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The Aurora headband plays lights and sounds for lucid dreaming with a smart alarm clock to help you sleep better.
The worlds first sleep-and-dream enhancing headband.
The worlds first sleep-and-dream enhancing headband.
1,428 backers pledged $239,094 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      lithium630 3 days ago

      It wasn't included in the update. That's why I asked. :) I understand not wanting miss a shipping date but it sounds like you should have a really good estimate by now.

    2. iWinks LLC Creator 3 days ago

      @Dan Ross you should have a response waiting in your inbox :)
      @Lithium630 any and all information regarding our production progress and shipping estimates will be included in our monthly updates. We do our best to keep our backers in the loop!

    3. Missing avatar

      lithium630 4 days ago

      Can we get a time frame before they ship?

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan Ross on August 6

      @iWinks, I've sent you a private message. Please respond.

    5. iWinks LLC Creator on August 3

      Just some clarifications about the Early Access program protocol (this only applies to backers/preorder customers who applied for and were accepted to the Aurora EA program.)

      -All EA users will receive priority software and firmware updates to thank them for their help in testing the device. EA users who received their device but are not yet participating in the Aurora beta tester community discussions, please send us a kickstarter DM and specify the desired email address to send that invitation.

      -EA users who already received their EA devices will see their order marked as “completed” in our system.

      -EA users who have not yet received a device, please be patient as you will be receiving it soon. If your order is marked as "completed" but are still waiting for your device, please let us know via a kickstarter direct message.

      -EA backers with devices that are also due to receive additional rewards from our campaign will receive those items separately. If your address hasn’t changed since you received your EA device, you do not need to take any further action. If your address has changed, you may update it at and we’ll be sure to ship your other items to the new address.

    6. iWinks LLC Creator on August 3

      @RobertMiromonti: go to and use your kickstarter-associated email address to create your account :)

      @Dylan and @Ross thanks were excited too! Ross all production updates happen exclusively in our monthly KS updates and will continue this way until all KS orders are fulfilled.

      @Strickld you were on the EA list and there must be a bug. We are looking into it now.

    7. Missing avatar

      Strickld on August 3

      I logged in to my Aurora account and it says the order was "completed" and that it was last updated 7 months ago. Does this mean the order has been shipped?

      Thanks for all your work on this exciting product!

    8. Missing avatar

      Robert Miromonti
      on August 3

      Received an email yesterday to set up an account on Aurora's. It doesn't seem to be working. Can you please advise...

    9. Missing avatar

      Antonio Perez on August 3

      Forgive me, I didnt find the shipping info confirmation, I was trying to submit my full address within the "postal code" field :P

    10. Missing avatar

      Antonio Perez on August 3

      I get an error "error saving profile" when trying to update my address in the iwinks website. Its weird because all of them are ascii characters.

    11. Dylan Gaffney on August 2

      Woohoo, now that was an exciting email. Congrats on the hard work. I am from Canada but I put my shipping info to a postal service in USA so that i can skip international shipping times. No worries, I will pick it up at the place i provided. I can not wait to go to ship happens and see this 4 year wait to an end. Thank you for the delivery of the device and I hope that we can finish this last leg soon.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds on August 2

      Landmark reached, well done iwinks. Any estimate on lead times yet?

    13. Antonio Poli on August 2

      My order ID 4V1QHK1403
      Has my order been sent yet?
      Could you tell me the code to track my purchase? I live in Brazil.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds on August 2

      Weren't the Kickstarter orders going to be sent by the time of the next update, which would normally have been yesterday?

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Przybylski on July 31

      Where is my aurora!

    16. iWinks LLC Creator on July 27

      @Nathan Kurland

      If your address has changed, you will have the opportunity to update it before your Aurora is shipped. Kickstarter backers will be sent a direct message with a link to an address verification form, before their Auroras are shipped. This form will need to be filled out just before your Aurora is sent out, to make sure that your address information is as current as possible.

    17. Nathan Kurland on July 21

      I'm moving around august 1st. I'm not sure if I should switch my delivery address or not, or even how to do that if I need to.

    18. Missing avatar

      VegaPunkDB0 on July 16

      Where is my friggin aurora!

    19. iWinks LLC Creator on July 9

      Thanks for your feedback. Do what you can to log in & share your sleep data - even if its just a couple of nights each week. We’d like to hear more about your experiences with consistent use! We appreciate the support, but we also understand the concerns of our other backers. Many other Kickstarter projects have unfortunately failed to produce the products they promised to their backers. We hope that our monthly updates & efforts to be as transparent as possible can help put their minds at ease – as the Aurora’s delivery is only a matter of time.

