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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
6,626 backers pledged £368,256 to help bring this project to life.

July 19: Mini update

Posted by Inside the Box Board Games (Creator)
Hello cavers!  
Hang En Cave, Vietname (Image by National Geographic)
Hang En Cave, Vietname (Image by National Geographic)

It's almost a year and a half since the launch of Sub Terra back in 2017 and the end is almost here for us all at ITB! With the final touches being made we are looking now to wrapping up the project and looking ahead at new goals and aims. But for now, the hard work continues. 

Here's your mini-update for July, and as always feel free to send us your feedback, comments and queries. 

Support Requests 

A number of backers have let us know that their emails haven't been responded to for a while now. At ITB we use an in-house ticketing system and unfortunately a number of people's correspondence was flagged as spam, meaning that no one in the team was aware of them. We have looked into the problem and will be doing our best to catch up with the backlog and respond to people in a timely manner. We apologise to everyone whose emails have not been responded to since this problem began and hope we will be able to deal with you soon. As always, the best way to contact us is through - but please be aware there will be a slight delay as we work through the backlog! 


The custom dioramas are currently with our partner artists who is adding the finishing touches before these will be sent out to backers of this level later this month. The process of designing, modelling and sculpting these dioramas has been longer than expected, and we apologise for the delay in delivering these.

Sub Terra app

The Sub Terra companion app is now available on the Android app store for free! The app features character stats, a digital dice and an interactive hazard features, with more features coming soon. The IOS version of the app is currently and review and will hopefully be available later this week!


If you have any questions or queries regarding Sub Terra please contact us on To report a lost or missing item please Games Quest directly on 

- The ITB Team 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt Taulton

      It seems the and emails are both no longer working? Trying to contact someone at ITB to figure out an issue with my shipping.

    2. Kang Siang, Tan

      My horror end up as black round cylinder pieces without any stickers to indicate scratch marks. I could buy cylinder-cutted pieces anytime here at a very cheap rate. The finishes of the tiles are far from my expectation comparing with other KS. And I still couldn't figure out how to piece up the card holder. Could be some missing pieces but, whatever, it will be one time off. The reply took weeks for me to ask. There are so many better KS teams out there.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dacey

      Really, in my opinion, there's been several screw ups on this campaign.

      1. Selling the game to non-backers was a major mistake, I saw the game for sale at a con months before I got my backer copy. That's seriously not cool and the creators need to realize that the backers are your most dedicated fans, but because of that, they are going to be the most aggrieved if you don't look after them. It really felt like we got screwed over.

      2. Finding out that even after that long wait the game was shipping with missing parts just added insult to injury. I get delays, I get if a few retail backers got copies and sold them before all backer copies were fulfilled, but delaying the KS version claiming that we're getting the extra special version, and then finding out that the extra special version was screwed up just compounded the problem. If you make one mistake you really have to work hard on the details after that, it really feels like the game got delayed and they rushed things to get it out sooner whereas personally I would have much rather waited a little bit longer to get the game right the first time.

      3. Lack of communication. This has been another big one. There's been a terrible lag in updates, and the creators have even acknowledged in updates that they don't check the comments often. Again, this goes back to looking after your backers, they're the people that made the game possible, then saying that you can't be bothered to keep in touch is just another insult to us.

      4. If you're going to publish an update talking about coming to the end of the campaign you need to cover ALL of the outstanding things. They talk about support requests, the diorama, and the app. There's no mention of the repair kit. If you're saying, "hey the end is in sight," and neglect a major outstanding item like the repair kit then how do you expect us to react? Even a couple of lines reiterating the last details and saying there's no news since then, along with clarifying that if you haven't moved you didn't need to complete the survey would have gone a massive way to avoiding this latest reaction.

      I've backed a ton of campaigns, I've managed to avoid some of the other horror story campaigns so I've been fortunate there, but the way that ITB has handled this one is not good enough. I hope they learn from this, but honestly at this point I doubt I'll back anything else they create.

    4. Missing avatar

      Shaun "Killersheep" on

      I can only comment on my experience and mine over all has been pretty good. Ok some tiles were missing which sucked a bit but over all great game and me and my party loved the game. Yes i understand the "repair kit" is taking its time to arrive, but i just got another game from KS that was delayed over a year and well.... the punch card wasnt even in line so the tokens are all a waste so over all this is one of the better ones ive backed.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicole Lavigne on

      Lack of info in this update about the backer pack for the tile error etc is a huge issue and in my opinion you can’t mark this campaign as fulfilled until those are sent to everyone.

