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You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
You and up to five friends are trapped deep underground. Explore quickly, avoid deadly hazards, run from the darkness. Can you escape?
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mauricio Lobos about 3 hours ago

      @Cristian la pese recién, 5 Kg.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mauricio Lobos about 3 hours ago

      @Cristian La caja es enorme pero bastante liviana para el volumen, quizás unos 2 Kg

    3. Hannah about 8 hours ago

      @queerchameleon I'm in the exact same boat. I've sent an email to ITB and haven't heard back yet.

    4. Elisabeth Sannerhaugen
      about 14 hours ago

      Got my game on monday, and tracking today anouncing a delivery in two weeks... :P I am not impressed. And as many others, I also found the tiles way too dark. I was expecting it to be as pictured in the campaign.

    5. Ernesto Ramírez Romero
      about 17 hours ago

      Received my Veterans Edition @mexico today! All perfect!! Now to start playing!

    6. Missing avatar

      Yongsik Kim about 22 hours ago

      I had finally unboxed my Deluxe Edition Pledge last night since it was delivered in South Korea.

      Actually i did not get any email from GQ, but my item was safely sent to me. 5days after the delivery, Paul the member of the ITB games, just in case for double check, sent me an email to let me know the tracking number by DHL last night. Everything in the box is fantastically perfect, nothing missed.

      Anyway, Excited to be ready for playing with my friends.

      Thanx ITB games team, a long waiting though.

    7. queerchameleon
      1 day ago

      Still no email with tracking for my deluxe edition. I thought everything was supposed to be sent out by the 14th ?

    8. Missing avatar

      Cristian 1 day ago

      @Mauricio Lobos una pregunta, que tan pesada es la caja en la que llego toda la edicion Deluxe? Alrededor de 1kg? No recibi numero de seguimiento y recibi un aviso de que llego una cajas de 1kg. Muchas gracias!

    9. Missing avatar

      Mauricio Lobos 1 day ago

      Yesterday I received my Deluxe edition in Chile. The box came a little damaged, the flashlight does not work and the stickers came loose and scattered around the box. I'm still confused where to find the manual in Spanish.

    10. Rune Alfsen 1 day ago

      I received my deluxe edition here in Norway today :-)

      Think maybe I'm missing one mini base colour clip though - the Mercenary came without, can anyone confirm if they got a plastic base clip for their Mercenary miniature?

    11. Missing avatar

      Siratat Wongkasem 1 day ago

      I recieved my collector's edition Pledge at Thailand .
      Blacklight is broken but everything are OK.
      Try to fix blacklight by my self. ⊂(◉‿◉)つ

    12. Missing avatar

      Saiji Uetsuhara 2 days ago

      When can I get Japanese rules?

    13. Sophia Ngo
      2 days ago

      Us backer. Still no response to emails or posts here. No tracking, nothing. Can anyone help?

    14. Mike Chen
      2 days ago

      @creator: please response my email. I have many things to ask about wherebout the stretch goals and incomplete package for my order (missing items).

    15. Lacey Lee
      2 days ago

      @Agnes C. The sound track (or part of it anyway) is in the app. For me on Android only setup works in-game and out of time do nothing. IOS app last i saw still has not been done. I think its also on spotify and somewhere deep in the comments i think there was link to download full thing

    16. Missing avatar

      Jérémy Berret 2 days ago

      Deluxe edition well recieved in Switzerland !
      Very nice material! No problem except delix storage box a bit dammage from travel. However, not a big deal ! Very happy to finally have it !

    17. Missing avatar

      Takeharu Shima
      2 days ago

      I received a reward at my place in Japan now!
      It was a very long journey, but it is a very wonderful game.
      Thank you!

    18. Missing avatar

      Agnes C. 3 days ago

      The miracle has happened, I received my veteran pledge in dubai. Yay!!

      -where to get the soundtrack? (Ks strechgoal..)
      -we will get a backers pack with some corrections and monster stickers etc, correct? That has not been included.

      Btw my name is not in the rulebook. But I can easily forgive that.

    19. Missing avatar

      Pedro de Sordi Soltau 3 days ago

      So yeah, i got another email from DHL and now i know for sure, my ZIP code there is wrong (even though it is right in my pledge and pledge manager)
      SIGH, now i dont wanna point fingers or blame anyone but thats really bad and frustrating

    20. Tim Ware
      3 days ago

      Sub Terra Collectors Edition has reached Middle-Earth :) - New Zealand. Can someone confirm, ITB Games are sending out replacement torches, correct? Im sure I read that after everyone complained they weren't working and surprise.. mine doesn't work either :(

    21. Keith Dickens
      3 days ago

      Forget to mention package location, USA, Iowa.
      [/VOX CLOSE]
      Sorry, had to keep with my shtick!

    22. Keith Dickens
      3 days ago

      390 days since incident.

      The package arrived too late. All cavers are dead. Moving on.
      [/VOX CLOSE]
      Haha! We got our package in the mail today and my wife is begging to play it tonight! Review to come!

    23. 陳柏諺 3 days ago

      Finally got my game today in Taiwan.

    24. Lester Tan
      3 days ago

      Backers from Singapore, did u guys received any tracking number? Have yet to receive mine. Have wrote to creator via message system and email. But no reply from them at all.

    25. Missing avatar

      Victor 3 days ago

      Singapore backer. Receive my item from DHL today evening! Cheers!!

    26. Theodore
      3 days ago

      received collector's edition in Singapore. there's still a backer pack to be delivered? that's in manufacturing stage right?

    27. Hafiz Azman 3 days ago

      Yeayyy, looks like most of the Malaysia got it today... 😄

    28. Misfiring Chong
      3 days ago

      Finally received in Malaysia today!

