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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
6,626 backers pledged £368,256 to help bring this project to life.

371 Days Since The Incident

Posted by Paul Spencer (Collaborator)
Hello Cavers!
We know that we said we’d have information for you last week on the progress of the remaining international orders. The truth is we’ve had a shortage of core Sub Terra games to send out, due to Games Quest misreporting the number of games we had in stock. 

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks resolving this to ensure that you all get your games.  

Here’s the rundown of what’s happened and what we’re doing to get it sorted and get you your games. Importantly this issue does not affect those of you receiving the Deluxe/Collector's editions. For context, we printed 7,500 copies of the core Sub Terra game. More than enough for backers. Leaving some that we could sell to distributors and at conventions.  

In January we asked for an updated stock take from GamesQuest, to tell us exactly how much stock we had left - after they’d taken into account the games still needing to go out to backers. They told us we had around 1,300 games left to sell. As a small company we need to make sure that we are continuing to sell games in order to stay afloat so based on this we sent some games to distributors and Amazon in the UK.

Towards the end of February it became clear that Games Quest had a shortage of stock when they were not able to completely fulfil a distribution order. What we’ve since learnt is that the stock numbers we were given in January were wildly incorrect.  

Games Quest also misreported the number of games left to send out. This has led to a shortfall in the number of games we have versus the number we still need to fulfil to backers.  

To resolve this problem, we’ve arranged for all stock to be taken back from Amazon at GamesQuest’s expense - this in itself will take up to 2 weeks to get from the Amazon warehouse to Games Quests. This is due to the time it takes Amazon to locate the stock in its warehousing, collate, pack and courier it over to GamesQuest. We’ve had a series of adverse weather conditions in the UK recently which has made courier services slower than normal.  

Those of you in Nordic Countries, Canada etc, feel free to laugh at our country’s inability to deal with snow!  

That being said Games Quest have started sending games out as of the start of this week (26 February) once your rewards have been sent they will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.  

This sucks, for a small number of you this means you might have to wait upto 4-5 weeks to get your games that have been sat in a warehouse since September last year. This is ridiculous and not how we ever intended to deliver this game to you. We’ve been consistently let down by the GamesQuest team and we’ve been taking steps to ensure that they deliver on their assurances. As part of our post mortem effort we’re going to investigate alternative shipping providers for use in the future so we don’t have this absurd scenario ever again.   

We’ve consistently said that we care about you, backers, that helped make Sub Terra such an extraordinary success, and understandably our mistakes and those of our partners have shaken your faith in us in delivering upon that. We’re determined to prove to you that we care about your experience with Sub Terra, and to provide you the value that we promised.  

Backer Pack

As you know we’ve been working on a pack of items to send out to you. As we get ready to enter into production we wanted to give you a full break down of what the pack includes;  

  • Stickers for Horror/Leaper tokens 
  • Corner tile to replace the additional ledge tile in the core game 
  • Story cards for the expansion characters 
  • A new set of promo start and exit tiles 
  • Graphic Novel Art Promo Out of Time Card 
  • Exclusive Sub Terra ‘Specialist Caver’ foiled sticker 
  • Foil Scoring stickers (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Defeat) 
  • Foil Erebus Industrial Sticker 
  • Graphic Novel art poster with all corrected backer names 
  • Punch board components to securely construct the tile holder 
  • Reprint of Extraction rulesheet with updated scoring system 
  • All in a nicely printed mailer 


ITB Coin 

For a while now we’ve been working on a way to permanently, and consistently reward our backers from our campaigns for supporting us, in helping us grow and keep doing what we love. After months of thinking, and all the feedback we’ve had from you on this campaign and in previous ones, we’ve devised a plan to create a platform that we hope will achieve this goal. We want to provide backers, supporters, customers and fans with great value, and great service, and as part of that we’re developing a new system called ITB Coin. 

What is ITB Coin? 

 As a fully integrated part of our website and webstore, ITB Coin will be an internal virtual currency earned through ‘badges’, for things like contributing to a blog or forum, providing us with feedback, helping us with playtesting, playing our games on Tabletopia, etc How does it work? You’ll be able to access (or create) your customer account on the ITB webstore/website, where you can play around with the avatar builder, complete ‘quests’ for ITB Coin and XP, and see your badges displayed, alongside in-progress badges and quests, and your current level, balance of ITB Coin and XP accrued. 

