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Nightwing: The Series is a 3 part mini-series centering around Batman's ex-sidekick, Robin.
Nightwing: The Series is a 3 part mini-series centering around Batman's ex-sidekick, Robin.
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    1. Joseph Baneth Allen on

      Just finished watching; along with Jeff H., "Nightwing: The Series" released by Ismahawk in association with MG Studio.
      I was a back of this Kickstarter project; which if memory serves me correctly was started back in 2012, after the release of a Nightwing fan film titled Batman; Nightwing that was shot and edited in three days back in July 2012 by Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le. Their short film garnered more than a million hits on YouTube and served as the impetus for this limited mini-series.
      So they decided to launch a Kickstarter project after MG Studio expressed an interest in producing this mini-series.
      A basic knowledge of the events in the Bronze Age of the DC Universe is helpful in watching this movie - such as how Jason Todd was killed by the Joker - who also shot Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Bat Girl. Jeff H. wasn't familiar with those events in the Batmanverse. [Yes, I did say Batmanverse.]
      "Nightwing: The Series" focuses on the events leading up to Dick Grayson's split with Bruce Wayne and moving to Buldhaven to stake out his own claim to crime fighting as Nighwing. Only now a deadly new player in the form of Deathstroke has arrived in Buldhaven and is picking off certain individuals left and right. Nightwing is badly wounded in a fight with Deathstroke and is rescued by someone who should be dead.
      "Nightwing: The Series" does takes events from the Batmanverse and puts its own unique spin on them.
      So how does this limited mini-series fare?
      Jeff H. did not like it and only gave it one-and-a-half stars. He did like the fight scenes though; saying that they were well choreographed.
      I liked "Nighwing: The Series" and it reminded me of the superhero television pilots of the 1970s - like Captain America, that never got the green light for a series. With DC comicbook heroes getting their own television series now, it would be interesting to see a Nightwing series.
      Well worth taking the time to watch it on YouTube. "Nightwing; The Series" is great fun to watch and was worth backing on Kickstarter.
      Recommended for fans of anything Batman.
      Three Stars.

    2. Missing avatar

      justin jacocks on

      Hey my address hasn't changed I didn't receive anything..I know all I got was a sticker but I thought it would be cool to have something from the show ..thanks tho!

    3. James Harvey

      Arrived in Australia. Many thanks!

    4. Daniel Winch on

      Signed Blu-Ray and T-Shirt received in the UK today. Definitely worth the wait! Great job.

    5. Jaclyn Tan on

      Hi, I know I opted for the download links instead of the dvd when you sent a survey a few months back. But I found out that it'll take FOREVER to download the series - so can I still get a dvd copy?

    6. Joey Chirico on

      Should I be concerned that I haven't received any of my stuff by now? I put in my change of address when you guys posted the survey, and a previous update said most people should've received their shipments. It's been a while since I've heard anything else, so I just wanted to check on that.

    7. Korey Krabbenhoft on

      Hey guys I have got 2 posters in the mail now was that suppose to happen, Also do you have any of the Blu-rays left.

    8. Joseph Bennett Jr. on

      I know that it kinda early still guys but I still have not received my poster but I got my others goodies for the tier I got

    9. James Harvey

      Any update for international?

    10. Seth Harrison on

      I got my shirts on Friday. Still waiting on the Blu-ray and DVD but guessing they were sent in a separate package. Love the shirts! Really looking forward to Season 2. Are you guys going to do another KS for it?

    11. David Bernardo on

      Having patience pays off, finally got my nightwing bluray, red hood shirt and decal. After 2 years. Happy it finally arrived.

    12. Gene Vance on

      Nevermind, looking back exactly as promised. Sorry it had been awhile

    13. Gene Vance on

      I thought the shirts were going to be either night wing or redhood. I got a shirt with nightwing in new 52 colors

    14. Walt Frasier on

      Watched this on YOUTUBE already. Love it!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthew Roberson

      I still haven't found the survey to change my address. Was there a link in the last 2 updates?

