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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
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    1. Rose Atkinson Collaborator on

      Hi @Andrew, ITB here! This is the correct link - the boat is headed to Southampton, UK :)

    2. Andrew Halferty on

      @Michael Wyvill: I have a hard time believing that is the correct ship. It's traveling to the Suez Canal.

      A correct shipping link would be much appreciated from @IBB

    3. Sleepy on

      @Michael Wyvill: Thanks for link.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Wyvill on

      @IBB - probably better if you don't forget to update us, after saying you would :)
      maybe you can confirm or deny the ship reference below?

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Wyvill on

      I dont know if it is the right ship, but in the comments it was posted as this:

      Brian Cairns 3 days ago

      Tracking info is here at last yay:

    6. Sleepy on

      Any update on boat tracking info? :)

    7. Craig Partridge on

      Yes, apologies, in my haste I read it as 12th Aug...urrgghhh.

      Anyway, if it arrives in Southampton on time, should mean games are out before end of September. Can't wait!

    8. QuoteStar

      Doesn't the estimate say that it won't be arriving until September 12? Where did you get today from? The boat only left last week.

    9. WeAreGeek on

      @Craig how did you work that out?

    10. Craig Partridge on

      So, based on this update, the boat should be arriving in Southampton today.

      All being well, I'm guessing we should start receiving emails at some point next week. Hopefully things go smoothly.

    11. Eric Olson on

      Will we get email notifications when you send them out from the UK? I'm in the USA and curious about when they would arrive.

    12. David T. Roa on

      ok cool :)
      thanks Brian

    13. WeAreGeek on

      Yes that's the idea

    14. David T. Roa on

      Are the copies THEN sent from Southhampton TO the backers afterwards?

    15. WeAreGeek on

      @David ETD = Estimated Time of Depature ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival

    16. David T. Roa on


      ETD:7-AUG ETA:12-SEP <<< What does that mean?

    17. Treiker

      I'm very scared now! It's like horror something unexpected happend :O!

      Nice to hear something from you guys!

      I'm sceard like hell :(!

    18. C. Cooper

      O_o But ... it's a Kickstarter ... Kickstarters are always late ... but this one will be early? But ... Kickstarters are always late! *confused* ;)

    19. bones1127 (Tyson H) on

      @inside the Box Board Games - if so, then is going to tack forever to get that done, + is going to tack like 3-4 months for canada to get there games. --.--

    20. bones1127 (Tyson H) on

      @Inside the Box Board Games - "to GamesQuest in the UK". so, are you shipping Individual games to each person (6,626) to every Country from the UK?

    21. Failtasmagoria

      \o/ Most anticipated game of the year... Time to get our cave on!

    22. Jynk

      So much excite now!

    23. WeAreGeek on

      Yay! Look forward to tracking this epic journey of the seas.

    24. Dave Bennett

      Over a month at sea? Nothing puts you in your place as to how big this planet actually is than when you see travel times like that. Can't wait!!

    25. Ethan Furman

      Nice! So now you can work on the three expansion PnPs, yes? ;-)