuned.

    45. Missing avatar

      Alexander Lindström on January 18

      I got my aurora, very good although I am missing the android app...

      Anyway, I backed to get a tshirt at 200usd. When will I get it?

    46. iWinks LLC Creator on January 18

      @Seung, we are working very hard on it. Updates coming soon!
      @Martin, You would have created your account with the same email you used to order your Aurora. Please contact Amalia on Slack regarding your password link issues and she can help you out.

    47. Martin Novotny on January 18

      Question to iWinks: installed Mac app, tried to register and as I have got a message that I am registered already (no evidence on that step from past...), I have tried to reset password - got a link that only opens the app, app screen goes white and that is it - no chance to enter that reset code anywhere... Please help.

    48. Martin Novotny on January 18

      FINALLY received!!! One question to iWinks - when are you going to upload books to Amazon AWS that are mentioned in the I/M?

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