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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
6,626 backers pledged £368,256 to help bring this project to life.

378 Days Since the Incident

Posted by Inside the Box Board Games (Creator)

Good day Cavers!

Shipping Continues

I realise the last update was a bit unclear on the delivery timescales for backers of the Collectors/Deluxe edition. We've now had an update from Games Quest that should clear a lot of things up.

  • The extra stock has arrived from Amazon at Games Quests warehouse today, this will be checked in and worked on Monday
  • Efforts have been focused on untracked post first - as these takes the longest to arrive
  • Heavier, tracked, express parcels (Deluxe and Collectors versions) will be shipped last as they don't take as long to arrive
  • Games Quest have advised that they have already shipped 600 orders and the remaining outstanding orders will be sent by mid-week next week (14 March)
  • Games Quest have told us they will collate the tracking information and provide these to us as soon as they have them. Once we have them we'll email them out to everyone
  • Based on this we're still looking at 2-5 weeks for everyone to receive their rewards. The length of time it will take will depend on how your game is sent (with smaller untracked games taking longer).

Getting in Touch

Apologies if you've not had a response to a message, Paul is handing much of his work over to Tom, this means we're a bit behind at responding to messages. 

If you need to get in touch the best person to contact is Tom at 

Outstanding items

  • Art prints - have been ordered and will be arriving next week. Once we have them it'll take us a little while to package and post them. We'll let you know when they're on their way.
  • Diorama - Dan (creator of the app) is working on putting this together and printing the master
  • Personalised content - is well underway. We'll be in touch with those of you waiting for these to let you know some rough timescales
  • Backer Pack - we're ready to go to the manufacturer. We're just waiting on them to get back to us with when they can begin work on this
  • Replacements - UV torches are finally on their way to us, other items we'll need to get from Games Quest so that we can send these out
  • Post mortem/Survey - the survey is being drafted. We'll send this out once we've finished shipping everything

As always thanks so much for you patience and support. 

Peter, Paul, Tom, Anthony and Archie

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    1. Treiker

      I would like to get a new UV torch too

    2. BlackGauntlet

      I stuck a sticker below the mini right where it can be seen prominently through the hole of the standee piece. XD

    3. Sara Kay on

      I have been lucky enough to play a retail copy of the game. This is great and a snag I now don't want to use my copy until the backer kit arrives as I want the proper game balance and scoring.

      One thing that confuses even me is the point in the stickers for the horrors. You also seem to be including leaper stickers (two slashes) which don't come into play unless your using the extraction expansion. Even then the tokens are colour coded differently.

      I'm also really glad I ordered the display stand as sadly the miniatures won't see much use. They are lovely but simply impractical in terms of their size with a tile placement game.

      The tiles seem to be fine in daylight or strong light though the demolition tokens are a bit dark. If you do issue lighter tiles will they be available for the expansions as well and will the tokens be altered to match? If not i'll stick with current set. it's fine for normal play but does prohibit the idea of setting up a session with low lighting and the soundtrack.

      I was pleasantly surprised at how prompt the original arrival of my copy was. It's just frustrating being held back by the need for the backerkit to be sorted.

      All that said when I played the retail version it worked really well and is probably one of the easiest to learn games I have come across in a long time. It was well received by casual gamers and those more into the heavy euro games alike.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pedro de Sordi Soltau on

      So i got a notification that my game has been shipped and it does have the right address on it......but the wrong state, this worries me, is it just the final stop for DHL before they give it to my local post service or should i be worried its a real mistake?

    5. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      I'd like a new UV torch if you're sending them out for free.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stjepan Martinic on

      I've just got a notification from dhl that my shippment has been sent by GamesQuest. I feel something happening here! :)

    7. queerchameleon

      The ones that haven’t been shipped yet wouldn’t be ones where people have ordered a diorama would they ?

    8. Missing avatar


      The issue is not how long the delay was.
      The issue is that they were selling the game at conventions and at retail MONTHS before even the first backer saw the game, and they REFUSED to let backers pick up their copies at conventions because then they wouldn't be able to sell as many.

      They also did the same with Statecraft which was massively delayed at that point.

    9. gatherer818

      I wouldn't mind a UV torch, as mine didn't work, but I don't really need one. If you're not just sending them to everyone, don't bother with mine (if you are sending one to everyone, I imagine it would be more work NOT to send it, so I'll happily accept it =P ).

      This is your first big KS, right? I know you had previous games, but I seem to recall them being a lot smaller, I think one was just tiles and the other just cards, maybe? I realize I might get lynched for saying this when I've already got my copy, but the delays really aren't that bad. A few months behind ORIGINAL projection (my pledge says Nov 2017), not the fifth revision of the schedule, is pretty normal for a team taking on their first project of this size. I recently got a fulfillment from a KS that was much later for some cloth bags sewn a certain way, not even joking here. You're doing a good job staying on top of communications and you're delivering an excellent product; focus on that if the negativity gets you down.

    10. Missing avatar


      There is so much negativity surrounding this campaign, I just thought I'd add a positive comment.
      Don't get me wrong, I'd also be sour if I hadn't gotten my game yet, but FWIW:
      Sub-Terra is probably our most favorite board game ever.
      It's easy to teach and pick up, yet incredibly strategic and challenging.
      It really is a gem and I am glad I came across this KS.

    11. Dexter Frankenstein

      On February 2nd, Paul told me my pledge would ship on February 7th and take 2-3 weeks to arrive. It is now March 10th and you’re telling us it will take 2-5 weeks to arrive.

      Please stop offering timelines. This is the 4th or 5th one and the previous timelines were absolutely meaningless.

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Ting on

      Last update I was told the games already shipped. This update the game is still not ship!? What is going on here? Care to clarify? Thanks

    13. Peter Greico

      Is the iOS app almost ready?

    14. Chris Richter

      Hoping mine comes in the mail soon really looking forward to playing it

    15. Sebastien Thibert on

      Looking forward to FINALLY receiving my game... Well so they say.
      I was told multiple times it was shipped, then not shipped, then shipped. Now lets see if it will actually ship this time.

      I got the collector's edition for those that are wondering.

    16. Daniel

      We're we supposed to receive torches?

    17. Treiker

      Thanks for the hard work. Sure shit happend but you guys try to fix it. Will everyone get a ne UV torch? Because my dont work anymore

    18. Russonc

      Thanks for the update (I don't need a new UV torch)...

    19. Addison Dowd on

      Will everyone be getting new UV torches? I didn’t submit a request for one but it stopped working 30 seconds after putting the batteries in.