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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
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494 Days Since the Incident

Posted by Inside the Box Board Games (Creator)

Hey Cavers,


The ITB domain servers went down last weekend so emails have been bouncing. We've now identified the issue and now completely resolved it so the email address is back online ready for support requests.

Thank you for bearing with us, those of you may remember the last time we had a much more entertaining website issue during the campaign!

I also wanted to take a moment to apologies for the slowdown in communications recently. I've had some recent personal problems that have affected my ability to focus on work, and for that I'm very sorry. You'll be glad to hear that I'm much better now, and I'm working hard to keep things moving in the right direction.

Support Requests

It's fair to say that we've done a pretty shit job of responding quickly to support requests over the last couple of months. We naively didn't anticipate the sheer volume of them, and the complexity of resolving each one to a satisfactory degree. That's meant that it's taken us far longer to process them than we would otherwise like to, and with the size of the campaign so large, more tickets are being created than we can process.

What we've done to resolve this is to hire a team of 10 freelance customer service agents, drawn from within our volunteer base and others in the board game industry with experience of Kickstarter projects to help us, over the next few weeks to burn through all the existing tickets and properly resolve each issue. Although it's taking us much, much longer than we'd like, we're dedicated to ensuring that every single backer, preorderer or other customer gets their stuff and has had a good level of service.

It's clear that this has been a struggle for our team, the size of the campaign and the degree of skill with complex logistics and customer service platforms needed has made it very difficult for us to deliver the level of service we promised. We've recently advertised for an Operations Manager to take over our logistics and customer service work, utilising our wide network in the UK to deliver a strong customer service experience as well as to avoid the logistics issues in the first place. We've had some exceptionally strong applications so far, and we're looking forward to welcoming a new member of the team who's role will be to serve you directly and improve our service.

Backer Pack

Backer packs are on their way from China now. We have originally planned for air freight, but due to a combination of timings of shipments and opportunistic air freighters charging 5x the usual rate, it made more sense to go with the next available sea freight shipping slot. We got these in last minute at a much better rate, meaning we'll have enough in the budget to get the backer packs out express mail to everyone, worldwide (so no waiting for 3 months if you're in Australia). The boat is due to arrive in around 3 weeks into the UK, at which point it'll go through the usual customs processes, then be processed by us to get it to you as fast as we can.

Reminder that if you haven't filled out your information on the backer pack survey, you won't get one! Even if your address details haven't changed, please fill this out to let us know you want one and where to send it to. You'll get one pack for every core/collectors/deluxe/deluxe+ game you pledged or preordered.

Art Prints

It took us a lot longer than anticipated to process these but we've now got all of the UK and US prints in the post, with the others shortly behind.


In the latest installment of the diorama saga, yet another producer messed us about for over a month which resulted in us having to find ANOTHER producer. We ended up going with a high end production unit to get them done, investing a further £10,000 to get them finished. We're paying more than double what we sold them for, but we need to get them to you!

The first batch is being produced now. Once this batch is in (within the next couple of weeks) we'll send the first few out express mail. The remaining ones will be complete within 2 months (Current projections by producers - could be earlier).

New Android App & iOS Build

We recently launched the rebuilt Android App with a fully revamped session companion. We're in the process of porting this to iOS to make this available to iPhone and iPad users, as well as building out the remaining features, such as the session log, isolated soundtrack and other future features like downloadable interactive Graphic Novel and more!

Campaign Feedback

A while back we provided a feedback form to tell us how we can improve for future campaigns. We still want you to let us know if there are any specific suggestions of things you think we can practically do for you or other backers on future campaigns to improve what we do. All suggestions are welcome :)

Peter & the Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      monty6400 on

      @WeAreGeek I didn't see I ahd to fill even If my address didn't change and I just read comments out of interest and saw yours, so thank you alot! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Eddie Churchill

      Well we got the signed art print yesterday, alas you marked the envelope with "Please do not bend"... so they did... a lot. I am pretty sure that the postal people don't intentionally fold things that say don't fold, but it always seems to happen anyway.

