Sub Terra: a Cooperative Survival Horror Game for 1-6 Cavers

by Inside the Box Board Games

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    1. Russonc

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Ghorron

      "if you haven’t got yours yet it has probably been lost in the post. Get in touch with us at and we’ll sort out a replacement for you."

      Seriously? You wrote the same in the last update, I sent a mail over 2 weeks ago and got an automated "your email has been received" reply, and no further reaction...

    3. Adam Fenerty

      So with Dan gone the iOS app is just left wanting?

    4. Missing avatar

      Erik B on

      @Ghorron, just a heads up, it took them 9 months to sort out my replacement items for damaged components. But! They did eventually deliver and I'm more than satisfied with the replacements. So, have patience! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Ian Avery on

      Thinking the same. Still no iOS app. I liked Dan, he replied to comments.

    6. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Hey all!

      Dan is still with us for a month working from home in the Netherlands, he's puting the finishing touches this week on the iOS app :)

      Fingers crossed it'll all be sorted by end of the week.

    7. Matt and Cathy Reinsel

      ITB Games support is a joke. It has been six months, 20 emails, 2 representatives, and I still have a missing item from my order. Now I have a damaged art print. Anyone from ITB interested in helping me out???

    8. Rose Atkinson Collaborator on

      @Matt and Cathy Reinsel, sorry about this. Please email and Becca will sort it out for you.

    9. Marco Lazzeri on

      Was the Backer kit shipped already?

    10. Rose Atkinson Collaborator on

      Hi @Marco Lazzeri, the backer kit shipping has started but not all packs have been sent out yet!

    11. Keith Dickens

      I missed the part that we needed to fill it out again. So I just did it today.