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A woman spends 20 winters almost entirely alone - just her art and a guitar for company. Will she be able to "play" nice with others?
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In the Interlude...

Posted by Alexandra de Steiguer (Creator)

Winter’s coming to an end – a time I look forward to and dread at the same time. This year has been especially tough – only partly because all the work I have done on the album this winter has not yet resulted in a finished product, even as it’s consumed just about all of my creative time. Producing an album has turned out to be a much greater undertaking than I imagined, consuming more time for acquiring technical skills and making, selecting, and editing tracks than I ever anticipated, and so I must apologize to all you generous supporters who have been patiently waiting for your copy.

Be assured though, that nothing will keep me from completing this album, though I will be feeling awful over and over again for not getting it done and shipped sooner rather than later. In fact, I am so shocked by how badly I estimated the release date during the campaign, that I am leery of promising another date until we are closer to getting the final mixes done. I beg your patience with my inexperience, but I am cursed with the need to make this great, and with your kind indulgences, it will be so.

Warmly, Alex

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      Gerald Cosenza on

      Thank you so much for your very heartfelt apology but none is needed. I am very much looking forward to hearing your music but I can wait, however long, for you to be satisfied with the finished product. Yes, perfection can sometime be a curse, but great art (and music) is never produced without it.

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      Tina Lee on

      Ditto to the others' comments. Looking forward to its completion, but only when you are ready. I'm sure you are also looking forward to having it finished!

    3. Alexandra de Steiguer Creator on

      Thank you for the lovely comments, I should have guessed that you'd be supportive in all ways!

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      Phyllis Varga on

      We will be happy when you are satisfied with your project. No rush. Creating in a new medium has a steep uphill climb!

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      Christine Kenneway on

      Do what you must and no worries here. Will be happy when your happy.

    6. Missing avatar

      Peter B on

      Hi. I agree with others. I’m guessing most of us are fully supportive of your creative process and not too worried re: timing. —Peter

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      Alison Petersen on

      Alex - good work takes time. Take all you need. Looking forward to it when you are done! Alison

    8. Missing avatar

      Pat Nelson on

      Alex - Please take all the time you need to be pleased with what you produce. I will be delighted whenever the final result appears. Meanwhile, I am holding onto every last moment of winter until spring becomes inevitable... ~Pat