    29. Missing avatar

      Wing Han Tsang 3 days ago

      just received my Veteran's edition in Singapore via DHL express (no payment required), will unbox by the weekend

    30. Tom Ana Collaborator 4 days ago

      Thank you all for recent comments. Kickstarter's comment system is not great for individual responses, so please if you can send a message to the ITB account and we will get to it as soon as possible. We are currently working through the backlog of messages but will address everyone's emails as soon as possible.

    31. Adam Fenerty
      4 days ago

      Is the iOS app released yet, can't find anything and it was supposed to be ready ages ago

    32. Missing avatar

      Paul Ting 4 days ago

      receive the main package from Malaysia. now waiting for the backer pack...

    33. Hafiz Azman 4 days ago

      Just received the package!! Havent open, hopefully everything is fine.. i doubt if it contain all the add on miniature as well.. veteran pledge here..

    34. Missing avatar

      Sheldon Knutson 4 days ago

      Received my copy today in Edmonton, Canada. Finally!

    35. Missing avatar

      Pedro de Sordi Soltau 4 days ago

      So i got a notification that my game has been shipped and it does have the right address on it......but the wrong state, this worries me, is it just the final stop for DHL before they give it to my local post service or should i be worried its a real mistake?

    36. Missing avatar

      Andres Weiss 4 days ago

      I wanted to let you know that you guys wrote the wrong zip code in my package( I checked my pledge and there it was correct) and now my game is in another state and they are charging for the delivery to my city

    37. Sarah Cooper (Lavily) 4 days ago

      Got an email with a DHL tracking number from gamesquest yesterday, assuming it's this? Very excited if it is. Tracking already places it in my country (New Zealand), which is super fast! Will post on here once it arrives.

    38. queerchameleon
      4 days ago

      So everything was supposed to be shipped out by the 14th it is now the 20th and I still have no tracking email.

    39. Marco Lazzeri 4 days ago


      For the record I’m taxed on SHIPMENT so If you choose to use a 100 dollar shipment instead of the one I‘ve paid for I’ll pay extra for it.

      Also If you choose to use courier instead of regular mail I’ll be charged for it.

      That’s what I am complaining since the beginning. I think you missed that.

    40. Marco Lazzeri 4 days ago

      They claim that Sub Terra was delayed dure to CMON.

      If all CMON was fulfilled by GQ put those on list instead.

      Anyway, as I said that’s a problem between ITB and GQ. I haven’t hired GQ for anything. And got scr*wed.

      If ITB simply says “too bad. Call GQ” I think they’ll just make their position crystal clear.

      And I don’t want to be rude but i don’t see the point in this discussion. Apparently I’ll just take that loss that was in NO WAY caused by me or my choices.

      My only choice for now on is to never back anything from ITB and always remember anybody I know the reasons why.

      Please don’t feel offended If I just quit this conversation since I don’t see the point in it.

    41. Misfiring Chong
      4 days ago

      @Marco Lazzeri

      What I trying to say is that kickstarter fulfillments don't cover custom taxes for non-friendly countries. It's a risk that all backers in those areas like you and me bear, which are unfortunately a minority. If you didn't get taxed, great, but if you are then tough luck.

      That is why I take the trouble to learn and predict how likely am I to get taxed if I back a particular project.

      If your item sinks into the sea, it is covered by the insurance (from courier like DHL) and GamesQuest will claim that and ship another copy.

    42. Misfiring Chong
      4 days ago

      @Marco Lazzeri

      That's PledgeManager, nothing to do with GamesQuest. I also had a look at Ghostbuster 2 that you backed, and its shipped by Shipwire which is another US based fulfillment company.

    43. Marco Lazzeri 4 days ago


      Anyway I think we’re missing the point. I’m not the one who hired GQ; I never send them money; I never was in change of checking wich parcels shipped.

      Let’s say your game is on a ship and it sinks. And then the game publisher just says to you “bad luck, you should have picked a better freight service”.

      I’m still getting my item late, and paying 100 extra bucks because someone decided to speed things up to fix a huge delay.

      In the end of the day, I’m the one who got scr*wed.

    44. Marco Lazzeri 4 days ago

      @misfiring they’re all listed on my GQ pledge manager.

    45. Misfiring Chong
      4 days ago

      @Marco Lazzeri

      Not sure about Ghostbuster, but Tiny Epic had always use Ship Naked, which is US based and sends by regular mail to that whole continent. I don't think they ever use GamesQuest.

    46. Missing avatar

      도경효 4 days ago

      I've sent a lot of messeages, e-mails, and comments.
      But, there was no any response.

      What's the problem?
      Is this some kind of racism?

      I'm waiting your response about 3 months.

    47. Marco Lazzeri 5 days ago

      @Misfiring Chong

      Actually that’s not my first Kickstarter fulfilled by gamesquest - backed every Tiny Epic games released and also Ghostbusters II, all shipped by GQ.

      Unfortunately that’s the first one sent via DHL Express, a courier service - and that’s the problem.

    48. Saud Al-Mutawa
      5 days ago

      the deluxe box with some dice and cards on the side.*

    49. Saud Al-Mutawa
      5 days ago

      I just received my deluxe edition, but I didn’t receive the Horrors add-on, only thr deluxe box.

    50. Misfiring Chong
      5 days ago

      @Marco Lazzeri

      Suddenly my country's custom policy doesn't look bad XD

      Unfortunately, the method of shipment really depends on the fulfillment company (creators have little control of this if any), and sometimes even the same company may use different approaches for different projects. Take Gamesquest for example. DHL is what they typically use (especially international), so whenever you see a project says GamesQuest you know there's a very high chance they'll use DHL. The unfortunate thing is that creators don't typically tells people this, because they themselves do not know this.

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