    16. Ismahawk Creator on

      Hey Dylan, check the last update! We will be sending them out after we receive the blurays, and dvds in the mail to ensure that we can have the most updated material when we send everything out!

    17. Missing avatar

      Dylan McCroan on

      In the jan 27 message it mentioned surveys being sent out for address changes. I haven't received one yet.

    18. Ismahawk Creator on

      @Ariel! Sorry about the delay on that! We are going to try and get the digital download up on dropbox for you guys to download by next week at the latest!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Ariel Aziza on

      If you have the bd/dvd starting to go out, have you also got the digital download ready to go?

    20. Kent L. Stoner II on

      You mentioned sending out a new survey for shirt sizes and preferences of BD/DVD/digital, but I do not recall ever seeing it come through. Also, VERY good job guys!

    21. Joseph Bennett Jr. on

      great season are we gonna see a second season

    22. Ian Lovecraft

      the episodes were amazing guys and well worth the wait. just curious if you guys are planning on sending out the surveys again before shipping the rewards to make sure our addresses and everything else is correct.

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul John Paslosky on

      Hey guys! Fantastic first episode! Worth the wait! Was just wondering where us backers stand on the blu rays. I know y'all had sent something out stating you'd appreciate the backers doing the digital download instead to save on production costs for the series. I think that I had said I was ok with it but after seeing the first episode I'm really starting to kick myself because this would be great to have on Blu Ray. Either way congrats on the completion and best of luck on your future projects! Cheers!

    24. Gene Vance on

      I know the series is dropping soon. When are our backer rewards due?

    25. ranmadoctor on

      Any chance we can get an update?

    26. Ivan Calderon on

      I really can not wait for this series to be shown and hopefully the time and effort was used well. You guys should never give up and hope we get an update about the rewards soon.

    27. Ismahawk Creator on

      Hey @Benjamin Pass, your hope will be rewarded soon enough. This project has not and will not die, I assure you. We have roughly four more (slightly spread out) days left of shooting and then we jump straight to editing, special effects, etc as we stated in our last update at the beginning of the month. When we are not on set we are in meetings discussing the next day of shooting. The next update will be a good one, so stay tuned, And thanks again!

    28. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Pass on

      I must say, I'm still anxiously awaiting this. There are times that it feels like the project must have died because it is so long between updates, but I'm still holding out hope.

    29. Ivan Calderon on

      I can't wait until this is finished... However, it would be nice if you give some small news or hints of directing, costume making and etc. not every minute but every so often like once/twice a week if possible. Thanks guys and keep up with the work

    30. ranmadoctor on

      I am kind of with Matthew on questioning the fact if this film will be completed give the fact the film is six month behinds and the costume is not completed. Any way you can provide a timeline of events? Like when the shooting is projected to start. How long the filming process, editor process will take, etc?

    31. Ismahawk Creator on

      @Matthew Donahue, sorry if it is upsetting to not have a finished project by now but of course there is going to be hurdle after hurdle in a project this big with the small team we have. We want this finished as much as you guys do. But we also don't want to compromise quality just to put something out to insatiate the constant hunger of fans. We are not your typical "fan film" indie filmmakers.

      But if you want more proof or evidence that this project is moving along, let us know and we'll provide it for everyone. Of course nothing short of spoiling the storyline we're going with. We've been developing this story almost 24/7 and it has received the most effort in our part compared to anything else so far.

      Thanks though for your input because we value all of our backers' and fans' criticisms and opinions. After all, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for you guys. If you still want to contact us, send us a message and we'll work something out!

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew Donahue on

      I feel as though this project is never going to get off the ground and there is hurdle after hurdle. There is absolutely nothing given on your end to the fans who backed this project. How do we get our money back?

