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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
6,626 backers pledged £368,256 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Eluvia on

      @Mnemonaut @Steven Actually there are some stickers in the box to put on the meeples. Just FYI

    2. Eluvia on

      I think the biggest mistake you made, beside not communicating your problems, is assuming that for every backer, the most important thing is to have the game when you said we should have it.
      I don't know about other, but that couldn't be farther from the truth for me. For me, the most important part is to get a good quality game, the game you promised to begin with, with all stretch goal you promised. Kickstarters that deliver on time are very rare and even though most people rant about delays, I think most would prefer a delayed good quality game rather than an on-time rushed & botched game.
      You could have had 1 year delay and I wouldn't care, but I care a about the fact that I didn't get the following:
      - The collectors Box Lining Upgrade, and I don't see you fixing that one because you would need to send me another box, so I will never get that, and you have no explication from you as to why.
      - The horror meeples, though you don't like them, it doesn't mean we don't, and at the very least, asking our opinion about it should have been the first thought you should have had, and maybe we could have told you to deliver this one or see with the factory to change the shape because we don't care about the delay, we just want your dream game, same as you, no compromises. And this looks like a compromise to me.
      - The collectors box metal plaque, that you promised, which we don't have, and still got no reason why that is.
      - As for the names in the rulebook, I'm lucky to have almost the same name, one that I like, but I still find that to be an absurd mistake that shows poor scheduling on your part. Minor issue, but those accumulate and again, no communication about it until it was too late.
      - I also noted that the books are not the length they should have been, taken from your words in your updates. I don't really care about the books, but some people do, and we got less than promised and no word as to why.
      If I can give you one piece of advice, that would be to never make assumptions about what backers want and that if you ever hesitate about some decision, better ask them than decide for them.
      Hope you do address the issues about the missing stretch goal in another update

    3. Missing avatar

      Andre Rheault

      est-ce quil y a des gens du Quebec qui ont recu leur tracking ou le jeu?

    4. Nathan Chibz Griffen on

      Still waiting for my tracking info another week on? Have all the UK orders left games quest yet? �

    5. MakingUpTheNumbers on

      My copy arrived today, one day after the tracking when live, so Royal Mail in the UK beating their 2 day target.

      My timeline for info was:
      23rd email with tracking, but wasn't live yet
      26th spotted tracking was now live, and parcel was in the Royal Mail depot
      27th arrived, safe and sound, in UK, near London

    6. Missing avatar

      Agoston Rozvanyi on

      I received my copy today. It's a huge box. :-O
      I have tracking code, and it worked well.
      Greetings from Hungary

    7. Deckard on

      UK backer, a huge box arrived today (bigger than I expected) the tracking information never came online though, I think the reference number I was sent was missing a number.

    8. Matthew Mills on

      I ordered these meeples to use as horror tokens:…

      Granted, this was back when I just thought the current horror tokens were gonna be flat black circles.

    9. Brian on

      @russonc, I stated very clearly in my comment why the game needs minis now to play it. If I wanted a game with no theme I would have purchased yahtzee. The whole appeal of the game is trying to find your way out of a cave that's now infested with wooden dowels. I'm guessing they fix this before retail because it's the biggest part of the theme. You gave your opinion and I have mine however the fact is a reached goal was removed with no dialog with the backers.

    10. Matt Shepherd on

      Still no shipping notification for me yet (uk) this game better be good after all this, I'm sure it will be

    11. Bob Mabbitt on

      Nice to get the update so will give it a week to see if email comes thanks guys

    12. Timo on

      Please tell me that the german translation isn't final? There seem to be plenty of typos and the grammar is a word-to-word translation as it seems?

    13. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      I guess Its a good thing my username is the same name I chose for the rulebook. And I honestly don't know why the horror meeple is such a big deal. It wasn't even that big of a stretch goal so I'm pretty okay with their decision. But what I'm not okay with is that I still haven't received a shipping notification. Please get to me about that on here or my email asap please.

    14. Joe

      @Alexander - Thanks for the information. It's too bad about that.

      @Justin - Yeah. I don't see how blank circles met their vision for what the horror tokens would look like. While I agree that the meeples didn't turn out ideal, offering stickers would have allowed them to look as they were depicted in the images on the campaign page.