      Also, I sent an email to support back in March when I got the game and was missing a tile. I did get a reply but nothing since about when I’ll get that replacement.

      I’m also confused because I remember that there was supposed to be hidden UV reactive stuff on the tiles and boxes. Not the obvious stuff reacting but other “secret” markings and when I scoured back through the updates that’s what I found. But that’s not the case at all.

      Also, though I and my friends have been loving the game, I am disappointed by how difficult it is to see the shape of the caves on the tiles. The printing is so dim we are often co fused by how many branches there are on a tile. It becomes much clearer when you shine a black light on the tiles but this really should be much easier to see without a black light.

    6. Kyle Norton on

      I know this may not be the right time, but I would love to be able to purchase some of the add-ons. We love playing this game here at our local "nerd bar" in Austin, TX! :)

    7. Jason Lheureux on

      This campaign is still blowing my mind with its continual comedy of errors. I can’t believe it’s been a year!!!

    8. WeAreGeek on

      Obviously it’s normal and expected for a campaign to close eventually, I think that’s all that’s been said here like with anything to do with this campaign too many jumping onboard to complain even after a whole post-mortem was created in order for you to best present all your concerns and overall experience.

      Nothing ITB do at this point will fix what has already happened all they can do is attempt to move forward. I find it crazy a backer openly admits to not even opening the box to the game they are happily complaining about the campaign for.

      Hopefully the majority are as satisfied as it’s possible to be after the amount of negativity created here, also hopefully many keep to their word in not backing another ITB project so we don’t have to see this negativity being recreated on a total separate campaign.

      KS shouldn’t be the place to constantly vent all your frustrations as understandable as they may be, though I hope most backers are still happy overall, it’s time to move on one way or the other.

    9. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      In regards to the backer pack, these are currently in production and will be ready for shipping soon. We do not have an ETA right now, but will put out an update as soon as we do - we expect it to be no more than a few weeks however. If you did not fill out a survey backer packs will be sent to your original kickstarter address.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin Remington

      Agree with most of the concerns placed here by others… This campaign really has been completely disappointing, in so many ways, not least of which is the atrocious communication from you. Please try to get it right with your backers before ghosting on this campaign.

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Ting on

      Can I still do the survey?

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dacey

      Ugh, just re-read the previous update and here's more complaints.

      1. As several have noted it's completely ambiguous if you needed to fill this survey out if you haven't moved, as worded it sounds like you don't but I'm willing to bet they're only going to fulfil the ones where people completed the survey, horrible service.

      2. The notes about filing tickets with their support are frankly insulting. The whole thing reads as, "thanks for using KS to throw a ton of money our way but we really can't be bothered to use the platform to talk to our most dedicated backers, use this other way instead". If you're going to send out updates on the platform then be prepared to respond to comments on the platform.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dacey

      I'm honestly also confused about the backer pack. Honestly, this whole campaign has been a shambles and really has me feeling like I won't back anything more from ITB in the future. It started with non-backers getting copies of the game months before backers (who funded creating the game in the first place) got their copies, then we finally get our copies and find out that even after waiting to get our super special copies that our super special copies have errors, and now ages after that we're still left waiting for the packs that will fix the issue and there's zero mention of what's going on in an update that ominously says that you're getting ready to wrap the campaign? I spent a lot of money on this campaign and it really feels like we're being taken for granted. Honestly, I've not even opened the box because of the bad taste in my mouth about this whole thing. KS is supposed to create a community, not to be a place where you sucker people into helping fund a product for other customers that seem to be ITB's real priority. We're the ones who backed this because we believed in the game and we're all left waiting.

    14. Missing avatar

      Martin Pelletier

      I also would like an update on the backer pack. I did not answer the survey as I did not change address since KS delivery. If I need to answer the survey, can you clearly provide this detail in an update? Thanks.

    15. Carl King on

      Seconded 're repair pack

      Why nothing in the update about this

    16. Tim Ware

      Still waiting on my print and backer/repair pack in New Zealand. Any ETA on those??

    17. Ghorron

      There seems to be some confusion about the backer pack survey from last update:
      Is it mandatory to answer the survey to receive the backer pack, or only when we changed address/moved since KS delivery?

    18. Missing avatar

      Richard Kembleton on

      Having just checked the last update, I did not receive a backer pack survey. What happens now?

    19. Mihail A.

      Please, more info about backer pack, thanks :)

    20. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update and the art print which is great and framed in my games room

      Do you have an update on the repair pack please? The project will not be closed for me until that is received.