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$1,002 pledged of $7,000 goal
By Alonda Thomas
$1,002 pledged of $7,000 goal

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I would like to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the “It’s Okay To Wait” campaign during the last month!! Despite not reaching the financial goal, this process has been an enlightening journey and I am overwhelmed by the friends, family and strangers who stepped forward to contribute support via pledges, reposts and word of mouth! Thank you so much for having my back as a new author, and for your support of this important message! If you still would like to purchase a copy of “It’s Okay To Wait” you may do so on Amazon at:

To the incredibly talented team behind the Kickstarter video: Director of Photography Mike Melendy and Celebrity Make-up Artist MkCoi Zeno, thank you for making me a star for a day! You both are amazingly gifted and I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you!

I’d especially like to thank my friends in the media who have generously offered their resources to help get this message to young women everywhere: Ivan James of, Lee Bailey of, Asha and Trisha Lenae at Beautifully Said Magazine, Rosie Reese of 103.7 The Beat, Lady Shaunte’ of 760 AM The Gospel and Charles the Encourager of Urban Gospel Sounds.

Again, thank you and may God multiply your blessings ten-fold for your generous contributions!

Alonda -

"It's Okay To Wait" Mentioned on EURWeb!

Hi gang,

I'm happy to share that "It's Okay To Wait" has been featured on the entertainment web site, EUR Web! This is one of the most popular destinations for entertainment news. I'm so honored to have this little book mentioned there along with the world's other late breaking news!

This article prompted two radio personalities to ask me for interviews!! So the tide is definitely changing! Thank you for being a part of the process! If you can, please share this link with your friends and "like" the article on the site.

Warm regards,


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"It's Okay To Wait" Mentioned on EMG World!

Happy Friday! So we didn't make it to $1,000 yet, but there is good news to share! An amazing entertainment website called EMG World has written about the book! Check out the article here:

Also, I'm happy to share that yesterday I was working at a faith-based event called TheCry Hollywood. It was a day of prayer for Hollywood where thousands gathered to bless Hollywood to become a positive influence on the world (instead of condemning it for the negative things).  I was in the green room when I struck up a random conversation with a guy named Mark. He asked to follow me on Twitter (@AlondaThomas) and saw the cover of "It's Okay To Wait" as my wall background. When he asked for more info, I told him I was trying to get the word out to help parents and youth talk about sex. He smiled and told me that he and his wife created a program called "True Love" (!/TL562) that they take to churches to talk to young people about waiting until marriage for sex. Wow!!!! Now there were thousands of people at this conference... and God just happened to have me meet someone with an organization that could use my new book! I felt led to sow a seed of 30 books for his next workshop. The feeling that something powerful was happening in that moment was incredible! Needless to say I can't wait until the next TrueLove workshop to see "It's Okay To Wait" begin to fulfill its destiny as a tool to empower young people!

What devine connection will you have this weekend? Make it a great one!!



Thank you!

Hi Everyone,

Words can not express how thankful I am for the support you’ve given to this very important book which will help parents and teens have meaningful conversations about sex! This weekend a mother came up to me and told me that she needed a copy of the book for her niece. Another mother told me about how she made sure to sit her son down and have the talk at a young age because she didn’t want him to be caught off guard as she was growing up! I’ve also heard some heartbreaking stories from men who never had the talk with their parents as teens. It just wasn’t discussed until the teen was discovered to be sexually active, and then the advice was “don’t bring home any babies!” We can certainly do better than that by our young people and thanks to your help, we will!

BONUS Challenge: #1: Sponsor Credit on Web Site

Help me get over the $1,000 mark by MIDNIGHT EST and I will list all backers as book sponsors on the book web site, Your name will be honored as a supporter of the book and parent/teen conversations everywhere!

Throughout the fund raiser I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of the rewards and offering additional gifts so stay tuned!