    15. Justin Boehm

      There definitely should be stickers sent to all backers for the horror "Meeples" as it's pretty ridiculous to have just a black circle... this is not a good move to be honest

    16. Alexander Sell on

      @Joe, the horror pieces in my box are just plain black and I found no stickers for them in the box. They look like small draughts/checkers pieces, but less flat.

    17. Joe

      @Alexander - That's good to hear about the meeples. What about the horror pieces? Are there any stickers for them? In other words, how closely do they look to what was advertised on the main campaign page -… ?

    18. Beejer

      @Alexander. it looks like someone was doing corrections, but somehow both versions (the wrong and correct one) wound up in the final pdf... :) ... well, will have to stick to the English then, not sure if that is any use up here in Scotland though :] Hope things arrive on my doorstop soon ...

    19. Alexander Sell on

      Surprisingly, I received the gigantic box with the deluxe version today. Didn’t receive a shipping confirmation before. I read that people complained about missing meeple stickers. I found them in my box and applied them to the meeples.

      About the German translation: Are you sure it’s finalized? I’ve found 7 mistakes on page 3 alone! Not just simple spelling mistakes but some strange ones, like double words or double letters. For instance, whoever did it wasn’t sure if to use capital letters for "ihr" and "euer" (resulting in "Iihr" and "euerEuer"). Nowadays, forms of "ihr" only start with a capital letter when you address someone in an actual letter, and even then it’s not mandatory anymore. But if you do it you should stick to it for the whole text.

      @Ubivis If you follow the link for the other languages, you will also find there German version available for download.

    20. Mårten Carlzon on

      Questions about the Diaroma, I am about to move and was wondering if I could have it transported to another adress now since it seems it will be delivered at a later date?

    21. Missing avatar

      Jason Murphy

      I am excited to receive this - not had a notification email yet (am in the UK), but hopefully soon.
      I also bought the game at UKGE and really enjoyed it, so cannot wait to get my full copy with the expansions. Hope it comes soon!

    22. Alan Bates on

      I'm in the UK and still have not received any tracking information, confirmation that the game had been shipped nor basically any communication at all despite the last update - very frustrated

    23. Carl King on

      ITB I agree with many of the feelings in that we as backers are now being short shrifted on what was promised during the campaign.

      Putting the right name online isn't a good compromise either but I suppose is the best that can be offered at this late stage

      Perhaps in rushing to get Essen ready the game and backers have suffered

      I'll wait and see what my game looks like, when it comes

    24. Russonc

      @Brian, while it is fair to be upset at not getting horror meeples, seems a bit extreme to say the game is not playable without them.

    25. Godfather Punk

      I just received my package, and though I'm only a base-pledge backer I'm glad I helped in a way to get this project done.
      A+ @ITB

    26. John Ballenger on

      I found a solution for the horror tokens. (if you have a 3d printer that is)

    27. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Hi all - I can confirm we will be producing an updated rulebook with everyone's names that they chose (rather than usernames). This will be available as a PDF for everyone to download.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jacob Harris on

      So my name in the credits is just going to be "Jacob"? That's SUPER disappointing. Not to mention the fact that the decision for that was made a LONG time ago and you're just now telling us. And don't blame it on a "tight timescale". That's a BS excuse.

    29. Stephan Sonny on

      I will never back your project anymore. Too many major mistakes and I deem it as cheating the backers, too. The very first big thing you did after the project was funded was also a big blunder when you stated you would just donate the game from those who did not give the address and so on in your timeline. Good that you changed it, but many other major mistakes were coming and it cannot be corrected. The names of the backers were not written and only the KS users, the turning down of the earned stretch goal, and others. Trust is something to earn and you did not earn it at least from me.

    30. Ubivis on

      hmm... my thoughts.

      1. German rules, okay I can watch them online, but why is downloading prohibited? I prefer to have them printed out and with my game, instead of reading them on a screen.

      2. Soundtrack, what is the status about that? Should be part of the rewards, but was not included.

      3. As one of the people who gave another name in the backer kit (very early) than used on Kickstarter, It would be really good, if the digital versions of the rulebooks can be updated with the correct names.

