Sub Terra: a Cooperative Survival Horror Game for 1-6 Cavers

by Inside the Box Board Games

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    1. Russonc

      Looking forward to see what you come up with next! You all have been a class act throughout!

    2. Glen Young on

      +1 to comment from Russonc.

    3. George

      No worries and it has been good. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    4. Enzo Maini

      To be honest, it is this level of commitment which will allow you to retain a customer for your next project. I for one will be watching. All the issues will help you be better and smarter as a company. Not necessarily a bad thing. Speaking for myself, it is the reason I wait to see what you have next.

    5. Ghorron

      have not received my art print, will send a mail ...

    6. Missing avatar

      Tim Wenclawiak on

      If the Address Survey would give some email-Feedback, we'd know and be able to check if we've already done it. Then again, I guess duplicates will simply be filtered out...
      As for the campaign and future campaigns: I think your commitment so far has shown that you've been willing to fix your mistakes. Just don't repeat them! ;-) I'll also be watching, as Sub Terra is a fun and exciting game.


      FWIW, the fact that you produced such a high quality product (that was a genuinely good game, to boot) will probably go a long way toward getting backers back for future projects. I've really been enjoying Sub Terra, and everyone I've taught it to has enjoyed it as well. I'm certainly going to be watching future projects.

    8. grys03

      Like others I am extremely happy with the level of your commitment. Happy with the game, happy with your updates. Just happy.
      Mistakes can be made by anyone - but admitting to them & fixing them - that's awesome.
      There have been other kickstarters that weren't so forthcoming.
      I will look forward to & supporting your future kickstarters.

    9. Chris Liptau

      As someone who received the game without problems, I think you're doing pretty good and keep up the communication. Maybe for your next projects you will know what add-ons are fast to make and which ones take time (so backers don't expect too much, too fast). Another thing you can keep doing is visiting exhibitions and meet with the people.

      I look forward to your next projects and am ready to support it.

    10. cRuEllY

      Are you kidding me? You claim being "close to an empty system" and I'm waiting since January 18th 2018 for a response regarding a support ticket I opened in October 2017. Since then I contacted you several times without any response and even open another ticket.

      Don't bullshit me! If you don't want to send me the replacement box like you promised at SPIEL '17 and in your fist response, just say so and get it over with!

    11. Missing avatar

      Kurt Michael Guertin on

      You're making stuff up........ What issues??


      Art print received. Beautiful!!!

    13. starmage2 on

      I did my entry for the contest. When I hit submit it went back to start is it supposed to.

      I hope you will be able to move on to new gamessoon.

    14. Missing avatar

      Maxim Y.

      What about Android app? It is almost useless in its current state (no soundtrack, awful character selection screen). Not a big deal, but should we wait any upgrades or keep on using the good old dice?
      Good luck anyway! He is lifeless who is faultless.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jose Roques on

      I am not sure what are all the complaints you've received; I can only speak for my own experience. The product was delayed some? So what? We are helping create something, which IS going to have some bumps along the way. We are not buying a product off of the shelf. I feel you guys have handled this extremely well, and I am very happy with the open communication you've kept.

      I got my copy of the game and my friends and I enjoyed it a lot. My friends have requested I bring the game over to other "get-togethers" I am very happy with the product and will definitely be looking out for other projects you may embark on.

    16. Kaliis Smith

      Personally, I was super sad when you cancelled Newspeak because that game looked amazing. So I'm really looking forward to your next game. Good luck getting the rest of folks issues settled, and trust that enough of us were happy with these projects ( cause I backed Statecraft too!) to keep supporting what you do in the future.

    17. Dave Wetherall – GGG Games

      I'm sorry that some people had problems, and that some of this has taken a while to resolve. I never experienced this, having received my copy of Sub Terra before the originally promised delivery date. I've been impressed with your commitment as a new, small start-up company to keeping in touch, resolving issues and learning from all this. Good luck in finally finishing that off and moving on to future projects.

      p.s. Played Sub Terra last night with my kids - they loved it - 3 or 4 escaped at last possible moment, having left one behind to lure away the horrors...

    18. WeAreGeek on

      I feel your pain in regards to the commitments made, I hope you can look back at this whole campaign as an mostly positive growing experience and I hope that anyone still left with a sour taste don’t choose to haunt you in future campaigns.

    19. Maros Belko on

      sorry to hear that we love the game and would def. like some expansions in the future, is that something that could happen?

    20. Isaque Lazaro on

      I had a load of problems with this project from the very start to the 3 months stuck on customs. I had problems with GamesQuest, with the government, and you guys were fucking awesome at providing all due support.
      This is what all companies should strive to. Not an inch of bad feelings for you guys.
      Thank you all for one of my favorite games to this date.

      Isaque, from Brazil.

    21. starmage2 on

      Who won the diorama contest?