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Breach the airlock, plunder the ship & survive! A Semi-Cooperative Space Pirate Dungeon Crawl for 1-4 players aged 14+
Breach the airlock, plunder the ship & survive! A Semi-Cooperative Space Pirate Dungeon Crawl for 1-4 players aged 14+
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Production Sample Unboxing

Posted by I Will Never Grow Up Gaming (Creator)

Ahoy Backers!

Production Samples Are Here!

The production samples of the base game and both expansions have come ashore and they.look.awesome! So great. Such excite!

The colors are fantastic. The quality of the components is as expected. The dice .. well surprise surprise those samples were not a mistake, we're getting engraved dice!

The tray fits everything snug, including both expansions, all in the base box with the lid closing nice and flush.

Here's a few videos for you!

(Note that I've removed the sound because, well .. it's almost the holidays, there's a huge amount of commotion going on around here (animals, Christmas cookie baking, music, we've JUST finished moving across the city) and who needs sound to see how things look anyway?)

So, what's next?

Finish up your pledge manager if you have not already! We've messaged everyone individually who has not finished their pledge yet there are still a number of pledges outstanding. We can not get your rewards to you if you don't complete your pledge manager with your mailing information!

If you've already completed your pledge manager, no need to worry, we've got your information. You can still make changes up to the date we send all of the info to the fulfillment centers. Don't worry, we'll give you advance warning of when that will happen!

Other than that, we have to wait for production to finish then the boxes full o' booty will be loaded on to ships to begin the long journey over seas and, ultimately, to your game table!


We've been asked a few times if we're going to attend this convention or that. 

  • Short answer; nope
  • Long(er) answer; There's not a lot to show off until the games arrive, and even then we'd rather have more under our belt before we really get into the convention circuit.

HOWEVER, we will (and probably always will) attend BreakOut Con in Toronto held in March every year, as attendees to sit and play games all weekend long. Perhaps we'll get a booth again some time down the road as well, but for now you can still find us there in our I Will Never Grow Up Games shirts sitting among the unwashed common folk playing!

Until next time, Cheers!  

James J Campbell
I Will Never Grow Up Games
Designer, Into the Black: Boarding Party


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    1. ekster

      It looks great! :)

    2. Dyne1319

      See you at breakout

    3. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming 4-time creator on

      @David Moran - There is a LITTLE bit of wiggle room in the insert for a possible (possibly planned already .. maybe .. ) future expansion yes.

    4. DAVID Moran on

      That is great looking game boards and the production looks too quality. Everything fits into the plastic insert in the box is absolutely fantastic. Maybe a little room for further expansions??
      Keep up the super work. And maybe I'll be able to get to the break out convention in March 2019.