      @Dylan Gaffney
      Your questions and concerns are understood, & received loud and clear. You & the rest of our Kickstarter community supported the Aurora project years ago, and want to know when your investment will be delivered. As you may recall, estimated timelines have been provided in the past, with unforeseen hurdles pushing back our production schedule. Rather than attempting to provide specific time estimates, we provide our supporters with tangible and visible updates of our software & hardware production progress. This keeps you in the loop, shows you the results of our efforts, and lets you know that we are still working hard towards the successful & inevitable completion of our project.

    20. Dylan Gaffney on July 9


      I know exactly what kickstarter is and that waiting is invonlved. I too undersetimated the work by about 3 years seeing as we are at 4 years. It is hard to see EA members get theirs first despite the fact that many of us supported before them. Furthermore, i'm international (Canada) and would like to send mine to the states to pick it up faster and skip international wait time. If all is in manufacturing than we should have a timeline. Last I recall, July or August was the timeline but now that seems out of reach perhaps. I would like Iwinks to give updated estimated time of arrival on each post as it is currently what us 4 year waiters have been waiting for. Again I know what kickstarter is...4 years is plenty of patience JC...

    21. JC on July 8

      @Dylan Gaffney - I received mine a while back (haven't been too consistent of a tester though - sorry @iWinks). When I have had spurts of consistent use, I ended up having quite a few vivid dreams. It's like anything else... consistency is key.

      Anyways, they have a working software platform, albeit with some bugs that required fixing early-on. Hence the Beta testing phase. Seems like they've ironed out the vast majority of them. It has been a long time since launch... but i think people underestimate the amount of effort required to engineer hardware & software & get them mass produced & quality control tested on another continent. Kickstarter is an early investment into a product or idea, not an Amazon prime order.

    22. iWinks LLC Creator on July 8

      @Our Supporters
      We started off as a small team of engineers and programmers, and have been consistently learning what it takes to mass produce a quality product with a complex design and function. We have now successfully engineered and manufactured the product we originally set out to produce.

      We have dedicated nearly 4 years of full-time efforts to the creation of the Aurora platform, and are excited every time we have the chance to announce information or share new details about what we have been working on.

      We are eagerly working towards getting the Aurora in the hands of all of our backers, and excitedly anticipate being able to share our experiences with the Aurora, our dreams, and our collective progress

    23. Dylan Gaffney on July 8

      There is a lot of mention of Early Access members but little for backers. When can backers expect theirs. Also if you are a EA member. Can you please post on here if and when you recieve your aurora. I believe in this project though i do believe that my skepticism is justified seeing how things have gone.

    24. iWinks LLC Creator on July 8

      @Sven and @gianluca everything is relative :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Sven Krauter on July 8

      As expected, it was not worth the wait!
      EA = early access? Honestly, EARLY???
      maybe you should call it 3 years late access.
      Now where is the exciting part for regular bakers?
      Maybe Imissed something in your update because I didn't read it. I was only flying over your text because its not worth my full attention. I just saw your standard blubb blubb bla bla final sample bla excited bla large scale production blubb thank you bla without you succeed dream future thanks again.


    26. Gianluca La Mantia on July 7

      I don't get it: where was the "exciting part"?

    27. Antonio Poli on July 7

      Send my aurora pleaseeeee

    28. Robert Hoogendijk on July 4

      Oh my!!!! Can't wait for this news

    29. Missing avatar

      Sven Krauter on July 2

      "There will be exciting news in this one so it will be worth the wait"
      woah! haha

    30. iWinks LLC Creator on July 1

      hey everyone, just letting you know part of our team is traveling so we will be just a few days behind schedule with this month's production update. There will be exciting news in this one so it will be worth the wait :) speak soon!

    31. iWinks LLC Creator on June 27

      @Antonio Hey Antonio - check your messages on social media - we have responded to you directly :)

      @Daryl Lang You're absolutely right in your measured response. The Aurora can act as a 'training wheel' of sorts, to help induce REM awareness for those who have trouble doing it naturally. Not everyone is as naturally talented. You're right about how our dream dreams - and our natural ability to enhance and maintain self-awareness - have been left out of the cultural dialogue to a large degree. We hope that the Aurora will help people reconnect to their sleeping minds through a medium that many of us are becoming familiar and comfortable with - wearable technology. Thank you for your thoughtful comments

    32. Antonio Poli on June 22

      news for send international?