What can I do with ITB Coin? 

Once you’ve earned ITB Coin, you’ll be able to see your balance on your account, and then access the ITB Coin store, where you can cash in your coin for ITB promos, ITB Merchandise, discounts on ITB games and other products, gift cards for partner game stores, and in the future much much more. What ways can I earn ITB Coin? To start with, the badges (i.e. the action or set of actions that you’re rewarded ITB Coin for) will be relatively basic, like you’ve been a Kickstarter backer on a project, you’ve made a purchase on the ITB webstore, you’ve had an approved comment on one of our blog posts, you’ve come to one of our events etc. 

Over time we’ll be adding more and more ways to earn, including a range of free-to-use web products to support tabletop gamers and the tabletop gaming industry. We’re working on ideas for tools to organise and track your Kickstarter pledges more effectively, check out pricing of particular games over time, create graphics from your BGG collections, get access to loads of free stock photos for your blogs and articles, as well as a carefully curated platform for free board game component templates, icons and assets. 

When will ITB Coin Launch? 

Our developer will have completed the first of the 4 stages of the development process by 9th March, with our current projected completion around the end of July. During this process, we will solicit feedback from you to make this best possible platform it can be to serve you as backers and as gaming enthusiasts.

What else is there on this platform? 

We’re also integrating the system with our newly implemented Salesforce platform, meaning we will have a fully integrated and structured case management system for replacement parts and customer queries, in addition to a more robust platform for pledge fulfillment. We’ll be able to solve problems faster, and more effectively.

What's next

We're working hard to get the outstanding bits and pieces completed and we've also listened to your feedback on the darkness of the tiles. We're lightening the tiles for the second print run and will look to make the tiles available to backers at a low cost. Let us know in the comments below if this is something you'd be interested in so that we can gauge interest. 

Thanks for your support

Peter, Paul, Anthony, Archie and Tom

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    1. Missing avatar

      Erik B on

      @Patrick, the Backer Pack will come way later. As they write in this very update, they're just getting ready to start production. After that, it requires shipping to various fulfillment centers, packing, sorting, shipping etc. Considering the time it took you to get the base game, expect something similar for this.

    2. Rune Alfsen on

      I have just received my deluxe game (late but in good condition) and it looks great.
      With the backer kit described in this update you will have fixed the few small mistakes and the game will be awesome! Can't wait! :-)

    3. Patrick on

      Hi Peter and Paul, i have received the game, thank you. However, it did not cone with the Backer Kit.

      Please advise, Thank you.


    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Ting on

      Next Monday will be the last day of the 2-3 weeks you promise... still no news nothing...

    5. Patrick on

      I'm still waiting for my game :(

    6. Daniel Solis

      Now I regret to be a Sub Terra backer. I feel there is a good chance to lose my money invested in this project. Let's wait for the next update with more excuses in 3 to 5 weeks. =(

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Mansfield on

      Yes, lighter tiles that showed up the exits more clearly would be good. I would be interested.

    8. neko_cam on

      I've contacted via Kickstarter message,, and requesting a refund. Are such requests being respected?

    9. Missing avatar

      Takeharu Shima

      Thanks for the answer!
      I am looking forward to the reward arrival!

    10. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      @Chris unfortunately not -getting everything set up to send part of the remaining orders from the Amazon warehouse and the rest of those orders from GamesQuest would take a while to get right, and given how things have gone so far, I'm trying to be cautious so we don't end up with more fuck ups.

      @BoredGamer - your replacement parts were sent out end of last week - in terms of the ITB coin system, there's no obligation to engage with the system at all, merely by being a backer it gets you stuff!

      @Takeharu Shima - all remaining orders began shipping a week ago, so soon!

    11. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      I just want to get my game quickly

    12. Missing avatar

      Bored Gamer on

      I think pitching a rewards program that is designed to incentivise buying and encouraging others to buy from ITB to the very people with the least reason to do that is amazingly tone deaf.

      It seems ITB will continue its M.O. of big talk about doing the right things and and little action. They're putting on a clinic in how to let what should be completely surmountable issues sink a company as a result of bad handling.

      BTW still waiting on a reply to whats going on with my replacement parts almost two month after the fact.

