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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
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    1. Pavle Ilijasevic on

      Still have yet to receive notice that the game is on the way... any info? From Serbia here

    2. Missing avatar

      Takeharu Shima

      When will arrive at the place of me who am in Japan; ...?

    3. Ismael on

      From Switzerland, nothing, nothing...

    4. Nicholas J. Corkigian

      @Paul Cooper: It took me a while to figure it out too. The side with the sharp, clean edge is the bottom. Even though it looks angled, when you fold it along the scores, you basically make two shafts, side by side, and that angled bottom just gives it a bit of a lean back look. Then the two other pieces slide into the shafts and make a floor and a ceiling. All the little nubs actually line up nicely into slots. I'm just not entirely sure which piece is the top and which is the bottom. I put the more open spaced one on the top.

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper

      Still have no clue how to assemble the tile holder. How about some instructions or a video.

      And damn, the tiles are dark and hard as hell to see.

    6. Oran Bar-Tal on

      Hi all
      From Israel here, any news on when we might get a tracking number?


    7. Gaël Chabirand on

      Hi. I'm in Canada too and... Nothing from my side neither. Any ETA? Or maybe just a rough shipping timeline? Thanks.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ernest Smerychynski on

      Greetings, No package as of yet, just wondering if shipping to Canada is in the works, and if so, tracking numbers. Thanks and seasons greetings.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stjepan Martinic on

      Hi, I'm from Croatia, still no package or tracking number (we were in contact before). But nevertheless, get some rest and send out the games when you get back from holidays.

    10. Michael Wellman on

      Got mine today! GREAT stuff So stoked to play later!

    11. George

      Agree, take the holiday off. Looks like the majority here agree.

    12. thearkhammonk

      I’m an American backer as well. No game either but hopefully you took the holiday off. Anyone who would rather you spend be holiday shopping a game instead of making memories with the ones you love is an asshole.
      We only get a small amount of time on this earth, don’t sacrifice important things for someone to get a game one day earlier. It’s a game. We can all live without it until it shows.

    13. George

      @ Chris: you can't. I tried back in the first week of October and was told it was too late. I have sent a note asking for my shipping status and if I can change it for the replacement pack, but expect not to hear back until after the holidays, which is fine.

      I have received no notice of shipping, so expect my game will go out in January, fly to Germany, then fly to my temp address and if the stars align, hit my current address in February sometime.

      It has worked with on box of mythic battles, who told me it was too late last August, then didn't ship until late November, and I just received it this week.

    14. Chris Beswick on

      About the 5th time I've asked this, how can I change my shipping address - every other comment has been ignored! Bad enough I've had to wait this long, but now to be ignored is down right disrespectful.

    15. Robert Pedersen on

      Hey guys! I am impatient, I know. Please post an update after the holidays that addresses alot of the common concerns. Thanks, guys!

    16. Cait Horvath on

      US Backer in Texas. Got nothing so far. Frustrating because in the Comments it appears others in Texas have gotten theirs.

    17. Clayton on

      Been excited for this one for a while, checked my email and messages and don't recall getting a tracking number. I am backer 2810 and located in Canada.

      In the end, take that much deserved break and be with the family on Christmas day; expecting a response in a couple days after you've burned yourself out doing boxing day shopping

    18. Rivsung

      Hey, Take a break! I'll be happy to wait for my game until after the holidays.

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul Smith on

      Merry Christmas Guys... It has been a big year.. Take a break and hit the ground running on the 2nd of Jan... SubTerra is currently my most anticipated game of 2018 :)

    20. Russonc

      Thanks for the update. Hope you enjoy the holidays. (Take a day or two....)

    21. Missing avatar


      Definitely take a break for Christmas. Unless you're looking for an excuse not to spend the day with family - in which case, take a different day. :) You still need downtime like the rest of us.

    22. Michael Cassidy on

      I have a question, live in the US, I received shipping info12/13/17, but when I check shipping status on USPS, it says it still has not been shipped.

    23. Cameron Vetter: Zecil Software on

      Also US Backer that hasn't received notification or package, but like the others said take some time off for the holidays. A couple days isn't going to make a difference and isn't worth risking your health for.

    24. Paul Spencer

      @PlanBee – art prints are still being finished off, should be ready early next year at which point we’ll sent out a survey for you to choose which one you like

      @ApparentlyMarylee – if you’ve already started correspondence just let us know and this shouldn’t be a problem

      @Civalice – drop me an email at with your backer number or pledgemanager email address I can give you an estimate

      @Tyler Anthony Edwards – I’ve sent out the ones I have but if you drop me an email at with the email address you used for the peldgemanager I can double check.

    25. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      US backer. Still haven't received shit.

    26. Jynk

      Take the holidays off, but please be sure to send out shipping notices when you get back from the break. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Jarrett on

      Keep up the good work and for sanity sake take Christmas off!

    28. Civalice on

      really hard to tracking the status. At least should have e-mail us about when it start to ship so we can estimate arrive time. :/

    29. George

      US backer-no notice/tracking/game: but it can wait for after the holidays...just before I move next June, please :)

    30. Léopold Roitel

      Did not receive game yet, but I’m not at home during the holidays. So like others have said, take your holidays! ;)

    31. Gurney on

      Many thanks guys! It's great to see that you care and will try to make things right. I hope you'll enjoy the Holiday season despite the hard work!

    32. gatherer818

      Not received mine yet, but my friend near me did and we got a chance to play it - tons of fun, even with a player who we had to compensate for. Played the base game once and the first expansion once, one win one loss ^_^ only real complaint: it's really hard to see the walls, especially on cave-in tiles that are filled with rubble. One of our players has trouble with contrast and spent half the game asking which directions he could exit which tiles, and three of us had flashlights on our phones turned on despite playing in a reasonably well-lit room.

      Take Christmas off, we're not going to notice the difference, and you deserve it.

    33. ApparentlyMarylee on

      I've already started a correspondence about not receiving the game which tracking shows was delivered, would it be possible to send a replacement to my office instead?

    34. Scott D

      As an Australian who will be one of the last to get their order, please take a break over Christmas. Despite what has gone down and the errors made, don't give up your Christmas break. You and yours deserve it no matter what has gone down. I certainly appreciate the sentiment but again, please take a holiday break. A few days won't matter overall and I'm sure it would make the world of difference to you.

      Have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year and I look forward to getting my game sometime early in the new year.

    35. Steve Thomson on

      As others have said, please enjoy your holidays. It's not going to matter to me if I get the game January 7th instead of January 4th or whatever the date ends up being.

    36. Missing avatar

      Richard Hudson on

      Take Christmas off, anyone who begrudges you that is a piece of shit.

    37. Missing avatar


      Thanks. As an early backer, I wondered on the status of the art prints?

    38. Tony Lang on

      Can't wait for the replacement parts :D