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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
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357 Days Since the Incident

Posted by Inside the Box Board Games (Creator)

Hey Cavers!

US rewards  

In the last update I said that the remaining orders should be going out on the 3 or 4 February. I then emailed everyone affected to let them know that this moved to Wednesday 7 February, due to the influx of CMON orders that prevented our games from going out.  

I spoke to Games Quest again to confirm that everything had gone out on the date given. I was told that this had again moved to the end of that week/start of this (12 February). I’ve now been told that the games are FINALLY packaged up and ready to be sent to the US. They should arrive in the US next week, at which point your tracking should be active by the end of next week.  

Timescales have continually slipped and for that I am truly sorry. To some degree this has been out of our control, but we still have unanswered questions as to why this error occured in the first place that meant these games weren’t sent with the original batch in December last year.  

International rewards  

Now that the CMON orders have been cleared international shipping can resume. I’ve asked for timescales to be provided to understand how long this will take and let you guys know what’s going on. Currently what I know is that Games Quest will be visiting DES next week to have a planning meeting. Following this meeting I’ve asked for them to provide me with an update of when our remaining games will be shipping out. This means that around this time next week I should have a more definitive answer I can share with you.  

I sincerely apologise for the ongoing delays and issues that have surrounded fulfilment. I will continue to provide updates as soon as I have further information.  

Corrections Pack  

Currently the plan is to get this into production in early March. As we are currently in Chinese New Year there is nothing we can do at this time to speed up this process. From our side of things everything is ready to go.

Art Prints  

The surveys for the art prints have now been completed and locked down. We are currently formatting the pictures and will be sending them to the printer (one here in the UK) later today. This should mean we have everything to start sending them out by the end of next week.  


We’re currently waiting to hear back from the manufacturer/supplier so that we can confirm how they want the master to be made. Once we know this we’ll be able to progress these and give a more accurate timeline for delivery.  

Companion App  

The iOS version is being finished off this week and will submitted to the App store soon. Due to the submission process I don’t know exactly when it will launch as they may reject it for some reason that we’ll have to tweak and resubmit.  


We’ve slowed down on these whilst we’ve prioritised getting everything done for the corrections pack and other outstanding items. Once these are done we’ll be able to finish laying out the remaining translations.  


I’ve been continually working through these. I know there are some of you that have been waiting for some time. These should only be those of you waiting for items that include the tile holder and UV torch. I’m still waiting on replacements of these to arrive at the office. Once I have these I’ll be able to get those sent out.  

Those of you waiting for replacement boxes I sent the order for these over to the warehouse a few weeks ago but I think this has been impacted by the same CMON delays. Hopefully these should start arriving soon.  

Personalised content  

Work has begun on personalised characters, with our artist David having already completed one of the characters. We’ll be reaching out to those of you that had personalised characters to let them know when to expect their items.

We're working on putting together a detailed survey for you to provide your feedback to us and doing a post-mortem on the campaign so we can provide you with all the transparency you deserve. 

Once again, we're incredibly grateful for your patience and support with the project. We're doing all we can to make right the mistakes we've made, and we hope that you enjoy what we're putting together for you in the coming months and years.


Peter, Paul, Archie and Anthony

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    1. Cecily Zhu on

      @Samuel Brown I will say that I wouldn't fret much about the corrections pack. I believe the biggest thing in the corrections pack is about one tile different. The game is still super enjoyable. That being said, I hope you get your game soon. :\

    2. queerchameleon

      Should I be worried that I have not received a tracking email ?

    3. Samuel Brown on

      Let me see if I understand this update correctly. I'm in Australia, therefore part of the international shipping group. Supposedly later this week, I should have an idea when this game is finally showing up. However, the correction pack is not produced yet, so you'll be sending me an incorrectly produced game, and then I'll have to wait more months as production and shipping are pushed back on the correction pack?

    4. Missing avatar

      B foster on

      Thank you for the update - still hoping this makes it to Canada soon

    5. starmage2 on

      I am not sure I am split on who it should be.

    6. Hannah Johnson on

      Thanks for the update - patiently waiting for my copy in NZ

    7. Chris Perz

      @ITB: Is the correction pack going to include a new tile holder? If not, I might see if I can design one that fits in the core box and have it 3D printed.

    8. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Hey all, as part of the post mortem we're going to be looking at a range of different shipping providers and letting everyone know what the difference is price and timeline wise, and let you guys contribute to that decision moving forward.

      David, the corrections pack will include the horror/leaper meeple stickers and the replacement corner tile, plus some absolutely fantastic extras :)

      Dexter - yeah I'm not impressed with DES, I understand the logistical issues the CMON projects caused but even so, it sucks hard that us, the little company, gets screwed over.

      Starmage - which would you prefer?

    9. Russonc

      Thanks for the update!

    10. Missing avatar


      At least there is communicetion and we know kind of whats going on. thanks for that.

    11. David Barron on

      GamesQuest seem to be continually letting you down, I assume you'll pick a different distributer next time?

    12. starmage2 on

      Who will sign the art print? Will it be the creator of the game or the artist who drew the art.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Reynolds

      Could you restate what is coming in the correction pack. I have tried paging through the updates but can not find it. My game is missing one curve piece and has one extra cliff piece. Is this what is being corrected?

    14. Dexter Frankenstein

      I’ve run out of confidence in DES. I believe you guys are trying to get this sorted out, but I won’t believe that they’ve done what they say they’ve done until the tracking backs it up.

      I hope you guys find a more competent partner for the next project. The fact that they made you wait while they focused on a CMON fulfillment after forgetting, losing, or skipping part of your fulfillment seems unacceptable to me.

      I’m fine with waiting longer as I’ve already waited, but I hope you guys aren’t fine with being given second priority, when first priority is what’s fair after their mistake.

    15. Peter Greico

      Thank you for all your hard work and determination.

    16. The Dreyer Bothers

      Good update. I've already received my game and it is great. To the other backers. I hope you hang in there and give these guys a shot. The game you'll receive warrants it. They're the kind of smaller group that this community wants to see succeed. Our little board game rennaisance and industry restructuring requires a new level of trust. And trust is a two way street.

    17. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Jimmy - we'll be collecting addresses once we've confirmed precise timeline :)

      Ethan - we're trying our best, and it's certainly been a challenging set of circumstances!

      Richard - I appreciate your frustration, this is not what we planned or intended at all. I agree it's a crazy difference in timeline for you and other Canada backers and others. We're doing what we can to push GamesQuest to get those orders out fast, and to ensure we don't end up stuck behind another big project coming in.

      Chris - you may have been from the initial wave!

    18. Jimmy Trinket

      Hi there, is it possible to change address for the corrections pack?

    19. Ethan Furman

      Thanks for the update. Any and all information is much appreciated.

      Games Quest prioritized a new job over fixing a job they had already made mistakes with? Not cool.

    20. Richard Taylor

      People got these games in the UK in October... right? Three months later and you still can’t tell us when they may actually ship to backers in Canada. This is getting ridiculous.

    21. Chris Perz

      If the remaining US orders have not made their way to the US. How did my copy get delivered today? :\