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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
6,626 backers pledged £368,256 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Ethan Furman

      @GerardoAlfredoPerez: Heheh. Look at the bright side -- all those people can find the bugs in the rules for us! When we get our games we can print out the errata and go!

    2. Gerardo Alfredo Perez

      Nobody can say you guys were dishonest, but it felt extremely ridiculous to say to my partner "See that game those guys are playing? I'll be getting it in six months because I was smart enough to kickstart it" while sitting at the pub at the expo.

    3. Thor Langgård on

      If that's the case it's not a problem for me with that card, but I would have liked the teaser card.
      I would however rather receive this great name sooner rather than later, so don't delay production on that account.

    4. Anthony Howgego on

      @Thor @PlanBee @Alan

      So you guys are clear about what was given out, the out of time card was literally the same as the base game version except there is a big UKGE logo printed on the front- no new art or anything :) . We think the foil Kickstarter version makes this redundant, and adding it to the game at this stage would delay production, so we won't be shipping a copy to every backer.

      However, we do have a few left over, so if Backers went to UKGE and weren't offered a copy and want one, they can send a pm to the company's Facebook page with their address, and will get them sent out to you on an individual basis.

    5. Thor Langgård on

      +1 to the comment about the promo cards. As someone else pointed out it doesn't matter we get the game later since you've been open about this, but I pains me that there is some contents we won't get considering I for one backed the deluxe version.
      A couple of cards should be able to be made available for the backers?

    6. Missing avatar


      +1 to Alan and others. I popped by the stand a few times (wanted to try statecraft) but wasn't offered any promos. Would be good if they could be included with the KS games

    7. starmage2 on

      Once it ships can we get the freight number so we can track it?

    8. Dave Wetherall – GGG Games

      Many congrats on winning the rewards.

      Looking forward to getting my copies and don't mind waiting a few more weeks - glad it looks like you'll be able to deliver Sub Terra before the originally advertised date of November. Absolutely no problem from my perspective in you doing as you said you would and selling a few vanilla copies at UKGE at a higher price than the KS price. New independent publishers like you can't afford to miss out on an annual event like UKGE to sell your games.

    9. Martin Mamone on

      My two cents....I knew I was signing up for a November delivery date. I have no problem with that, as long as all additional content you threw in the expo as freebee or promo is also given to all of us who supported the project.

    10. Brendan Dolan on

      No disappointment about early sales here - you have been clear since the start of the campaign that the UK expo was a goal and a big deal for you guys. I think it's awesome that you were able to build on this Kickstarter's success at a big expo. Really that is part of why I love this project - you didn't just do a pre-sale, you really are using it to boost your business.

    11. AcesofDeath7

      Congratulations on winning both awards!! Glad to see you having success with these games. I backed you to help get this going and it makes me happy to see that it is. I look forward to getting my special Kickstarter version of Sub Terra and hope that the purchasers of the vanilla version have just as much fun playing as I will!!!

    12. Alan Bates on

      Hi team, I was one of those who was a tad disappointed to see the game on sale at the expo but when I approached your staff I was dealt with very professionally and my concerns were immediately alleviated, my only gripe now is that I wasn't offered any cards! Would you be able to post them or add them to my KS?

    13. Anthony Howgego on

      Sorry that happen Stephanie. It wasn't our intention to ignore anybody! We'll make sure to have a few more staff on hand to help next year.

    14. Stephanie Ferguson

      I couldn't even get anyone to talk to me at the expo... it was so busy. Wish I'd known about the things you were giving away, I'd maybe have come back more than four times trying to get someone's attention (I wanted to pick up a copy of statecraft)

      On the other hand the folks playing Sub Terra seemed to be having a good time.

    15. Steven Crane

      I so wanted to have a go at Statecraft while I was at the Expo, even Sub Terra! (I've backed both) but every table was rammed every time we went past! I spoke to one of the guys briefly about the game, and it was great to see such interest

      Yeah I was a little annoyed that copies were on sale, but thinking about it, I don't especially blame you for selling them either if it helps you overall. I'm sure you won't let your backers down

    16. WeAreGeek on

      I have to admit it was slightly frustrating to see copies being sold, though at the same time i knew my version is extra special and i'm also getting the expansions which weren't available at the expo.

      It made complete business sense to put out the base version of the game and get more people talking about Sub Terra which is sure to grow even more with the Expo award too.

      I always point out how Kickstater is about supporting a campaign first and getting a game second, so the fact that your still well on schedule with getting all the backers copies out means we are still getting the game sooner than we were expecting so it's very generous of you to reveal anything extra beyond what we are already getting.

    17. Steven Schopmeyer

      Space! Going to space, space space space!

    18. Sean Patterson on

      great update! y'all have always been up front about the game and the expo, i'm glad y'all could sell the game and spread the word about your company! Cheers to you and your success!

    19. Ethan Furman

      Congratulations!! Two awards is a wonderful achievement.

      Speaking of the app, how is that coming?

    20. Russonc

      Congratulations on a successful week/Expo. You deserve the win(s)!

    21. Max Dyckhoff on

      Ignore the people bitter that someone got the game before them, you guys do whatever makes business sense! As far as community interaction goes I would rate you guys 5/5 honestly; an excellently run and organised Kickstarter, realistic goals, what looks like early delivery. Can't wait to get my copy in a couple of months! :)

    22. Adam Morrison on

      Two awards?

      Now that IS a Double Tomming!

      Seriously, Sub Terra is awesome. I am excitedly awaiting my Deluxe Edition now!

    23. Missing avatar

      David Franks on

      State craft � - what's that all about? Looks good��