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A stylised Short Film that follows two estranged siblings struggling to cope with the death of their absent and unloving father.

Quadruple Threat: Yrsa co-stars, co-writes, co-produces and provides the original source material. (c) Photo by Moses Ssebandeke 2013
Quadruple Threat: Yrsa co-stars, co-writes, co-produces and provides the original source material. (c) Photo by Moses Ssebandeke 2013

The Story behind the Story.

Yrsa Daley-Ward, whose Short Story the film is based on, presented me with this beautifully written Story and from the first sentence I knew I wanted to work on making this come to life on screen. The next step was writing the script. By the end of the week, I presented Yrsa with my take on “IT IS WHAT IT IS” which maintained her character's narration and I was delighted to read her email proclaiming how much she liked it. I was so excited that I sent a copy to Actor Clifford Samuel who I have known for some years now and had recently worked with on a play. Again, he too loved the script so he jumped on board. 

How will you make it look? 

We plan on making a stylized and unique film with great poetic force that will bridge the gap between Live Action and Animation. Making use of natural light, artificial lighting and well thought out angles we will create a short film with striking imagery coupled with sublime performances from the cast. Derek Cianfrance's The Place beyond the Pines is a film that me as a filmmaker would have loved to make. It deals with loss and grief in a unique way told with stunning images and heartbreaking performances. The look and feel of Cianfrance's film is inimitable but definitely worth looking at for inspiration and reference. Our goal is to create a film that takes risks, says “can” when others say “can't.” A film that will inspire others to pick up a camera, get together with like minded minds and make a movie they love.

So join us on this poetic journey

You've got our back. Right?
You've got our back. Right?

What your money means.

It may not bother us as Writers, Director and Producers on 'It is What it is” not to get paid but we feel that paying our cast and crew is only fair. Especially if many of them are spending time away from loved ones and have lowered their usual rates in order to work with us. Therefore, achieving our fundraising goal will enable us to pay our team thus increasing their job satisfaction levels and giving them another reason to shoot out of bed ready to film. Let's be honest, everyone likes to get paid for their efforts, it's a universal sign of appreciation that lets us know that our work is valued.

The money will be used for the cost of Production and Post-Production that are stages which are essential to achieving the desired look and feel of the film.

We have a great composer on board whose work we value highly therefore we intend on paying her a fee that reflects that.

Graders are of great value to any film but don't come cheap.

The Animation sequence of the film will benefit highly from a brilliant and creative sound designer as well as fantastic Animator. Based on research provided by Ren Walton who runs Wolverhampton's Flip Animation Festival, a Freelance Animator can charge £75 to £300 a day. This is definitely a necessary expense that your funding will contribute towards.

Director of Photography is a key member of the crew whose addition to the team is an absolute necessity.  We're lucky to have a highly experienced Cinematographer on board and would like to make his creative experience on our project a pleasant and enjoyable one. The fact that he has agreed to work for expenses is evidence of his belief in us and our story.

It definitely helps that everyone involved fell in love with the story, therefore we will use it as the blueprint to building this fantastic project.

A Private Screening in a specially selected venue will play host to our Executive Producers, Financiers, Funders, Cast, Crew and industry professionals who will comprise, Agents, Writers, Directors and TV Executives.

Guests to be invited include; Curtis Brown Agents, Kate Staddon, Nick Marston, Cynthia Okoye, Warp Films Head of Production, Barry Ryan, ITV 1'S Horrid Henry Producer and Writer, Lucinda Whitely, Creative Head of BBC Comedy, Pete Thornton plus more.

'It is What it is' will then be submitted into Major International Film Festivals, such as: London Short Film Festival, Raindance, Soho Rushes plus many more.

We look forward to putting your money to great use.

"What have you done for us lately, Isaac?"

Above is a Poetry Video I shot for my collaborator, Yrsa Daley-Ward. With your support we can go on collaborating for many more projects to come. 

Thank you.

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Challenges and Risks

We are a very realistic group of filmmakers and understand that there may arise some obstacles.

That is why we are making every effort to work with a cast and crew whose work we are familiar with.

Reliability can be an issue but it is for this reason that our collaborators future and current come recommended. If however, an issue like the DoP dropping out last minute because a better paying job in Shanghai has come up then, we have a stand by DoP who we can rely on in order to deliver an equally brilliant job.

Contingency is a word that we definitely believe in and have factored that into our budget and scheduling.

We understand that the short film making process isn't as glamorous as a Hollywood Will Smith Overbrook Blockbuster but all our collaborators are experienced filmmakers in both low budget and big budget projects so they are aware of the differences and difficulties that may arise thus they come prepared.

Let's make this Movie move!

Much Love



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