Into The Black: Boarding Party

by I Will Never Grow Up Gaming

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    1. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming 4-time creator on

      Quick notes: Missing standee bases, cloth bag, a few missing white/grey/black meeples and the molded plastic tray for the base game.

      On the whole this is not a big issue but I've brought it up with my rep as those things are absolutely meant to be included (as on the quote we have).

    2. ekster

      If that wasn't a mistake and all the dice will be etched, I won't complain!

      And the meeples look awesome.

    3. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming 4-time creator on

      Haha, I won't complain either! Etched/Engraved > Printed! I'm going to have to assume that was not a mistake as this is supposed to be the approval copy - WYSIWYG!

      So happy with the meeples!

    4. Freddy

      Might be a good idea to double-check if the engraved dice are indeed supposed to be in here... otherwise you could either have them send us silk screened dice that you never saw, or you could end up with a higher bill than originally agreed...

    5. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming 4-time creator on

      @Freddy - No worries. This is certainly not my first time dealing with manufacturing in China. I've sent quite a slew of questions to my rep regarding the samples. Just awaiting responses.

    6. Freddy

      Oh, I'm not worried in the slightest. Worst case I will get what I backed, best case I will get more/better quality... so I'm fine either way :-)

    7. Freddy

      (I have to admit, though... those etched dice look incredible... so I hope that it really *is* a free upgrade)

    8. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming 4-time creator on

      @Freddy - They just got back from Essen so I anxiously await their response but; yes, an included upgrade (or perhaps they thought that's what I wanted in the first place?) would be fantastic!

      I wonder if I can get any other free upgrades ... hmmmmmmm. ;)

    9. Freddy

      More free upgrades? Higher quality cards? Thicker tiles? Free playmat? Minis instead of standees? Just say yes to whatever you can get... you won't hear me complain! ;-)

    10. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming 4-time creator on

      Hahah. All of those would be awesome, though a couple (*cough cough* miniatures) obviously not in the cards (ba dum tss).

    11. Freddy

      Yeah, not really expecting any of those upgrades, to be honest. But whatever you *can* get is definitely welcome.