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The Aurora headband plays lights and sounds for lucid dreaming with a smart alarm clock to help you sleep better.
First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.
First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.
1,428 backers pledged $239,094 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. iWinks LLC Creator just now

      @Albert, We assure you that we are working our hardest to fulfill *all* of our kickstarter orders as quickly as we can. Please keep an eye on our updates for progress reports and to keep up to date. We'll try to make sure that the gap between shipments is as small as we can make it.

    2. Albert Kopp 2 days ago Report spam

      @iWinks LLC -I appreciate the response(s) to my comment, however I don't recall ever seeing anything saying "the more you pay, the sooner you'll get your device". Regardless, I'm not talking about EA (which I purposely did NOT opt into), or any of the Developer levels. -Shipping those out first obviously makes sense. And the order of the "estimated delivery dates" reflect that accordingly, as it should. What I was referring to is the "regular" levels (Early Bird, Late Bird, Strictly Business, and Lucid Dreamer), which are all stamped with the same "estimated delivery dates".
      Anyways, since you guys are apparently determined to stick with your "pay more, get rewarded faster" delivery methods, I would at least hope that the time frame gap between shipping out the Early Bird and Lucid Dreamer levels isn't unbearably long.... even though it's 1,000+ units.

    3. iWinks LLC Creator 2 days ago

      @Ross Thanks for the video! We made the Aurora to be as comfortable as possible so we're glad to be getting such good reports from the field :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds 2 days ago Report spam

      I can report it is really comfortable to wear and seems to do a good job tracking sleep stages.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds 2 days ago Report spam

      If you want some shaky cam footage of the Borealis software, here you go.

    6. iWinks LLC Creator 3 days ago

      @khaled Please send us a message with your email and we’ll send over the welcome email.

      @steve as @Ross mentioned, we’re working with our shipmentfulfillment to resolve this issue. Please hold tight while we investigate and solve this.

      @vinzius and @albert, we understand your frustration and are so grateful that you’ve been such loyal backers. We promised in our description to fulfill in order of tier- we’re keeping our promise. While we appreciate your continued loyalty and support, we need to keep the promises we laid out in the original campaign.

    7. iWinks LLC Creator 3 days ago

      hey @albert no one has received a final version of the device yet. Lets get that out of the way (see below comment about apps). Also, as a reminder: EA backers agreed to receive early versions of our software and have helped us with testing. You, and all other KS backers had the opportunity to opt-in for EA (many times) though most backers just dont have the time for this and prefer to receive the final device. Thanks for your support!

      @Khaled if you are an iOS user you should have received an invite to our testflight via email. If you use Android, please use our powerful Aurora Desktop application until the official Android app is released. Finally, please bring all future usability questions and comments to our dedicated slack channel. Thanks again for your support!

    8. Albert Kopp 3 days ago Report spam

      You know, I can deal with all the delays and set backs -that's to be somewhat expected with KickStarter campaigns.....

      But you guys prioritizing shipping to the Early Bird backers LAST is complete BS!! We're the ones who SUPPORTED YOU FIRST and SPREAD THE WORD FOR YOU FIRST. We're the ones who told others about your campaign FIRST and brought you more backers FIRST.

      So now, the people who we told & brought to your campaign will get their product before us. Tell me that's not JACKED UP!!

    9. Khaled Boulos 3 days ago Report spam

      @iwinks: did I miss the invite? I have a box of hardware and a quick start guide that points me to a black hole link. How should I proceed?

    10. Vinzius
      3 days ago Report spam

      Why not sending by backer # ? Currently it's like "you paid more, so you have priority".

    11. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds 3 days ago Report spam

      Steve, Iwinks are already attempting to sort this for future shipments. Have you received it and been charged? What country are you in?

    12. Steve Lewis 3 days ago Report spam

      Please can you at the issue of amount stated for customs. It apparently states £299 where as I payed £150 +p&p. The taxible amount is huge. Thanks.

    13. iWinks LLC Creator 3 days ago

      @Khaled both mobile apps are invite-only right now. Thats why the links dont work.

    14. Khaled Boulos 4 days ago Report spam

      The links to the ios and the android apps that are listed in the quick start guide are broken - rebrandly gives a 404. The windows and mac links work though...

    15. iWinks LLC Creator 4 days ago

      @Ross thanks so much for the great unboxing video! We're so excited for you to try your Aurora for the very first time!

