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Breach the airlock, plunder the ship & survive! A Semi-Cooperative Space Pirate Dungeon Crawl for 1-4 players aged 14+
Breach the airlock, plunder the ship & survive! A Semi-Cooperative Space Pirate Dungeon Crawl for 1-4 players aged 14+
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Slight Delays Yet Very Close to Manufacturing!

Posted by I Will Never Grow Up Gaming (Creator)

Hidey Ho Everyone!

It's been a few weeks so I thought I should check in and let everyone know what's happening!

It's been a VERY rough couple of weeks for us here at I Will Never Grow Up Games and at Sanford Illustrator. Details aren't really that important but these past few weeks have been a near write off for us with very little time for anything. That said, progress is still being made, just slightly delayed!


As mentioned in the previous update, unfortunate small delays happen, as they tend to.  HOWEVER, though we may not be able to deliver super early, we're still well on track to deliver by the date given on your pledge levels during the campaign (March 2019) and still hold out hope of (and are working hard towards) doing so earlier than that! 

Yes .. I know .. the wait is excruciating! We feel it here too.

After quite a series of life upheavals got sorted out, our Sanford Illustrator has been hard at work over the past couple of weeks and has only 3 more illustrations needing their finishing touches (Turncoat, Ships Mate & Lord Varro Epic Encounter Villain) and then ONE more complete illustration (Space Dog and his Cat Minions). Once those are completed we're ready to start the manufacturing process!

Files are all prepared (minus those four requiring their final illustrations) and completed files have already been uploaded to the system at Whatz Games so they can start checking them out and making sure things are correct.

The final version of the Rule Books have been uploaded to the Into The Black files sections as well. We're still working on getting translations to other languages where possible but I can't make any promises on that at this time.

Hey .. I just thought of something; This is the first I've mentioned the manufacturer isn't it? Yes, we're using Whatz games to manufacture Into the Black: Boarding Party and both current expansions. 

Whatz Games have an impressive list of past projects they've worked on such as King of Tokyo, 7 Wonders Duel, Shadows over Normandie and (I do believe) most recently Dinosaur Island. With a great background like that they're sure to do Into the Black justice!


In the last update and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and BGG you voted for which illustration would represent Yyarroul the Destroyer, an Epic Encounter villain;

The vote is in! 

With a super slim margin of 14 votes for the left image and 16 for the right, it looks like Yyarroul is (in one backers hilarious observation) ready to go clubbing after taking down you and the other pirate scum! The inquisitive shiny dude has become the head of the Federal Authorities Squad sent to apprehend you!


Speaking of illustrations, we've got some fun artwork progression stuff to show for those who are interested in this kind of thing (I personally find it fascinating);

Progress images for Captain Widow and her Motley Crew of Brigands from concept to completion! (Click the images for a larger version);

Captain Widow from Concept to Completion
Captain Widow from Concept to Completion
Captain Widow EPIC Encounter Card
Captain Widow EPIC Encounter Card
Captain Widows Motley Crew from Concept to Completion
Captain Widows Motley Crew from Concept to Completion
Captain Widows Crew EPIC Encounter Card
Captain Widows Crew EPIC Encounter Card


We have added a "Personalities of Into the Black: Boarding Party" page to the official website for Into the Black.

On this page you can read a brief bio for each of the various playable characters, including all of the KS promo characters, and a summary of their in game abilities along with their illustrations!


As a reminder, we have closed the Pledge Manager to LATE BACKERS. 

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making this project a reality. 

All who have backed already can still access your Pledge Manager to provide us with updates and/or add-ons up until approximately 1 week prior to fulfillment. We will let you know exactly when that will be well in advance! 

There are still about 8% of you who have not even logged in to your Pledge Manager. We will be sending re-invites and, in time, messaging each of you personally in the hopes of getting that info locked down.


I Will Never Grow Up Games has signed a distribution agreement with Hit Point Sales for Into the Black: Boarding Party, Increased Crew and EPIC Encounters!

What does this mean? This means that Into the Black will be available to purchase by retail through their wholesale distribution centers! We're currently working out the finer details but this is great news. We certainly don't want to store 500+ copies in our basements/garages/spare rooms!

Suggested Retail Price is set at CA$69 for the base game and CA$29 for each expansion. KS Promo Player Boards (Ally of Convenience, Bounty Hunter, Stowaway, Mechanic and Space Dog), included in each of our backers copies of the game, will be extra!

How can you help? Once you've got the game in hand any likes, ratings, comments, etc on sites such as can go a long way to improving the value proposition for those retailers and would be greatly appreciated by myself and the gang at I Will Never Grow Up Games!

Until next time, Cheers!  

James J Campbell  
I Will Never Grow Up Games
 Designer, Into the Black: Boarding Party

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    1. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming 4-time creator on

      @Kristin - Some things are being adjusted a little on those while we await the final few illustrations, yes.

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      Kristin Anderson Morin

      The illustrations look final (and AWESOME), but the graphic design of the cards you're showing is temporary for layout purposes only, correct?