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The world's thinnest, most ergonomic and seamless mechanical webcam privacy cover.
Privacy, security and peace of mind you deserve.
The world's thinnest most aesthetic, ergonomic and seamless mechanical privacy camera cover.
Privacy, security & peace of mind you deserve.
The world's thinnest most aesthetic, ergonomic and seamless mechanical privacy camera cover. Privacy, security & peace of mind you deserve.
6,514 backers pledged CHF 205,587 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Anthony Crider
      on November 24

      Please consider "honesty" as your next "ploy". Just state that...

      "...On 205,000 Swiss Francs, we've lived like kings for a year, we've gone skiing, we've had a challenging time making up useless excuses that veer on but don't quite contradict themselves, and that, well, it's been fun, but the money's gone. Seriously, have you seen the price of lift tickets? Hoo-baby! They're expensive. Even so, everything in Switzerland is kind of expensive anyway and even 205,000 Swiss Francs doesn't get you too far, what with all the skiing and such. So, here's our last missive to you our dear supporters. Thanks for all the lift tickets. Sorry about the camera cover thing. That was really just an awesome idea we had for swindling you our of your money. But really, why are you guys so upset? We're not.

      Auf Wiedersehen,
      Au revoir,

      If you came clean and wrote that, I might be satisfied.

    2. gryphonent
      on November 24

      I'm going to use this project in my project management course. It's getting better and better with each update. And the name of the company bears the word "Intelligent"!! Marvelous. Couldn't have invented this.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chrissy J on November 24

      @Creator How can I update the shipping address?

    4. Leny_K on November 24

      O.M.G. could this get any more ridiculous??

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel on November 24

      I wanna my money back.
      Please ... cancel my pledge and return my moneyZ

    6. Missing avatar

      Emilie on November 24

      This literally doesn’t make any sense. If you are reading the comments, please reconsider doing something else. It really doesn’t seem cheaper...

    7. GM on November 24

      If you have the finished products already in the US, why would you not ship to backers from North America directly (US+CAN), and then ship the rest to Switzerland where you can get organized better? Now you’re telling us that you’re going to ship back everything from US to Europe, and send back to US backers afterwards? It just sounds very unpractical, even more costly with shipping fees, and especially if you’re going to use labor force from Switzerland....My guess is that you’re planning on saving costs like crazy and will do the shipping manually yourself to the rest of the backers, instead of relying to logistics external parties. So US/CAN backers aren’t going to see the products anytime soon before Jan-Feb next year...

    8. Hov on November 24

      Due to the ridiculously long time in shipping I have moved house since the survey was sent out many, many moons ago and need to change my delivery address, sent multi messages but no response, I guess if they ever are shipped to the UK sometime in 2018 I’d never know as they’d be sent to an old address! Please reply if possible to update my shipping address as I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    9. Jason Green
      on November 24

      If the covers are already in the US, it seems like a huge waste of time and money to ship them back to Switzerland and then back to the US. From a business standpoint, this seems like poor logistics.

      Whatever. I wrote this project off long ago. If I ever receive a cover I'll be pleasantly surprised.

    10. Missing avatar

      Irene Wong on November 24

      I’ll probably never know whether it will be arriving one day. As by the time it arrives (if it arrives), I will already be out of the country. Good luck to everyone else that’s waiting for the product.

    11. Karl Delandsheere on November 24

      From bullshit to bullshit, these guys can’t help themselves but lie. Every single time. Latest update says they cannot issue refunds anymore. A couple hours before they expected to issue all refunds for end of January (which was already ridicule enough). Pure scam. Pure losers. They think they outsmarted everybody while they just proved they are a bunch of scumbags.

    12. Missing avatar

      Randeep Taunk on November 24

      New update is ridiculous. So you’re shipping the items from the US back to Switzerland to ship back to the US? And you say it’s going to be cheaper? Do you read this stuff out loud before you post it?

    13. Karl Delandsheere on November 24

      So a guy named Xavier Altwegg came to me about my refund request. After a few mail exchanges, I’m told they expect to issue the refunds by end of January. Yes. End. Of. January. We’re mid November xD. Seriously, I wonder why they’re still trying to get us think they didn’t scam us.

    14. Remco Vrolijk on November 24

      Backer #990, still waiting....

    15. Gabriele on November 23

      Hi @Creators, here in Italy nothing has arrived! Has mine been lost? It seems to me a quite too long time....

    16. Sven Blum on November 22

      got my two. perfect product. very well designed. worth the wait! thank you very much!

    17. Missing avatar

      Dominik on November 20

      Any Update on shipping?

    18. Greg Bahr on November 20

      That's enough!
      I think, i will file a dispute with my credit card provider, to refund my Pledge.

    19. RandomNick on November 19


      I asked several times for a refund, through every channel, no answer.

      Please refund.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sarah K. Vetter
      on November 19


    21. Missing avatar

      Sid Sosin on November 18




    22. Missing avatar

      Wout Boer on November 18

      Dear Laurent,

      I have been patiently waiting, have been giving you the benefit of doubt all along. But now I really believe it is time to finally receive the product I paid for.
      Can you please send or resend ( I do not care which of the two it really is) my products.



    23. etko on November 18

      Hello! Backer #5507. Didn't get my yet. Please refund.

    24. Missing avatar

      John Pugh on November 17

      Well its the 17th Nov for this backer No. 1259 and last news I heard was:
      "The units for the European market should all be delivered within 4 weeks. 13th of November."

      So that has not come to pass. I have virtually written this off as a bad choice to have made way back at the beginning of the year.

    25. Lauren Cooney on November 17

      Never got mine. In USA. What a fake.

    26. Missing avatar

      Benedikt Heinen on November 17

      My camera covers arrived late last week - and fit my laptop perfectly.

