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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
6,626 backers pledged £368,256 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Gary Stishan

      I live in Orlando and received my copy on Tuesday. I wish I would have bought the minis for the Horrors. Those round tokens, UGH!

    2. Scott Mohnkern

      Have United States shipments gone out?

    3. Paul Spencer

      @Jason Le - I'll send out tracking info as soon as I have it :)

      @Alessandro Rigazzi - I don't believe orders have yet been shipped to Switzerland. Although some people have reported receiving them so I'm currently looking into it.

      @Katie Corell - drop me an email at with your new address and old address, I'll see if I can still get it updated.

      @Mariano Galea - I've just learnt that Malta wasn't included in the rest of the EU shipping and will be sent out separately, apologies for the delay

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Le on

      Can I also get a manual shipment? I have not received anything about shipping.

    5. Alessandro Rigazzi on

      Hello, Swiss backer here, never received game nor tracking number. Who can I contact?

    6. Katie Correll on

      I very recently had to move for work- is there any way I can make sure I still receive my game at my new address?

    7. Mariano Galea on

      I am backer #3442 living in Malta (EU) I have not received tracking info or game. Would like to know if something is wrong? if available please send me tracking info so I can rest my mind :p

    8. Audun Skjervold on

      I am backer #7257, living in Norway, and have yet to receive my game, so I would very much appreciate receiving tracking information if and when available. Very much looking forward to playing the game!

    9. Josh Croak on

      Hello, I am backer #2814 and I personally would still like you guys to send out the tracking information when you get it! It helps to reassure some of us who have not heard anything yet, to know that you guys are watching out for us and able to inform us

    10. Dan Ahern Collaborator on

      @Nathan Chibz Griffen

      Really sorry Nathan, but unfortunately getting an iOS release before the weekend isn't really a possibility. If this changes or I can find an alternative then I'll be sure to let everyone know straight away - I hope you and your group enjoy your first playthrough!

    11. Jamie Specht on

      To those who state “the only thing they’ve done wrong is delays” must not have been reading any updates as they KEEP saying how one thing they promised didn’t work out and they just didn’t bother telling us “and oh we should have said something but didn’t”

    12. Matthew Mills on

      @n8W: you can still changed your shipping address for the US. I did. Email

    13. Nathan Chibz Griffen on

      What’s the chances of the iOS app being out before the weekend? Our group is planning our first play through Saturday and would be nice to have the app too!

      Also will the iOS app be optimised for the iPhone X?

    14. n8w

      Hello, as I am moving to another state in 2 weeks I would like to know if I am going to receive my game before then. If not, I am going to need my address changed.

    15. Lacey Lee

      Not upset just looking for correct info. Your update makes it sounds like US shipping has not started but we have seen some people in US post saying they have got the game.

      Has US shipping started or not?

    16. starmage2 on

      @Robert Pedersen true it would be nice to have a expected ship date. The problem is if they post one and the date passes without them shipping on it people get angry.

      Hey I am also still waiting but I okay with that since I understand that they have a lot of games to send and it is in gamequest hands.

      I hope next time shipping is handled better.

    17. Robert Pedersen on

      Hey ITB! You guys are wonderful and can only do some much. I believe it would help others if they could have information set up like this;

      Shipping to US starts...............November 20th
      Minis and Diorama shipping starts...............November 25th

      And set it up like that so instead of reading this..

      Shipping to the US........................Sometime in the next portion of your lives,
      minis and diorama shipping starts...............Sometime in the next portion of your lives

      That way people can actually understand when to expect their packages and parts.

    18. Thomas Chedeville on

      Hi, I'm quite angry at ITB for one thing, as a french backer I already got my copy of the game so no problem for me on this point but, I was in Essen and gone to their booth to ask them which solution they propose to me for the horror meeples problem and they made me buying the set of horror minis (great looking, no problem) when they could just have said me that we would get some stickers, it woulmd have been find by me. So now I will receive stickers that I will not use because I bought expansive minis in state... Thanks...

    19. Missing avatar

      Ed on

      Guy's, he's apologizing and doing the best he can. I've only had one bad kickstarter and he's not it. We're fully appraised and ALL of us are grinding our teeth waiting. This is a shipping problem, nothing else.

    20. Missing avatar

      Yongsik Kim on

      A Question. When can I receive my gamebox? Any shipping information or plan for Korean backers?

    21. Missing avatar


      @Jack Schirtz

      You join the conversation half way through and asked me a question which I answered... and now you're annoyed with me that the answer wasn't what you wanted?

      The fact that you missed the context of the conversation is not my fault.

    22. Chris Perz

      The only thing I am really upset about is the fact that the collectors box has no numbered plaque. Might I suggest that you guys at least print out some sort of paper certificate for us that indicates that it is the collectors box and send it to the backers who pledged for that level? I know for a fact that it wouldn't be that expensive and you could even have it printed locally in the UK and mail it to the collectors edition backers.

    23. Paul Spencer

      I'll ask to get the tracking info and send it out manually. I know there are still some unanswered questions for Statecraft in particular, but I don't yet have all the answers to give yet.

      Also I backed Wizard School - can confirm

    24. Missing avatar

      Emma Jane Phillips on

      To everyone complaining about delivery dates - please, go have a look at what happened with Hank Green's "Wizard School" and how DFTAB has treated the backers who are still waiting (over a year later) for things that they were assured would arrive in a timely fashion and their lack of communication has been appalling.

      Sure, things aren't moving as fast as the original plan, but at least IBBG are keeping us up-dated and being up-front about the problems. And yes, being here in Australia does seem to mean that I'm going to be getting my game (and all it's expansion-y goodness) much later still, but at least I'm going to be getting it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jack Schirtz on

      oh good something that has nothing to do with this game, good to see that it matters. They are currently working to rectify the situation and have answered ALL of the questions regarding THIS kickstarter.