    13. Chris Beswick on

      Can't you just get Amazon to ship them to the remaining backers directly. Cut out the extra two weeks. This should also be at your cost. I think this would show your backers you actually care about them receiving the game. Like many others I've given up waiting for this though and if it actually does ever show up I'm likely to just get rid of it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Takeharu Shima

      After all, when is my reward in my place in Japan?

    15. Daniel Pagan

      @ITB ... Thank you for the quick response. I did email but I will try again.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin Remington

      I’m def. interested in lighter tiles. Our first play was underwhelming, so we want to give it another chance to see if we like it...
      But we just don’t ever feel like pulling it out again because of the tile darkness- (apologies for the criticism here- besides being gamers, we are actually both geoscientists, so I hope you take this both constructively, and with a grain of salt... ;-) The difficulty to easily recognize the topological connections makes the idea of playing it less interesting to us- it’s suboptimal in terms of both stylistic cartography as well as the cognitive geography involved. Without a doubt, lighter tiles would bring an improvement to this game.

    17. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      @Lee - send an email to Paul on and we'll update your address

      @john morgans - yes don't worry! We'll be getting everyone's addresses before we send out.

      @daniel pagan - I'm really sorry about this - there's no reason that you shouldn't have had those already, did you email Paul on ? He sent across a list of replacements and bits today to GamesQuest to fulfil so you may have been in that list, please let him know that you still haven't had this sorted so we get it sorted.

      @Paul Ting - as we mentioned the vast majority of the remaining games have already started being sent out, receipt of these was estaimted at 2-3 weeks starting from last monday

      @queerchameleon - which email did you send to? If you could forward your original message to either or we'll chase it up

      @Andy bradford - we've worked out a solution for this should we ever release additional expansions for the core game, so that it'll work with any copy.

      @Patrick/Jason - I'm sorry you feel that way. Part of the joy of being a part of a Kickstarter capaign is that you get to contribute to the project, to mould it and influence it to be a better game than it would have otherwise have been. Obviously we recognise that contribution, and obviously that there can be aspects of the first version of the game that will be improved upon in future revisions. That's why we offered the game at $15 less than the retail price, in addition to the Kickstarter exclusives, as well as that direct influence over the project, in addition to those things we've mentioned we'll be doing in the future to keep offering you value for your support.

    18. Missing avatar

      souel on

      I'd be interested in purchasing the lighter tiles depending on price. We have a really hard time seeing the board correctly

    19. Missing avatar

      Lee on

      I can not wait any longer because I am moving out in a few weeks. I want a refund.

    20. Nobrainer on

      Honest post. I's bad for the people who have nit received their game but at least ITB is transparent about it and it trying hard to get it fixed after being held hostage bij Game Quest.

      I know of at least 5 Kickstarter companies (own xp) who just said nothing or lie about it... i cannot say good job but you get the idea

    21. Missing avatar

      john morgans on

      Hey to confirm that before the packs get shipped out we can up date our addresses ? I’ll be moving and don’t want it to get lost

    22. Russonc

      Sorry folks are still having issues receiving their game. While I agree the tiles could have been a bit lighter, I haven't had any big issues with them (and my old eyes aren't all that great)...not sure why some are making that to be such a big deal. The tile holder.... maybe some are better than others... 2 small black pieces of tape on the back and mine do their job just fine...

    23. Daniel Pagan

      @ITB I'm a Deluxe Backer and I'm still waiting for these items that were missing from my pledge...
      I'm still waiting on...
      The Graphic Novel
      The Diorama
      The Art Print
      The Polyhedral Dice Set

      I've already messaged you guys a few times with this issue and the only response I received was "can you confirm whether these were missing from your original delivery as they should have been sent at the same time"

      If I'm saying that the items weren't packaged with my order doesn't that kind of confirm it? Please help.

    24. Missing avatar


      Having the lighter tiles available for pick up at UKEXPO would be good, (and neatly square the circle too:-) )

    25. Missing avatar


      If we have to wait for the lighter tiles or and pay additional shipping, I really feel like a lab rat. And that coin thing? Thats a joke, right?

