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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
6,626 backers pledged £368,256 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      MankuMan on

      Sean the game in my local store cannot wait for my Kickstarter order

    2. Sean Kearney on

      Still ahead of schedule regardless of the delays. Thanks for the update!

    3. Hana Aurellia on

      Backer #3,496 here~ lol ^^ what just happened? Who is 6125 ? I don't mind waiting another month as long the game deliver safely~

    4. Rew King on

      Ah technology - always better when it does as it's told.!

    5. Ubivis on

      Backer #97, not my fault :D

      Guess it is some weird character from someone in Russia or Denmark :D

    6. Missing avatar

      LeonTrollski on

      @danimal13 had a problem like that with some shipping software at work. The spreadsheet that had shipping addressees paired with account numbers had an error in one of the address lines and it skipped that line, but didn't skip the line on the account column. Unfortunately, instead of just causing a delay until thing were sorted, this went uncaught until after a couple thousand people got the wrong bills. whups.

    7. Missing avatar


      My guess was a weird character in their address. The software was probably not expecting it. Semicolon white space return etc where it shouldn't be

    8. Samuel Brown on

      Glad to see I wasn't the only one who went and checked their backer number to make sure it wasn't their fault :P

    9. Eric VanNewkirk

      I'm #6,957. Totes not my fault.

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Shaw on

      Can't wait to get this and play :) Estimates are hard, but the transparency about this goes further than you might realise!

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper

      Just as long as I received the game undamaged I don;t care about a slight delay. Just make sure they pack it well. The package handlers in my area love to smash and crush packages.

    12. Nobrainer on

      Good to let us know! Hope you figure it all out and keep up the good work!

    13. Benjamin Freeman on

      I'll gather firewood for the stake burning for backer 6125.

    14. Russonc

      Thanks for the update. Just looking forward to getting this one in soon.

    15. Max Dyckhoff on

      Guessing it was a unicode issue! Really looking forward to adding this game to my collection, take as long as you need getting it here safely.

    16. Ryan Hogue on

      I got super excited at first when I glanced at my backer number. 6195. So close. Guess I dodged a bullet.

    17. Ethan Furman

      Good ol' lack of unicode support strikes again! (maybe...)

      Looking forward to this, whenever it arrives.

    18. Andrea Fabris on

      Waiting a few more time is not a problem provided Game Quest does its job well. I've recently seen post of ppl receiving ks projects from Game Quest in awful conditions. Hope everything goes smoothly

    19. Clayton on

      @Farid that is exactly I was thinking, that good ol' Bobby Tables backed the project

    20. Missing avatar

      Ian Avery on

      As you're reordering the data into waves. Please, please, please put me at the back of the uk/Europe queue if possible. I am not at home for over a week and I'm sure others don't mind receiving before me.

    21. Joe Kerkhoff on

      Woohoo! It wasn't me. I'm backer #7387. You can check your backer number by clicking the "view pledge" button above and scrolling down to the bottom.

      Backer #6125, Whoooo are you? Who Who? Who Who? Whooooo are you? I really wanda know... ;)

    22. Matt Parker-Osbon on

      I am sure the backer 6125 bit is just a joke... more likely the issue was caused by an employee inviting a virus onto the computer by downloading porn at work �

    23. WeAreGeek on

      @Sarah, if you still have the original e-mail backer confirmation from Kickstarter it tells you your backer number, can’t remember what mine was...I’m sure it’s just an inside joke.

    24. Missing avatar

      Farid Hashemi

      As a software dev, i'd be interested to know a bit more about the 'big old software snafoo' (and how it can be down to one backer - unless they are commonly known as Bobby Tables -

    25. Glen Young on

      When passing along shipping information, may I suggest adding a fictional country like the United Federation that is always the last to receive shipments a few weeks after everyone else? That way no one need feel neglected. ;-)

    26. WeAreGeek on

      This is hopefully gonna be one of the games I’ll be bringing to the table during a Halloween games night

    27. Sarah Paine on

      anyone else curious as to what backer number they are? is there any way to tell from our KS profile? *hoping not to be backer 6125 but also very curious why it might be their fault ROFL*

    28. Lee Hulme on

      Appreciate the update, unforeseen things happen.

      It still seems likely to arrive before Halloween so I'm happy! The guests and hosts of the annual scary game and rpg Extravaganza look forward to playing :D

    29. Thorsten Sauer on

      I can wait a couple more days. The project is still ahead of time. Great job ITB!