    33. Missing avatar

      Daryl Lang
      on June 22

      Thanks for your reply and thoughtful comments.
      I'm going to take a measured approach with all the dream devices I've sponsored here on kickstarter ... my belief is that lucid dreaming is a natural state that needs re-awakening and that all these devices are like training wheels to help nurture us back to that natural state. (A natural state that appears to be deprogrammed out of us early in childhood, and then dis-valued moving forward) I'm already a frequent lucid dreamer, I've mainly used meditation and other lucid techniques to develop my abilities … I'm interested in using your device and others like Luciding for occasional use to help me thru the dry spells I sometimes experience, and also to share and experiment with the devices with other family/friends so they can experience lucid dreaming as well. But I understand your concerns, and as I really don't want to become "dependent" on any device, I will proceed with caution.

      Keep up the good work, looking forward to the Aurora …

    34. Missing avatar

      Sven Krauter on June 19

      @Antonio: almost one week passed, time to ask again xD

      @iWinkdelay: I think I lost my interest in lucid dreaming, with you it seem to be a dream while being lucid :-|

    35. Missing avatar

      lithium630 on June 13

      No. That was easy Antonio.

    36. Antonio Poli on June 13

      I want to know if my Aurora device has already been shipped

    37. Missing avatar

      Ross Simmonds on June 2

      Thanks for the update. Hope more people start to post their user experiences here so we have some idea what to expect.

    38. iWinks LLC Creator on May 31

      @Daryl there are a few groups working on so called 'neural stimulation' devices for lucid dreaming, all based on results from one infamous 'tACS' paper published just after our kickstarter went live (we covered it in one of our first updates).

      We've said this before but it bears repeating: it remains unclear wether the tACS technology is safe for frequent in-home use by general consumers and urge everyone to explore this new breed of consumer products with great caution.

      Meanwhile we will continue working to offer a safe approach to sleep and dream enhancement via the Aurora platform!

    39. Missing avatar

      Daryl Lang
      on May 28

      It's nice to see this project coming to fruition …

      In the meantime, have any here checked out the new Luciding kickstarter project,

      They are working at igniting lucid dreams with a different approach... active "neural stimulation" vs using active signaling with the Aurora Dreamband

      I've been following them for a number of years and decided to support their project as well, I mean, the more the better, right?… :-)

      This is an exciting time to be alive

    40. Missing avatar

      lithium630 on May 27 is doing a series of articles on lucid dreaming. Might be a good idea to reach out to them about the Aurora.

    41. iWinks LLC Creator on May 9

      @Lawrence yes! Aurora will provide API / SDKs for developers and 3rd party apps to leverage our powerful sleep and health tracking capabilities. We are actively working on this now for our launch.

    42. Lawrence J Miller on May 6

      Do you have, are working on, or plan any integrations with health apps on android to track sleep as part of overall health monitoring programs, like Google Fit, Samsung Health, etc...?

      Just got my Samsung S8+ amd I really like the Samsung Health app. It's quite comprehensive, and has a sleep tracking section. I think the sensors on the Aurora would work really well with it.

    43. iWinks LLC Creator on May 3

      @lucy forms will go out via kickstarter direct message immediately before shipment.

      @kevin as the Android app is finalizing development, Android users will be provided full access to our cross-platform desktop app to control device settings. As many backers had requested, the device features "stand-alone functionality", meaning it does not require synching with an app for repeated nightly use.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kevin Albright on May 2

      Wait, I just reread the last post, what is the status on the android app? Just curious as this will be pretty useless for some of us until that is an option.

    45. Lucy Guo on May 2

      When are you collecting shipping addresses? Kickstarter backer here and have been waiting

    46. iWinks LLC Creator on May 1

      @Antonio and @Vin - if you were a kickstarter backer you will receive your device with the rest of the kickstarter backers. If you were a preorder customer you will receive your device with the rest of the preorder customers. We postponed international customers only for the Early Access program, which is coming to an end soon. I hope this answers your question.

    47. Vinzius
      on April 29

      @Antonio: we'll be the last to get the product.

    48. Antonio Poli on April 26

      Anyone have an idea when the international shipment will be made?

    49. iWinks LLC Creator on April 24

      @BJ thats very exciting! We cant wait to send your device and get you started with our dream enhancement service!

      @Ross @Ross and @Robert, we have only fulfilled a small portion of our kickstarter orders so far. The bulk of them will be fulfilled with the upcoming manufacturing run. You can find all of this and more in our monthly updates.

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