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Designed for your office, home, or apartment and made for professionals, students, designers, gamers, or just anyone with a desk.
Designed for your office, home, or apartment and made for professionals, students, designers, gamers, or just anyone with a desk.
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      Dominik Weber on

      Will the lighting cable fall through when I unplug it. I don't want to scrawl under my desk every time I charge my iPhone or iPad. Maybe you could integrate a little notch that will prevent the cable from falling through.

    2. Simon Madsen on

      Hey Nathan. I would really like a SlatePro. However, I would rather have one without the cooling holes (as I can see others request as well). The holes on the back for cables are good though. The reason for that is as follows: Any MacBook model rests on four points underneath the computer (the black rubber-circles in each corner). When I place my computer on top the SlatePro, some of these contact will very likely become unsupported. This means that the computer will instead rest on it aluminum belly. If there are any impurities on the desk surface, which is pretty likely most of the time, any movement of the computer will result in scratches on the bottom of the computer, as well as the surface of the desk. Furthermore, I doubt that the cooling holes actually have any functional value to it, related to cooling. Do you have any tests suggesting that those cooling holes actually have a positive thermodynamical impact on the performance of the computer, or is it just an assumption that they will?
      Hope you understand my concerns and hope you will allow for users to order a model without the cooling holes - after all it requires less machining at the production level :)
      Regards, Simon

    3. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      The SlatePro fits any size computer and has desk space on the top right (above docks) for additional tech products. It's close to 48 inches, so it contains a good amount of functional space. The SlatePro fits small to large desktops, along with laptops at the same time. For smaller monitors, dual screen sharing is possible. Regarding cables and cords... The table design follows a minimal style so cables and cords are supposed to be hidden, leaving an organized desk space. Once you setup your SlatePro with the cords and cables the first time, the desk is ready for use. There aren't electronic components within the desk. For a listing of phones and tablets that work with the SlatePro, please scroll down the Kickstarter page to view the tech specifications. Thanks again!

    4. Ali Al Rahma on

      Hello Nathan, I'm kindly asking you to answer Christopher's questions on here so that I can see them as I have the same (except for the Kindle question).

    5. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Hi Christopher, we try to keep comments open for suggestions, tips, and feedback. I will answer all of your questions in a message. