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Designed for your office, home, or apartment and made for professionals, students, designers, gamers, or just anyone with a desk.
Designed for your office, home, or apartment and made for professionals, students, designers, gamers, or just anyone with a desk.
214 backers pledged $86,811 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Stepan Trnka on

      Hi Nathan! Thank you for your answer. I already sent an email on th 11th September. I will send another one, then.

    2. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Hi Guys,

      The SlatePro's all shipped out a few months ago. If you have not received yours, please email with your order name and address. We will figure out what happened to your shipments. Thanks for backing!


    3. Stepan Trnka on

      Hello again. I too have paid for the table in March and still have not received it nor any response to my comment from the September 22th. The wait and lack of feedback is getting really frustrating.

    4. Stepan Trnka on

      Hello again. I too have paid for the table in March and still have not received it nor any response to my comment from the September 22th. I am seriously considering reporting this project and wanting my money back.

    5. Missing avatar

      george gula on

      Hi Nathan - We backed and paid for our table in March and have still not received it (second production run, July). Can you tell me the status of the shipment - we are anxious to receive it

    6. Stepan Trnka on

      Hi Nathan, exactly the same here. I am third in line, I wrote you an e-mail asking for some tracking details of the order as my shipping adress is in Europe, so I want to know about any possible difficulties with the order. Any thoughts? Thanks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Pete on

      Hi Nathian I'm in the same boat as john I'm in the "third in line your get your slate pro in June and have not received the order yet either. Any thoughts where on where my order is?

    8. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Sent you a message John Jacoby.

    9. John James Jacoby on

      I'm in the "You are Third in Line: Pledge $448 and Receive Your SlatePro in June" group and haven't received mine yet. Any thoughts on where my order might be?

    10. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      We have had a few complaints about the screws and are doing our best to resolve this quickly. For those of you that have received your SlatePro, we recommend using a drill with a phillips head. This will help them go in much easier. If anyone needs a new set of screws sent to them, please email us at Thanks for your patience!

      - Nathan

    11. Jinhyung Park on

      OMG I couldn't assemble at all w/ that bad screws. :( :(

      I couldn't assemble two legs..... what should I do?

      I wonder you, Nathan, try assembling w/ this package. The included tools didn't give help at all........ I want to get my full refund. I cannot use this desk at all. :(

    12. Zetura on

      I received my desk today ! :) (july production run)
      Am I the only to have problem with the screws? After the thread they are thicker and it's impossible to completely screw them… :S
      And why are the feet sanded at the bottom ? They are all black, but at the bottom they are grey… Thanks !

    13. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    14. James Conn on

      Have all the july delivery desks been shipped out?

    15. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Thanks for your comment Ben. I responded to everyones messages. If you have any great feedback, feel free to give us a shout out. For any questions or issues at all, please email for quick / immediate assistance. Thanks again everyone!

    16. Missing avatar

      Benjamin W on

      got my desk last week and I love it! great job fellas! great design

    17. Missing avatar

      Dominik Weber on

      @Nathan please get back to me too about the condition of my desk. Thank you!

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Missing avatar

      Cory Adair

      Not that I'm aware of, James. I'm a "second in line" backer but haven't heard/received anything.

      @Nathan, any update since 05/21? Thanks man!

    20. James Conn on

      I'm pledged for the second production run but I'm curious how the project is coming along... any of the first run people have their desks yet?

    21. Kevin Liu on

      Hi Nathan, would also appreciate an update please. Will we make May shipping? Thank you.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brian Peres on

      Any status updates on the production, ship dates, etc.? Would love to know if this in on track.

    23. Shane on

      @Nathan How's the May deliverable coming? Haven't heard much since the funding ended.

    24. Jon Summersfield on

      @Nathan - along the same lines as J.Park - is there way to upgrade the high standing slate pro? I too forgot to add $48 :(

    25. Jinhyung Park on

      @Nathan, is there way to upgrade the high standing slate pro? I forgot to add $48 :(

    26. Missing avatar

      Benjamin W on

      Great job Nathan! Very excited to get my SlatePro!

    27. Shane on

      I've been watching the "First Come, First Serve" tier like a hawk! Thank-you to whoever opted out of that tier, I was happy to take it off your hands :)

      @Nathan - I sent you a message asking about the dual monitor size limit your described, can you please answer before funding ends? Thanks

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    29. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Richard - We are so close to the 100k mark and I want the high desk / standing SlatePro model myself. With that said, we put the PO's through for the additional (thicker steel) material. The high top legs are now in the works regardless of us hitting the 100k mark. I will be posting an update in the next hour to let everyone know the details. Thanks again!

      Mina - You can fit dual monitors on the desk but there is a limit to the monitor size. Feel free to send me a message for any more information. Thanks!

    30. richard on

      We are very close to the 100k goal. What options will we have to buy the taller version if we do not meet the stretch target? Thanks.

    31. Mina Markham on

      I have a dual monitor setup, is this desk wide enough to accommodate that?

    32. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      As soon as the project is funded, you will be sent a survey to select your SlatePro model. It depends on the computer/laptop but above the docks is a nice spot. I hope you enjoy, thanks!

    33. Missing avatar

      Westlaker on

      Just backed it, my virgin support on KS! I wanna know when can I decide on the optional parts (like w or w/o cooling holes, etc.) for my desk? By the way, where do you suggest I can place my lamp? Thanks.

    34. Missing avatar

      Benjamin W on

      Nathan I sent you a message a few days back...take a look and get with me

    35. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Chris, we don't offer different colors of stains at this point. It's just not something we have been able to streamline. We'll keep the suggestion in mind. Thanks :)

    36. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Thanks so much for the kind words Craig! We weren't expecting that at all. It's great to see someone so experienced with crowdfunding be so excited about our work. You're the man!

    37. Missing avatar

      Chris Andrews on

      Hi Nathan, Can we get different stains for the wood?

    38. Craig Dunn

      Just thought I'd mention this in case anyone might be "on the fence" about backing Nathan and this project....

      I just received a Slate Mobile Air Desk and an iPad Dock yesterday that I had ordered through Nathan's site. I am absolutely blown away by the quality of the bamboo material used, the thoughtfulness of the design, the craftsmanship and finish of all the CNC router work, and even little details like the simple, yet protective packaging. If the effort put into these smaller items translates up to the SlatePro desk....well, it's going to be stunning to behold and to utilize. My only "issue" is that I'm going to have to choose between the regular and the standup versions - both have their merits! :-)

      And, no, I'm not affiliated with Nathan....some projects do have suspicious first-time backers (friends/family/employees) come on and act as shills....not me. I've backed 600 or so projects and rarely publicly endorse anything. In this case, I'm impressed suitably enough to make an exception.

    39. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Thanks! And, great question. If you scroll about half-way down the Kickstarter page, there will be a photograph of the desk from underneath. We provide cable/cord clips with each SlatePro that have an adhesive backing for easy/quick setup.

    40. Mathias Algoet on

      Nathan, i really like the clean design of the SlatePro, but i wonder how the underside of the desk looks like, I'm a bit worried i'll end up with a clean desk on the upside, but with a lot of cables and hardware at the underside

    41. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Hi Blaine - We would like to get into larger or different models but we wanted to first produce the SlatePro. We wanted to start with a standard and hightop desk for a single desk user first and then explore other options later. As for now, you will just want to push them together - that should work out great. Thanks for dropping a line.

    42. Blaine Mitchell Perry on

      Have you guys thought about more custom like a double wide or double depth? My fiance and i will be either putting them back to back or next to each other. But making them one piece?

    43. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Delio - you can back for two desks by multiplying the amount by two (2x $448). Thanks and we hope you enjoy your SlatePro's.

    44. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      James - make sure to keep your seat in line. After funding has completed, you will receive an end of project survey (via email). It will list all 8 models. You will be able to select which model you would like shipped to you. Thanks, we are very excited to offer new SlatePro models.

    45. Delio on

      How do I back two? Do I just double a pledge?

    46. James Conn on

      Wow! Very excited to see what the stretch goals add... I already pledged but hopefully I'll be able to change my pledge if I like something else?

    47. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Due to the success of the SlatePro so far, I will be posting an update this afternoon for three future stretch goals - giving us a total of 8 unique SlatePro models to select from. To make the material purchase possible, the final stretch goal will be set at $100,000. It's only been 4 days and we have passed $50k so it should happen! Thanks backers for being apart of the SlatePro and most importantly, helping it evolve even further.

    48. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Dominik - You will want to pull the cord slightly out of the dock when you remove the phone from your SlatePro. Similar to an Apple Product, the design of the SlatePro focuses on minimalism, so we opted against any additional notches or holes.

    49. Missing avatar

      Dominik Weber on

      Will the lighting cable fall through when I unplug it. I don't want to scrawl under my desk every time I charge my iPhone or iPad. Maybe you could integrate a little notch that will prevent the cable from falling through.

    50. Simon Madsen on

      Hey Nathan. I would really like a SlatePro. However, I would rather have one without the cooling holes (as I can see others request as well). The holes on the back for cables are good though. The reason for that is as follows: Any MacBook model rests on four points underneath the computer (the black rubber-circles in each corner). When I place my computer on top the SlatePro, some of these contact will very likely become unsupported. This means that the computer will instead rest on it aluminum belly. If there are any impurities on the desk surface, which is pretty likely most of the time, any movement of the computer will result in scratches on the bottom of the computer, as well as the surface of the desk. Furthermore, I doubt that the cooling holes actually have any functional value to it, related to cooling. Do you have any tests suggesting that those cooling holes actually have a positive thermodynamical impact on the performance of the computer, or is it just an assumption that they will?
      Hope you understand my concerns and hope you will allow for users to order a model without the cooling holes - after all it requires less machining at the production level :)
      Regards, Simon

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