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Miss out on the Kickstarter? You can officially order the book by clicking the link below.
Miss out on the Kickstarter? You can officially order the book by clicking the link below.
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Execute Update 66

Posted by I.N.D.E (Creator)

Hey folks!

So as you can gather by reading this update, sadly we did not meet our projected deadline of the end of February for sending to print. But why you might ask. Well, we’ve been hard at work editing and polishing the book. For example, we’ve reworked the monster layout to be more visually appealing. We’ve been adding flavor text to fill awkward white space throughout the book. As for the book content itself, we are so close to being done. We have two pages left to fill in History and Events, everything else is completed! Pretty much all of us are in full on edit mode.

But what does that leave for you, the backers?

Well, we are releasing the newly designed sheets along with our 4 NPCs on condensed sheets! We will be putting out Pre-Release 4 sometime next week after we finish the last of the content.

The most asked question: What is your ETA?

While the INDE team wishes we could have it in your hands now, we are going to need another few weeks to finalize the last few items into the book and do a final pass of editing. We definitely intend to have the book sent to print before Mass Effect: Andromeda is released. 

 We sincerely thank you for your support,
The INDE Team

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    1. I.N.D.E Creator on

      @Netobvious I'd rather us not be sued by EA, heh. At the very least, it'll make an appearance on my computer with me sitting in front of it.


    2. Netobvious

      Will Mass Effect: Andromeda make a cameo appearance in your book, like some alien technology uncovered by stalwart explorers?

    3. I.N.D.E Creator on

      @William Tinnin-Timm for clarification, Mass Effect: Andromeda is released on March 21st, 2017.

    4. William Tinnin-Timm on

      So when can we have the book completed???????