    33. Ismahawk Creator on

      Yes sorry about the delay on the rewards guys! We're planning on shipping most of the rewards together when the series is released to save on bulk shipping costs. We will have another update soon about rewards when we receive the shirts from our supplier.

    34. Missing avatar

      Alice Chen on

      When are the rewards arriving again? (also, did we have a survey for the rewards yet? It's been so long I can't remember...)

    35. Mich S. on

      Hi, I'm confused as to what's the latest with the film -- looks like you're in costume phase, but the DVD was expected back in March? I may have missed something or am forgetting something already sent out. Please advise. Thanks!

    36. Missing avatar

      Ryan Krol on

      Can we get an update? The last included some pretty big news regarding your directors, I'd like to know how things are going since then.

    37. Sunny Tremblay on

      About when will the prizes be mailed?

    38. Aaron Walter Amador on

      I'd really like to see some pictures of the set maybe casting updates. It would be really cool and we haven't seen an update for a while.

    39. Gene Vance on

      So when should we be expecting the email to pick our shirts and if were getting blueray or DVD?

    40. Alan McAnelly

      To Matt: Spoilers Maybe! I think Nightwing/Dick is on good terms with Batman/Bruce, I remember reading about them getting along in the first few issues in the reboot or something. There was a panel in Batman that had Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Red Robin/Tim Drake, and Robin/Damian Wayne all getting dressed in suits to go out in public. Right now I think it's Red Hood/Jason Todd who has fallen out with Batman, mainly because he kills and uses guns. Spoilers Maybe!

    41. TheChosenOne on

      I'd rather see some extended (fighting) scenes (thus 3 longer episodes).

    42. Matt Bergson on

      I really hope there is no batman cameo.... There's really no need. In the comics dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne have a falling out causing Grayson to give up the mantle of robin. He then leaves Gotham city to make a name for himself in bludhaven.

      I would much rather see a better NIGHTWING coustume and more focus on the stunts. This is Nightwings time to shine and this project could be a huge push for his character.

    43. Missing avatar

      Brock Cullers on

      I hope so Caesar, but they've already said before that they needed 30k to deal with all the money it'd take to get all the rewards put together so atm that only leaves about $5,000 to get either stunt coordinators, better camerawork/ lighting, or fix up the costume how they'd like too. Plus while we'd rather the stunt coordinators and etc, perhaps it'd be too hard to get the storyline too work without a Batman cameo, thus leaving even less money to go around to do either better camerawork or stunts. I'm hoping this isn't the case but if it is, then perhaps it'll get enough attention to get all the $60k stretch goals by season 2. If that's what happens, i'll still be happy:)

    44. Missing avatar

      Caesar A. V. Swaby on

      Could they still get the stunt coordinators even though they haven't reached $40,000?

    45. Fabio Castelblanco on

      Sweet! I'm glad everyone seems on board with stunt cooradinators instead of Batman cameo. Use Nightwing & his characters. Also thanks sophie for asking what I was curious of. Can't wait! :)

    46. Ismahawk Creator on

      @sophie You get all of the above and choice between the DVD or Bluray. And yes you do get the poster as well :]

    47. Missing avatar

      Sophie on

      I'm curious. When the 35$ pledge has "all of the above + shirt", I doubt it has the sticker, digital download, soundtrack, DVD, Blu-Ray and poster included as well as the shirt. So... I'm guessing we will probably get a choice between the DVD and Blu-Ray? Do we really get the poster, anyone know? Thanks!

    48. Sarah Strauberry on

      I am very excited! Nightwing is my favorite.
      Best of luck!

    49. Fabio Rigamonti on

      Congrats on the 30K milestone!!!

      I do agree with Jan "here has been so much about Batman both movies and on the web. This is Dick Graysons turn."

      In the next update, could you please share the final decision on the Batman cameo or make a poll?

    50. Haphazard Projects on

      Ah, quite a few of my KS'ers made stretch goals or Backer's milestones today. Well done, sir. Well done indeed.

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