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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
6,626 backers pledged £368,256 to help bring this project to life.

431 Days Since the Incident - Backer Pack, Diorama, Art Prints & More

Posted by Inside the Box Board Games (Creator)

Hey Cavers,

Damages, Missing Items, Unfulfilled Orders or Replacements

If you have received any items that have been damaged in transit, are missing something from your order, or a piece from an item, you still haven't received your copy of your game, or need a replacement of something for whatever reason, please send your order details and the details or any replacements you may need to

We've invested in professional customer service software (Salesforce) connected to the above email address, to make resolving customer queries swifter and more effective. Please note that we don't get notifications for comments posted on Kickstarter so emailing at this address is the bestway to get your problem resolved immediately.

We are however building a solution to integrate Kickstarter comments into our customer service platform!

We've had reports that GamesQuest have taken up to and sometimes over two weeks to respond to customer queries. We now have access to their back end system to process replacement and other order requests so we're doing that directly rather than redirecting customers to GamesQuest's customer service, unless it's something they have to resolve directly.

Brazilian Backers Issues

We've had some backers in Brazil report that GamesQuest have misdeclared the value of their pledges and as such have received large fines from their customs office. Please contact immediately if this has affected you. We will pay any fines issued to you as a result of our or GamesQuest's errors.

We'd like to apologise to our Brazilian backers for these issues.

Backer Pack

We received the backer pack sample from Whatz yesterday via express mail, and everything looks awesome! The mailer looks so nice, we've asked them to shrink wrap the final copies so that when you peel off the shrink/mailing label, you'll be able to keep the nicely printed outer mailer as a souvenir if you like. Maybe use it to store your promo content!

In terms of timeline, we've now approved the manufacture of the packs, and the factory have indicated 3 weeks to produce all of the packs (we're estimating 3-4 weeks before we frieght them). We will then be air freighting (1 week) the packs over to our office in London and sending them out via Royal Mail. It'll take us a few days to label up all the packs but we'll be scheduling Royal Mail pick ups for each day of the week when we get them to get them out as fast as possible to you.

You will be mailed a number of backer packs equal to the number of core games you got (including any as part of a collectors/deluxe/deluxe+ edition) so for example if you pledged for a group and got 3 core games and 2 collectors editions, you'll get 5 packs.

As some of you may have moved home/office and may have pledged on behalf of someone else who you know wish to send on your backer pack to, we've put together a survey to get the most up to date information for us o send you your pack.

We will lock down the survey 31st May, as this is when we expect the packs to ship over to us. This gives us to time to organise the data, produce the labels and set ourselves up to ship them out quickly.

As a reminder the backer pack comes with:

1 Replacement Corner Tile
1 Letter from the ITB Team
1 Metallic Specialist Caver sticker
5 Awards Stickers
1 Erebus Industrial Sticker
3 Horror Piece Stickers
3 Leaper Piece Stickers
1 Graphic Novel Cover Art Poster with Backer Names
4 Tile Holder Security Tabs
1 Set of Lovecraftian-themed Start/Exit Tiles
1 Graphic Novel Art Promo Out of Time Card
3 Expansions Characters Story Cards
1 Replacement Extraction Rules Booklet

A lot of you have expressed that you didn't find the tile holder super useful as it wasn't too sturdy. We've included 4 security tabs in the punchboard containing the replacement corner tile and the promo start/exit tiles, which makes the tile holder MUCH more sturdy.

Here's a video showing the tabs in action.


We've received the sample of the Diorama from our producers (low res sample pictured below) and we're pretty happy with how it came out. It's massive but also relatively lightweight, with enough slots for all 17 miniatures.

Our producers are based in London (around 20 minutes from our office) and have increased their capacity recently so will be producing the dioramas over the course of the next month. They'll be sending us the finished dioramas in batches once they've printed, at which point we'll do any additional cleaning up, priming them in Cave Grey and sending them directly from our office to those of you who backed for dioramas.


Art Prints

Tim has managed to sign over TWO THOUSAND art prints in spectacular time. We've now packaged up and labelled up the first wave (pictured below) which will be sent out over the next couple of days. We're sending these via Royal Mail with the following delivery times:

1-2 Working Days UK
3-5 Working Days Europe
5-7 Working Days Rest of the World

The remaining art prints will be packaged up and sent out by the end of this week.