      Thank you!

    27. Wayne Marc Godfrey
      on November 16

      Update please

    28. Missing avatar

      Jay Patel
      on November 16

      refund please

    29. Missing avatar

      Juan Pablo Jiménez Melero on November 16

      Where´s my order? Backer nº 4.362

    30. Seiji on November 15

      So... times up... time for my refund. I’m escalating via my credit card as this project is apparently fraudulent. FYI - by the time it took you to do what ever it is your doing, Apple created and shipped iPhone X. And your product is just a piece of metal and glue. Bravo genius.

    31. Maximilian Meyer on November 14

      Hello, I live in Liechtenstein and did not get it until now.
      Can you tell me when the cover will arrive?

    32. Missing avatar

      Alberto R. R. Manzanares on November 13

      I also need to change my address but no response from them.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Kahne
      on November 12

      I keep getting emails for me to fill out the survey, even though I've asked for a refund. I'd still like a refund.

    34. Shamol Majumder on November 12

      I got the covers yesterday, now I‘m counting the minutes until I lose the first magnetic button. On the iPhone X I get next week it won‘t make sense, but on a notebook it‘s great.

    35. RandomNick on November 12


      I asked several times for a refund, through every channel, no answer.

      Please refund.

    36. Missing avatar

      Tamer Amara
      on November 12

      Judging by IGG, what is happening is that because of another “intelligent” decision to ship by country rather than by order number, they are sending IGG orders ahead of KS. Brilliant - well done Laurent and Xavier! We, poor jealous spammers can never hope to achieve your level of business acumen...

    37. Missing avatar

      Warintorn Phanichkul on November 11

      @creator - when can I expect to get the product? When do you plan for international shipping.

    38. Missing avatar

      Rupesh Pol on November 10

      Can you change my address? I have sent you messages but there is no response from you.

    39. Edmund Tan on November 10

      Does it work for Samsung Note 12 and Iphone 15? Please test and take your time. No rush. You took our money for so long, might as well keep it longer.

    40. Missing avatar

      Scott Dunning on November 10

      I love how if you click on the “Get it” button it takes you to their Indiegogo campaign lol

    41. Missing avatar

      Scott Dunning on November 10

      How about you stop testing on new iPhones and send the damn product already! You have competitors on amazon for half the price!

    42. Missing avatar

      Randeep Taunk on November 10

      I️ received a message and an email that it ‘fits’ the new iPhone X. Does the phone function properly with it on? Obviously it will fit anything with a flat surface. There are various sensors on the front of the phone. Review these features and let us know if the the phone functions properly.

    43. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lawhorne on November 10

      250 down...6250 to go. Keep licking stamps, team. You have a long way to go.

    44. GM on November 10

      On the latest update episode: « they recently restructured management in their company so they are slightly delaying our shipments. » ...wait, what. What does it even mean? Even if a management team is changing, how does it correlate to doing professional business with ongoing customers...and you said you were limited in resources to ship products last time, now there is a shipping company that exists, but they’re changing management teams hence further delays? Geez do you even come up with all of this crap? :o) I’m not saying hiccups can’t happen but it certainly feels you’re making up stuff along the way with all this poor communication and lack of transparency. Good for the guys in Switzerland who received their products though, but I’m not too confident about the rest...let’s wait and see the next episode I guess...

    45. Larry Dudzik
      on November 10

      Yeah I️ learned my lesson don’t back people on Kickstarter. Thanks intelligent security for ruining it for other people as well

    46. Missing avatar

      Emilie on November 10

      Well, I can say so much that I don’t really trust this new update, but we’ll see I guess...

    47. Missing avatar

      Joey Tran on November 10

      UK here, I still haven’t received mine. Could I get an update on postage and tracking.

    48. Missing avatar

      Patric Grill on November 10

      Switzerland backer:

      I got my product, after all that struggle my rating for this company on a scale from 1-10 is still -4... Unbelievable delays and no answers on my messages... pretty sad because the product is actially really good though!

      Normally switzerland is really efficient and professional, especially concerning work! Thanks for ruining our great image intelligent security!

      Pour votre compréhension:

      Je suis déçu et j'espère que kickstarter va réagir à de tels projets minables à l'avenir.

    49. Matthew Alexander
      on November 9


      "Our actual structure (en Suisse) only allows one person to work on the packaging. It takes time."

      Understandable if your initial orders were as projected. When the project blew up into big-time numbers, that was the time to plan for how you would handle shipping. You had more than sufficient time and funds.

      Once again you all have proven that you have no business sense -- nor business ethics. The whole thing has been one, big joke. Worse execution ever!

    50. Alex Cahiz on November 9

      Got all 10 of mine yesterday! Super easy to install, looks way better than the electrical tape I had before and works great! Glad to have finally gotten it. Will recommend to others. Hope you've figured out all the manufacturing, supply chain and delivery issues for future customers. Glad you could deliver on your promise.

      Word of advice, try your best in future to not get emotional in your response and communications. People get petty, irrational and rude when money is on the line. Though there is a fair deal of trust on the line, people on kickstarter are "backers" not direct "customers," so they should know there is a total chance of failure. And as with a HUGE number of crowdsourced projects, especially first time projects, the expected delivery is never on time.

      So when things start going sideways, or at the very least, unforeseen events create delays, you need to manage expectations and ALWAYS STAY PROFESSIONAL. Can't stress that last one enough. The moment you start talking like a teen on Twitter, you lose even more credibility. Looks like this Xavier guy understands this and the last two comments reflect that. But the "To all the spammers and jealous people" comment was just immature and only poured petrol on the fire.

      Hope you all have learned great lessons here, backers included.

      All the best.

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