    26. Missing avatar


      I would like my tracking info. When it is available.

    27. Joe

      Thanks for taking steps to make things right.

    28. John H

      Michael. On the other hand, I've seen times when a European Creator has prioritised distant shipping in the way you suggest and got it wrong. That ends up with people close to the Creator getting their rewards after those much further away.
      That's also not very fair but Kickstarter is like that.

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Macaulay

      Still gotta say I'm a bit pissed that RoW is shipping after UK/EU. I've backed alot of campaigns here, and a late delivery doesn't bother me at all. What bugs me is that the closest destinations are shipping first, which have the shortest travel time, whereas me in australia (notorious for slow shipping) has to wait til the end so could end up getting my game over 2 months later than some people. Not very fair when we all paid the same amount..........

    30. Mnemonaut on

      What a great update. Love to hear we're getting those Horror stickers. Two thumbs up. And I'm really surprised how good the soundtrack turned out. Can't wait to use it in our next games.

    31. Missing avatar



      Yep, that's right, the only thing ITB have done wrong is delays...

    32. Patrick Whitaker on

      At all the negative backers, chill the F out. It’s KS, if you can’t handle delays don’t back it. Thanks for the update!

    33. Missing avatar


      And here is Anthony stating he would give us the shipping costs:…

      Notice how we were going to get them "tomorrow" and that was in June...

      ITB box are liers that keep on lying.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jack Schirtz on

      What questions have they not answered? Shipping by GC got messed up. They are going to ship out replacements for anything that is incorrect. If your issue is with Statecraft go to those updates and comments and ask questions there instead of riddling this page with them. I don't think they have left any questions unanswered and you have not asked a specific one from what I have seen in this awful comments section.

    35. Missing avatar

      chuck yeager on

      I tried about 5x to get the CD wav. file. It always stops downloading about 30 seconds into it.

    36. Andrew Meeusen on

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to receiving the game. As someone who works in a very busy office fielding phone calls from customers all day who demand timelines and get rather angry when the answers aren't what they wanted to hear... I think you are doing a good job, and I appreciate the regular communication about this process. Keep up the good work!

    37. Missing avatar


      @The Ludoquist

      You ignored the point of my post, which was that no, ITB are _not_ learning as they are still refusing to answer backer questions and still refusing to give information they promised they would give.

    38. Danie Parness on

      When you guys have started the minis, is there a way for those who didn't manage to get the higher tier be able to pre-order minis upgrades for the base game? :) I'd love to get some as well as the expansions!

    39. The Ludoquist on

      @Martin, 'Multiple campaigns' is technically correct, in that they had had two succesfully funded campaigns, one of which is Statecraft. But it is still valid to state they are new, and learning.

    40. Missing avatar



      ITB have had multiple campaigns before this.

      In particular one campaign of their's, Statecraft, has suffered quite significantly more than this one. In response months ago ITB promised those backers information and details on shipping costs and multiple other areas.

      This information has never arrived despite one backer keeping tabs on all the unanswered questions that ITB are refusing to answer about the game and the updated list of questions being posted repeatedly for ITB to see.

      So how do you conclude that ITB are learning from their mistakes when they are still refusing to keep their promise of information to their Statecraft backers? If they had learnt, surely they would be making an attempt to answer those questions...

    41. Alberto Belloni on

      Subterra it's a really balanced and fun game to play, my friends all agree, we are playing since i've got it and never gets boring. Exploration is very satisfying, I used to play with Carpenter movie themes as soundtrack and now i got a sountrack from you too! Great job guys!

    42. Alberto Belloni on

      Great game guys! Thanks for the soundtrack, the companion app and the stickers + tile!

    43. starmage2 on

      I have backed a few kickstarter but this is a first that so many people are angry with the delay in shipping while it ships around it expected ship date. I have had games ship a whole year later.
      Yes there have been some miscommunication but ITB looks like they are learning from it. Also stop treating them like they are Amazon. ITB is a new company so there will be growing pains.

      Also @Mike wicker ITB is shipping your game so why would they give any refund or discount. You must be new to Kickstarter because getting a project on time or before is rare. Not only that but there are other kickstarter where the backer never get what they pledge. Hell there was one kickstarter where the creator made a video of him burning the books he made instead of shipping it to people. So just a little more patience.

    44. Michael Shepherd-Finch on

      My address is changing as I've been asked to move out and having my mail redirected is far too expensive. Can I update my delivery address with you guys in any way?

    45. ALeX on

      Thanks for the horror stickers, I'm sure that'll improve it a lot.

    46. Missing avatar

      Tim Wenclawiak on

      Just a simple question, as I've pledged for two games + one set of expansions (a friend of mine just needed the base game): Can/will I get twice the tiles/stickers for the base game, and a single set for the expansions?

    47. Missing avatar

      Rusty Halo on

      @ the creators:

      Many of us are still very enthused to be getting this game! Many already have it. As a veteran Kickstarter, I'm not the least bit perturbed about the delays. Eager to get it, of course, but not whining. Not. Whining. Heck, it'll be a mere month late (at most) for us in the US, and that puts you ahead of the curve for countless other projects.

      Has ITB experienced some growing pains? Of course. Have you made mistakes? You've admitted as much. You've not begun to exhaust my goodwill. I look forward to your next game!

    48. Chase Stoeger Molly Rhode on

      I need to change shipping address. Seems like that should be possible if there is so much delay. Especially if some shipping notifications aren't all going out.

    49. Gurney on

      I just noticed that the pdf for German and French version of the rules are available, thanks! If it was announced, I missed it.