      We had hoped it would be ok but they managed to actually tear the coating on the surface of the print and ruined it. :-(

      We still love the game and that is all that matters. (well the card shoe still gives us grief at times)

      The Churchills

    3. Paul Lenkic

      I didn't know about that survey, so thanks for the reminder. Just filled it in. Hope everything is good with you at your end.

    4. WeAreGeek on

      I’m not sure I filled this out last time since the information we were given at that time was only to fill it out if your details were different otherwise you would use the same details backers filled out for shipment originally.

      Anyway done now, I’m glad you clarified this though I imagine that the vast majority of backers will want this so I foresee a potential issue with backers who don’t fill out this survey...just saying...

      I hope you guys can resolve everything as best and as speedily as possible, I totally get just wanting to be done with this campaign and I’m sure it’ll feel like a huge burden has lifted once it’s finally complete.

    5. JazzFlight

      Ok, I did a duplicate response, this time putting my state in the Region field.

    6. Joe Rogers on

      @Russonc I'm hoping region should be used for state as well, but we could use some confirmation because normally this would be used for country I thought.

    7. Russonc

      @JazzFlight, I just put state into "Region" I think it was called...

    8. John Ballenger on

      I think you guys have done a great job lately and made us a really good game! Keep up the good work!

    9. Steve B. on

      @it. I also saw your previous comment that the backer pack would be sent to our previous survey address. I just went to the link that you had posted in this conversation and it was strictly a survey about how the kickstarter was Rod. There was no discussion of the back of pack and nothing that told me that this would get the back of pack into my possession. Please be a little bit more clear and how that survey is supposed to ensure we get are back a pack since it didn't have anything to do with our name, address, back or number, Etc

    10. JazzFlight

      The survey doesn't ask for state? Is this just going to match it to my original address?

    11. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Enzo - yeah we will do :)

      Sahaphan - I'm guessing you've submitted a support request? If so we'll get to it and get you your dice :) If no please submit a ticket to and we'll get to it as soon as we can

    12. Enzo Maini

      Hopefully you are checking for dups. I filled out the address details survey again because I cannot remember if I previously filled it out and your survey does not send out an acknowledgement.

    13. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Russonc - you're absolutely right. We're spending a lot of time thinking and planning for the next campaign, keeping things tight and well coordinated but still exciting. It's very easy for us to get caught up in the hype too!

    14. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Sorry all - here's the link to the survey

      Timothy - which country is that?

      Martin - we'd prefer to confirm otherwise we'll end up spending thousands sending packages to the wrong address!

      Ghorron - sorry about that, we'll be sending out all those on the survey first, and will keep to that so we know 100% that they are going to the right place. If people answer the survey late we'll still send them, it'll obviously just take a bit longer.

    15. Russonc

      Okay, I completed the survey, don't recall completing it before. Thanks for the update, glad to hear personal problems improved/resolved!
      Lesson learned on the diorama... adding fancy, low number features can get costly! (I've seen as much in other campaigns) I can't wait for this to be 100% completed (for your sake!).
      All the best!

    16. Martin

      Also, is that last text ("Sub Terra Post-Campaign Survey") meant to be linked to somewhere or just a dummy image?

    17. Tim Steinhoff on

      My Country isn't listed in the survey. The same thing happened with the first survey. Who do I email to receive a backer pack? Why do I need to fill out another survey?

    18. Martin

      I'm glad I read this update because I didn't even know about the new survey page. It was my assumption that they would've used the original pledge details to determine who to send stuff to.

    19. Ghorron

      Ok, you are really giving conflicting information here.
      I asked a while ago if the backer pack survey was mandatory to receive anything, and the answere was (June 19th, 2018)

      "If you did not complete a backer pack survey then your pack will be shipped to your original shipping address. If this has since changed you can contact us on to make changes. For all other enquiries please also use this email address."

      Now we are required to fill out the survey...

    20. Lewis Shaw on

      Great work guys, keep it up. Glad you're feeling better Pete.