Sub Terra Companion App

To all the iPhone users out there, we feel your pain. Not having the companion app available on iOS has been super frustrating, and a major source of hair-pulling for Dan our tech man over the last month. We've decided to entirely rebuild the app from the ground up using Unity Engine to make it robust enough to support the range of new features we're building to make the app experience even better, and to make porting into iOS, Android, even Kindle, Windows and Browsers easier.

In the last update we laidout a few of the new features we're working on, here's a screenshot of the new session companion work-in-progress. If you've got any feedback on the app or suggestions for new features let Dan know on

Work in progress session companion for Sub Terra App 2.0
Work in progress session companion for Sub Terra App 2.0

Promo Start/Exit Tiles

Loads of people have really enjoyed the extra start/exit tiles we did as a Kickstarter exclusive, so we thought why not make some more?

We commissioned Sub Terra illustrator David to produce some extra alternate art and got Whatz to send over samples along with the Backer pack. We're going to make these available individually or as a set (price not yet determined - they'll be cheap) on our webstore and at conventions. We hope that you like them!

Note: we don't have any plans to make the KSE start/exit tiles available for sale.

Backer Survey

I'm aware that we've still not resolved all the residual problems from the campaign, and  I hope to answer any remaining questions you might have. I know we've said this a lot but we're dedicated to sorting out every little problem, 100%. We're not coming back to Kickstarter to launch anything new until absolutely everyone has received their pledge, any replacements they need, and of course their extra backer packs.

We've made some pretty huge mistakes on this campaign, from misjudging the complexities of logistics and making a hash of them as a result to failing to manage communications sufficiently well to keep you all well informed throughout the process of managing that. I've personally mismanaged aspects of the campaign which have made things more challenging. For that I'm sorry, because ultimately it's you backers who have had to take the brunt of those mistakes. The high energy and enthusiasm of the campaign a year ago was soured by our, and principally my, mistakes - and that has led us to a position where you understandably have less trust in our team to deliver the rewards you pledged for.

I firmly believe Kickstarter is more than just a store, it's a place where enthusiasts, fans and gamers in general come together and put their trust in a creator to make something awesome that wasn't there before. That's what it's always been about and has been core to what we do, making cool stuff that wouldn't otherwise be made. That trust has been damaged by our mistakes, and it's likely that many of you will decide not to join our projects in the future. While that's disappointing for us, we understand, and hope that in spite of that you still continue to enjoy Sub Terra.

For us to grow, to continue to improve and make sure we deliver a radically better experience next time around, we'd love to hear your feedback. Be blunt, be direct, be honest. For us to really understand where we went wrong and to understand what it is that you value most, we're going to need your pull-no-punches feedback.

So here goes, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey if you have any feedback whatsoever for us. Even if you want to let us know how awful the whole thing has been for you, please do take the time to do that. It's import that we get a complete picture.



Backer Packs to take 3-4 weeks to produce, then a couple of weeks to process

Dioramas in production, to be sent out in waves over the course of the next 4-6 weeks.

Art Prints first wave in transit, all art prints sent by the end of the week for all queries and issues

Backer Pack Address Survey

Sub Terra Post-Campaign Survey


Other Resources

Sub Terra Gameplay FAQ

'Subito Terra' Fast-Play Version Rules

Sub Terra Facebook Community

Sub Terra App on Android Store


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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Kembleton on

      I have also not received a backer pack survey. When were they sent out?

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew A. Ernst

      nvm, just noticed the answer in the comments section.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew A. Ernst

      Any update as to when we can expect these?

    4. James L

      @Creator - its not very clear that you HAVE to complete the Backer pack address survey and they don't just get shipped out to all backers automatically. Completed it late just now. Hope its not too late...

    5. Marcela Maués on

      I didn't receive any replacement survey either

    6. Marcela Maués on

      I sent the first e-mail back in may, it's almost june and I didn't receive any "got your e-mail"

    7. Marcela Maués on

      I am from Brasil, I didn't receive any answers to my e-mails and I didn't receive the game either :c what should I do? I made a pledge for the game and expansions

    8. Good & Evil Games on

      Will we receive a confirmation email after completing Backer Pack Survey? I completed mine but I have not received anything yet (hope my email was not wrong)

    9. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Hey Both, don't worry, it's a long list of queries and we're working hard to get through them all, we're stretched pretty thin at the moment so it's taking a while but we will get to your query!