    26. Andy Bradford on

      As someone who personally really likes the dark tiles and the thematic nature of having to peer closely at it to see where to go next... what will this reprint mean for any future expansions? I don’t want to end up with my original tiles all being dark and any future tiles being a totally different colour. That would look awful! Would you print future material in both shades? Thanks

    27. Missing avatar

      Paul Ting on

      if collector/deluxe edition not effected, where i my deluxe copy!?

    28. Jason Kok

      from what i read, the backer here are just basically lab rat for the second edition of the game.

    29. Monica Redhead on

      Woah! What a ride. Hope i get my game here at Peru on the coming weeks. You guys needs to take the bad luck away!

    30. queerchameleon

      Still no tracking number and still no game US here. Emailed you and haven’t gotten a response.

    31. Joey Leong on

      Hello :)
      I’m a backer from Singapore and would be interested in the lighter tiles

      Thank you for keeping us updated on your progress regarding the shipments internationally

      Looking forward to hear more updates on the situation, and ultimately, looking forward to getting the game itself

      All the best!

    32. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      With regards to the issues about stock numbers, I'll try to outline what happened.

      We printed an amount of every unit that we needed to fulfil kickstarter orders, an expectation of late pledges and a bit on top for damages, replacements and retail.

      Throughout the last few months as we've fulfilled the Kickstarter pledges, normall what would happen is you do all that first then ship out all the big chunks of retail stuff way after. Due to all the various problems we've had, and the mistakes we've made, this has all got jumbled in together, and at one point my own data didn't match what GamesQuest reported. At this point I spent a week continually requesting precisely how many of every unit we had in the warehouse (accounting for all damages, bounced shipments, etc etc) and exactly which warehouse they were in. I was given the stock numbers, which I queried after I wasn't sure they were correct and was given the same numbers three times.

      It later transpired that the GamesQuest team had incorrectly calculated the stock numbers. I'm not 100% sure why yet, I'm still in the process of investigating fully, The double problem of the incorrect numbers on what was left to send and what was in stock led the numbers to more closely align to what we thought we should have had in the first place.

      Although GamesQuest royally messed up here, it's still our responsibility to sort, which is why we will continue to do everything we can to sort things out and get people their games, and more.

    33. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      @Geoffrey Heffernan

      We'll be providing them at what it costs for us to produce and send them, we'll look at ways to minimise the postage costs so you can get them affordably.

      @Zach Eb - it's possible you were one of the 140 that got lost in the DES warehouse, chuck me an email on and I'll chase it up specifically

      @Dexter Frankenstein - we've tried the game in a range of lighting conditions and although a couple of the tiles are a little darker than they ideally would be, it's certainly not unplayable. We absolutely will not be using the replacement tiles to recoup lost funds from any of the things we're doing to fix these issues - that'd be way out of order. We're going to provide them at cost, which means we'll likely be selling them at a loss taking into account the admin that goes into providing that. Diorama has been a nightmare to sort due to the small production run - we've invested in the kit to do it all in house and will put out an update soon with a firm timeline on production and shipping.

      I appreciate that until you've got your game in-hand the backer pack doesn't mean much. I am however sure you'll enjoy the game - it's fantastic to play and although the wait to play has been long, it'll be an enjoyable experience!

      @Paul/Ethan - Backer packs are yet to be printed! All the remaining pledges will be received at most within 4 weeks from now, it'll take at least that to produce the backer packs, so fotunately that scenario won't occur.

      @Paul Cooper - yeah, we fucked up, big time. There's been a lot of outside factors that have contributed to this but ultimately it's my responsibility regardless. I'm doing everything I can to solve this, and have been doing since the problems hit us last year. The ITB Coin thing, while maybe not something you're personally interested in, is a way that we can demonstrate that we have not, and will not use Kickstarter as a mere preorder service, it's an opportunity for creators and enthusiasts to create collaboratively, and our response to that support and trust has to be our best effort to recognise that support. We've failed to deliver 100% of orders before the deadline as we had hoped, so we're doing what we can to make up for this.

    34. Yra

      Lighter tiles would be nice

    35. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Heffernan on


      Yes I think I would be interested in the tiles, it would depend on price and I am concerned about shipping cost though living in Australia.

      Enjoying this game so far, the production is very nice apart from the slightly too dark tiles and the tile holder, which is not really needed to play anyway.

    36. Zach Eb on

      Yeah US backer here, I still have not received my game and I have a friend who lives on the opposite side of town who did in December...