    16. iWinks LLC Creator 4 days ago

      @Ross, thanks for the heads up! We're going to investigate this immediately and get to the bottom of it.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds 5 days ago Report spam

      My Aurora just arrived! People in UK (and possibly EU) be warned, customs value on label was declared as $299 so I have been charged £46.54 VAT, £5.88 import duty and £8 handling charge. I have asked iwinks to look into why value is declared as $299 when we pledged a lower amount. I am going to dispute it using evidence that I paid $180 but they may not be willing to override value declared on customs label.

    18. iWinks LLC Creator 5 days ago

      @Dylan, Thank you so much for the update and the video! It's great to see how excited all of our backers are after so many years of patience and understanding. Enjoy!

    19. Dylan Gaffney 6 days ago Report spam

      Hello everyone,

      I figured I would share that I have also received my Aurora. I got it this morning. To add more clarity to the matter. I made a quick video on my instagram to prove that I actually have the product. You have seen my name in here over the years and know that I have waited alongside all of you. To go to my Instagram page simply look up my account "dylan_dee92" and it will be the most recent video posted. Feel free to like my hiking stuff while your at it :p

    20. iWinks LLC Creator on November 15

      Thanks Justin, it's such a great feeling to ship these things after many years of hard work.

      We encourage all backers to share your experiences as you receive your Auroras!
      thanks again for your support!

    21. Justin Rand on November 13 Report spam

      It has arrived. Happy Dance Time.

    22. iWinks LLC Creator on November 12

      @Justin, @Dylan, @Ross, and @Ross : Thanks so much for keeping us updated! We love hearing how excited our backers are. Looking forward to hearing from other backers and maybe seeing some unboxing pictures/videos as deliveries get underway :)

    23. Justin Rand on November 10 Report spam

      I got the same great news. Looking forward to sharing my results. I plan to read some of the books I read in the past to help my become lucid.

      Best of luck!

    24. Dylan Gaffney on November 10 Report spam

      Hey everyone from kickstarter, I recieved an email informing me that my aurora is on the way. My device will be shippi g to Canada so it could take some time. However, when I recieve it I will let you all know. I will also take a photo and post it on my instagram for people to see. I will have a link to my instagram.

    25. Ross Newman on November 10 Report spam

      Also received an email that mine is on the way

    26. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds on November 10 Report spam

      Excited to receive an email today that my Aurora is on its way!

    27. iWinks LLC Creator on November 8

      @Ross and @Dylan: We always appreciate feedback from our backers, and your note about posting here is very valid! We love hearing when out backers receive their device, how they like it, and love seeing all of the excitement built up after so much time waiting.

      Your comments about unboxing are very helpful! Unboxing videos would help the community get exciting and provide some positive feedback so ease some fears and anxieties. If you make unboxing videos, please also share them! We appreciate all the patience and kindness from all of our backers :)

      Thank you, and sweet dreams,
      The Aurora Team

    28. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds on November 7 Report spam

      Agreed Dylan. With over 100 units having been shipped so far, you would think a few more people might come on here to say they have received it and whether it is working for them.

    29. Dylan Gaffney on November 6 Report spam

      Hey everyone,

      I figured I would share with you that there is someone who made an unboxing video a while back on their Youtube channel. This person had received their Aurora and decided to upload that to the internet. I encourage everyone and anyone here who reads this that they do the same. If taking a video is not viable, simply posting a picture to Instagram, or something works too. Furthermore, when you receive your unit, please inform us here on this forum. There is so much skepticism. frustration, and anger going on with this. Understand that when people are frustrated and deal with broken promises time and time again, they want validation and security. When you receive your unit, do not hesitate for one second to get on here and let everyone here know. It will do a huge service to others still waiting, and it will also maybe take some pressure off of iWinks. Finally, for everyone posting your backer number. That is also great, but include what teir you are in. If you are backer #112 in the lowest rank, I'm not shocked it hasn't been shipped yet. However, if you inform us that you are in the developers apprentice rank and have not received one, then there is some due for concern. I hope everyone will follow these simple instructions as it will help us all as a community of backers to support iWinks more, and also allow us to feel more secure in this investment.

      Thank you,


    30. iWinks LLC Creator on November 1

      @Tom In an earlier update we pledged to share the data behind our lucid dreaming open-study. Did you read it? Any good scientist knows to trust populations and not individuals. So the plan is first to ship Aurora to a significant number of customers, and THEN gather, analyze and publish said data.

      @Ross we shared the wave size for this batch, but that doesn't necessarily represent the batch size for past and future orders.

      @Paul, Ross, etc. pay attention to the update: we are fulfilling the highest reward tiers first. All kickstarter customers will receive your Auroras soon!

    31. Tom Medema on November 1 Report spam

      I'm backer #76 (early bird special). Estimated delivery date June 2014. Haven't received anything.

