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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
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    1. Russonc

      Snags turned into crags?

    2. Missing avatar

      Andy Slaughter on

      Thanks for the clarification, Peter. I'm off to BGG now. Maybe if we get some forum threads going there, we can get Sub Terra back on the Hotness where it belongs!

    3. Inside the Box Board Games 7-time creator

      Yo everyone!

      If you're not a fan of Facebook, I'd encourage you to use the BGG page and start up forum posts there!

      In terms of pre production proofs, we'll be inspecting these directly in China, which should shave a week or so off the process.

      On the custom stuff - that's going to be handled completely separately to the main production process, so it's not really an issue :)

    4. Blitzbuff on

      +1 on not using facebook, twitter etc.

      +1 for using BGG

    5. Andy McCormick on

      If schedules are completed will backers also be able to pickup their pledge at the UKGE?

    6. starmage2 on

      I also wonder if you will get preproduction proofs just to check on the quality before going full into production. Or will you take care of that when you travel there.

      Also can we get a confirmation on how we did on the social goals of Share the Darkness.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andy Slaughter on

      Thanks for all your ongoing hard work, ITB. May I ask, where will the production of custom art pieces (for those who pledged at Personal and Immersion levels) fit in the schedule above? Is it not necessary for ALL art to be completed prior to ordering the print run in a week's time?

    8. Mortaneous on

      Thanks for the update!
      I'm having a blast with my PnP Sub Terra. Can't wait to get the production version!

    9. Ethan Furman

      Great update!

      All the games I follow have a presence on -- I hope to see this one there as well!

    10. Russonc

      Nice Update. I pass on FB groups for the most part... I'll use BGG for questions more than I'd use FB.
      @Jamie Specht .. I'd hope they would see a proof prior to full scale production as well...

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Stanley on

      The constant communication and rough timeline is amazing! It reassures me I made a good decision with backing Sub Terra. Keep up the great work! I do agree with Carl though, I have some game specific/rule questions I'd like to ask the community but I am not on social media. A forum on the ITB website is a great idea!

    12. Carl King on

      excellent news re timelines, but why is everything these days on facebook?

      what about those of us that don't use social media like that or twitter

      any chance of a forum on the ITB website? this would also encourage traffic to your website

    13. Jamie Specht on

      From your timeline, I am not see you are getting pre-production proofs or anything like that. While I can't claim to have ever produced a game, I have seen other companies go through a process of making sure the product is what they expect and making multiple changes in those steps (and also have seen other companies skip that step and be unpleasantly surprised by the results.) So what's up with that?!

    14. Sean Patterson on

      Thank you for the update! Can not wait to have this on my table