    37. Dexter Frankenstein

      Like others here who have not received their pledges, I don't know if I'll need the lightened tiles in order to be able to play the game with my friends and family.

      @Ryan Crowe is exactly right. After waiting this long, I am now concerned that my game will be unplayable depending on how it works with the lighting conditions in my game space. I don't want to wait this long to receive a game I can't play. If we end up enjoying the game when it finally arrives, I would hope that the lightened tiles are offered at cost or better. Please don't use them to recoup the costs of all the mistakes you guys have made during this fulfillment.

      Last I heard, the diorama—that is part of my pledge that has been in limbo for months—hasn't even been entered production.

      As it stands you're telling us that we're going to be receiving a Backer Pack at some point in the future. Many of us are also waiting on full pledges, dioramas, and now we'll be waiting for lightened tiles as well. How are we supposed to have faith that any of these things will be delivered within a reasonable amount of time, or at all?

    38. Peter Greico

      I will pay for the lightened tiles.

    39. Missing avatar

      Shing Tung on

      I received my game so maybe I shouldn't care. But I'm pissed after reading the email, it is like listening to my 8 years old making excuses. "Its not my fault bla bla bla."
      When you make a mistake, nut up and own it. Nobody give a shit what GamesQuest did, it's you we hold accountable for the mess. It's your reputation in jeopardy. Kickstarter backer will not come back for more is not because your failed shipment, it's mainly because how you handle this ordeal like a whinny little kid. stop pointing finger. grow up.

    40. nuke_morningstar on

      So basically you could not keep your stock information up to date and the products which belonged to backers were sold to retailers. And you claim you did not even know this.

      Nice job.

    41. neko_cam on

      I don't know if the lighter tiles are necessary as I'm still waiting on my copy of the game. Go figure. But I don't expect I'll want to throw any more good money after bad on this.

      I'd appreciate a full refund.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ryan Crowe

      I also have not received my game. (Canadian backer here). I have seen the reviews about the tiles being to dark. I like the fact that you are going to offer new lighter tiles. I hope they are at cost or a loss to you for us backers that want them because shipping will be expensive. The darker tiles were a mistake that I don’t think you should profit on the replacements. Full refunds should also be offered to those that are without games and lost interest.

    43. Ethan Furman

      @PaulCooper: LOL, I was about to say that! Sad commentary for ItB.

    44. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      Sad to say, pretty sure you will get the Backer Kit way before your copy of the game arrives.

    45. Missing avatar

      Stjepan Martinic on

      I'm still waiting for my game, I got used to it... The question is, will backer packs be sent out with the games that have not been sent yet? Or we'll have to wait for those to be delivered as well?

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on


      It appears you really have dropped the ball on this one.

      While I was one of the lucky ones to have actually gotten my copy, the tiles are so dark that my group refuses to play the game.

      Glad you finally let us know we have the option to buy lighter tiles in the future, but you should have had better quality control in the first place.

      Until then, my copy sits on the shelf, gathering dust.

      Now I hear about many of my fellow supporters still waiting for their copy after way too much time and way too many delays? Not acceptable.

      And you are also offering an "incentive program" in the way of ITB Coins to encourage us to remain loyal consumers of ITB products?

      Not interested.

      After all the problems with this project, after I purchase the lighter replacement tiles, I'm done with anything to do with ITB.

    47. Missing avatar

      Julien Bontempelli on

      And to add some stuff, as I have finally gotten through all comments so far.
      Stop communicating about the fact you are doing things different from ensuring our copy arrives. This is ridiculous, misplaced and down right stupid, if not disrespectful for the backers you have let you down.
      And, by the way, key rule of outsourcing a service : trust does not replace control. This is the way service industry goes.

    48. Missing avatar

      Julien Bontempelli on

      This is unbelievable. I am not an English native speaker, therefore I might have misunderstood some stuff.
      But can someone tell me when I will receive the game I have backed up ? Let me remind you that this game is available in the game shops less than 50 miles from my home (but in another country, I give you that) since NOVEMBER 2017 !
      I admit that the "backer pack" seems nice but I have absolutely no clue on what it really brings... I have long forgotten how the game is supposed to work and how everything ties up with the core game.

    49. Tim Ware

      Im a deluxe backer.. so where's my box then and why hasn't it arrived???