    31. Mnemonaut on

      So the caver meeples aren't marked/stickered either anymore? No good news...

    32. Missing avatar


      so no sculpted horror disc and no digital lining of collector's edition? what else is missing?

    33. starmage2 on

      Maybe you can do a updated PDF with the response people gave on the survey for the credit.

    34. Missing avatar

      Aaron Kwok on

      I Am extremely dissappointed that the name used was not the one that we had to fill without asking us ahead... even if i backed the game a while ago

      Honestly at this point I am really asking myself whats the use of backing a game anymore...other than dissappointment

    35. Missing avatar

      Saiji Uetsuhara on

      Where is Japanese translator?

    36. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      @mnemonaut There aren't any stickers on the caver meeples as well. Look closely at the #33 update intagram pic. Stickers of the claw marks on the horrors and the meeple icons as depicted on the campaign was a really nice detail I apprepicated. But ITB has cut costs by removing these details.

    37. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Heffernan on

      Just thinking about this further, if I was looking at getting the retail version, I wouldn't buy it without the custom meeples for the horrors. It may not seem like a big deal, but I really hate generic components in games like meeples discs and cubes, especially in a game that otherwise is very thematic.

    38. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Heffernan on

      How you trashed an important ks goal with no effort to fix the issue? That's very a disappointing decision. Without the minis the horrors will look terrible now!

    39. Steve B. on

      So basically you guys took an earned stretch goal away from your backers? The horror meeple was unlocked through funding a certain level. You have cheated your backers out of something you promised. In a rush to meet Essen deadlines you excluded us from any part of the decision. ITB probably didn't want to invest any capital putting forth a solid replacement. If anything, stickers should be circulated to place on the disc and make it somewhat thematic. It is far less expensive to give us discs of wood than cut out horror meeples.

      Do right by your backers who put their faith and $ into your game.

    40. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Can't say this is the best update, those horror meeples don't look that bad, when exactly are UK backers supposed to expect a shipping notification?

    41. Missing avatar

      Pedro Elizondo Jr

      Never been a fan of meeple. Glad i got them minis!

    42. Brian on

      So we are exploring a dark cavern trying to survive against the black discs! Very disappointed. I have several other active kickstarters that received production copies and guess what they did when something wasn't satisfactory. They tweaked it and made it better. It sounds like this was rushed for Essen and you guys just decided to throw cut up pieces of wooden dowels painted black into the game to meet the deadline. This is not a euro style game and the whole game revolves around the horrors, now we have black discs. Hopefully there is a way to add the horrors now to make the game playable.

    43. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper

      Glad I got the Horror Minis.

    44. WeAreGeek on

      @Paul, the Horror minis add-on are to replace the Horror token peices, though you will still have both to choose from.

    45. Mnemonaut on

      Quite a bummer with the "new" horror meeples. To be honest, horror stickers of some sort, like those for the caver meeples, would have been nice indeed when we have to stick with those black discs.

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper

      Am I correct in that the Horror Minis replace the Horror Tokens?

    47. Russonc

      @ITB, I still love you all! I really appreciate the updates. You seem to me to be sincere, seem to be learning for mistakes and are (for me overly) apologetic. You back a ton of projects which I also appreciate.
      While a "vote" on the horrible meeples ... err horror clouds... err horror meeples might have been nice, clearly they kind of sucked and I'm glad you made the call to not include them.
      Just looking forward to my romp in the caves!

    48. Lee Hulme on

      Update always appreciated. I like that you're honest and forthright and learning from the experiences. I'd always rather see that than be stuck wondering what's going on. Can't wait to play!

    49. John H

      Given that this update says that we are likely to get our games at the time originally set out, I don't understand the rather churlish reaction of some.
      This is one of the most through and open updates I've seen, and I've seen many.

    50. Missing avatar

      Richard West on

      Thanks for the great update - Backer No 3 - UK backer and not received a shipping notice yet either, but I'm not fussed as long as it gets here in good condition and with all the bits accounted for. Really looking forward to playing this one, maybe with "The Descent" playing in the background, with the lights down low.....