    10. Civalice on

      No one reply my email since 01/05...
      What should I do?

    11. Missing avatar

      Maverick on


      I sent an e-mail to the provided e-mail address and never heard back. Should I do something?

    12. Mark Lee

      Got the game, and I filled out the replacement survey! Just waiting on that art print now...

    13. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      @Paul Cooper You'll take out the fourth ledge tile :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      Exactly which tile am I replacing with the corner tile included in the kit?

    15. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      @starmage2 we'll be emailing out to all late pledgers today :)

      @Geoffrey Heffernan Thanks for the kind words, it's been hard, but we're on track for some serious improvements to how we do things moving forward.

    16. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Heffernan on

      It is indeed a shame, people had so many problems with getting their game. I got super lucky and had absolutely no issues, aside from the minor production issues everyone faced and 1 damaged promo cards.

      I have to pat you on the back for at least acknowledging your errors and being genuine about fixing them. Amazing after sales support that is unprecedented in my opinion. Ill be backing future titles for sure!

    17. starmage2 on

      For the backers who pledge later and don't get the kickstarter updates how will they know to do the replacement pack survey. Not all of them follow on Facebook.

    18. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Hey Yair, Tom who's managing the customer service tickets has let me know about your problems. I've authorised him to send out a fresh shipment. I'm pretty sure this was an issue caused by DES, whose warehouse is located where your parcel seems to be stuck (they made some errors in tracking). Regardless, apologies for the delay, and I hope you receive your new copy soon so you can enjoy the game!

    19. Yair Mayer

      will see if anything actually changes... tracking number received in march - chat with DHL reveals that they werent given a package to ship at all.
      still waiting for the game

    20. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Hey Deck, don't wory we'll get to your query, we're working through a LOT of emails rght now (currently got 100 upport tickets open on my screen!)

      I'm aiming to get through all of them by the end of tomorrow, though it could be quickre depending on how complex the issuse are in general.


    21. Missing avatar

      Rolling Cat on

      Dont even get the package yet and no one reply my email :(

    22. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      @Greg that really means a lot, thank you so much!

    23. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      @Alexander we're still focused for now on wrapping up the last bits of Sub Terra, but we hope to relaunch NewSpeak 2.0 later this year. We've also got some other stuff in the works :) If you come along to the UK Games Expo you'll get a sneak peek!

    24. Greg on

      Really nice to see how you handled everything, i was quite happy with my game and it's a real pleasure to see we will receive the backer pack. Really nice job, will be glad to follow you again :) !
      Best wishes from France !

    25. Alexander Willis

      Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for when those are available. Any previews on your next project?

    26. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Hey Alexander, we can't produce too many more of them as we're making them at a significant loss (basically just because they're cool and why not), but I'm sure the oddone or two extra can't hurt. I'll get the producers to make a few extra then I'll whack them on the webstore when they're all shipped out.

    27. Alexander Willis

      Okay, I completely missed the diorama and now want one. I've painted my minis and would love to be able to display. How, if at all, can I get one of these? Too late I assume but can't hurt to ask. Love the game, played it for the 10th time last night and my weekly game night. People loved it, and all but one caver got out. We played without the bodyguard or medic, something I've never done and it was hard!!!

    28. Russonc

      Nice update! You all are a class act and I hope to see more projects soon!

    29. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      @ITB you guys/gals are putting in a massive effort to rectify the issues with this campaign. Can't wait to get that backer pack, looks awesome. Will definitely be interested in the extra start/exit sets. You are on track to rebuilding your rep. Will definitely consider future kickstarters from you.

    30. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      @Gareth thanks for the kind words - we've messed up some pretty big things and some pretty big things have messed us up, but we're still going and will keep fighting hard until we sort everything and more.

      @Twan - awesome! Funny you should say that...

    31. Twan

      love the diorama!

      perhaps there will be inter-locking pieces (/tiles) just like that in the future???

    32. Missing avatar

      Gareth Pugh

      Thanks guys, I know you've had a *very* tough ride with this for one reason or another, but I appreciate the massive effort you're putting in to make everything right.