      But what concerns me more is this: while the team talks about data and how they love science, they do not share ANY statistical data on lucid dream induction rates (with confidence intervals). Instead, they pick out a few quotes that glorify their product. How many quotes are there that they did not pick?

    32. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds on October 31 Report spam

      100 orders shipped this week? Aren't there around 1000 Kickstarter orders so unless this ramps up are we looking at around 10 weeks just to ship the ks orders?

    33. Missing avatar

      Paul Barich on October 31 Report spam

      Backer #24 and haven't received anything

    34. Ross Newman on October 31 Report spam

      Backer #112 and haven’t received anything.

    35. Amit & Holly Arora on October 31 Report spam

      @moran - Sounds like I'm way behind you. Backer #749 - Pledged Jan 2014 - still no device :(

    36. iWinks LLC Creator on October 30

      All kickstarter customers will be notified with an email when their device goes into the mail.

      *Remember you can always opt-in to receive your device as part of the continued Early Access program, as those devices are shipping now.* (To do this just email us at with your order info (ie include the email address you used to place the order) and an explanation of why you would be a great early Aurora tester.

      We are fulfilling the highest - tier customers first, as per our original campaign promises (see the original campaign tiers). After those Auroras are fulfilled, the remaining Kickstarter orders will be fulfilled with equal weight/likelihood.

      After that, we will quickly begin fulfilling web-store preorder customers, and on to present day! We hope this helps clarify the status of Aurora order fulfilment.

    37. Qwickset on October 30 Report spam

      US #132. "Address Confirmed" status.

    38. Missing avatar

      Metod on October 29 Report spam

      Backer #146, location EU. Like @Moran I haven't received ANYTHING!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds on October 28 Report spam

      @Moran It is apparently being sent to the backers who pledged the higher amounts first, then the rest of us together.

    40. Moran Zukerman on October 28 Report spam

      Can those who actually received it say their backer number please ? So we can understand it’s actually being sent to early backers first ?

      I’m under the impression it’s not.

    41. Moran Zukerman on October 28 Report spam

      Early Backer #368 here ...Pledged - December 2013 !!!
      Received absolutely Nothing, no tracking number, no Aurora ...

    42. Tore Andre Lie on October 27 Report spam

      Hi.. Still have not revived my Eurora... When can i expect it.. ?

    43. iWinks LLC Creator on October 25

      @Daniel - We've resent the welcome email to that email. If you still can't find it for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to reach out :)

      @Marcus - We're working hard to roll out the Aurora android app. Once we get that up and running smoothly, we will begin work on integration with other apps

      @Qwickset and @Ross - This was a small bug that arose after the newest series of updates. It should be resolved now, but if it's not please email with a description of what's going on.

      @lithium630 - Thanks so much for the updates! We really appreciate customer feedback and hearing about your experiences! I'm sure that as you use the Aurora more and more, you will stop taking it off in your sleep. We found that it just takes time to adjust, but when you do, it's totally worth it :)

    44. Missing avatar

      lithium630 on October 24 Report spam

      Just wanted to give a quick update on how the Aurora works for those who are still waiting. I've used it for a few nights now. No lucid dreams so far, but it's really close. The lights have been waking me up (maybe a little too much). I think I just need a little practice and fine tuning in the settings. You can control the brightness, blink rate, ect... It's a little awkward to wear but not too uncomfortable. I tend to rip it off while I'm sleeping though.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds on October 23 Report spam

      @Qwickset Mine has too, so it isn't just you, I'm sure it is nothing to worry about.

    46. Qwickset on October 23 Report spam

      Yesterday my status went from "Address Confirmed" to blank. Hoping that is a sign that something is changing but should it be blank? (order # HH****1350, zipcode 52338)

    47. Marcus Vogt on October 21 Report spam

      Hi guys, will the android app have integration with google fit (for integrated sleep tracking)? Thanks!

    48. Daniel Villeneuve on October 20 Report spam

      Hi this is daniel my aurora was ship and I receive it two week ago could you resent the welcome email at many thanks

    49. iWinks LLC Creator on October 20

      @Johnny - We are rolling out an Android app soon! Until then, please use the Aurora desktop app.

      @Daniel - Yes, an invitation will be included with the welcome email once your Aurora ships.

      @Glenn - We're so sorry that this is taking so long. We can't seem to find your emails in our inbox. For security issues, I'm sure you understand that we need a secure medium for you to confirm your details. If you would please confirm the address where your are sending your emails ( or send us a message via Kickstarter, we can continue to help you with this.

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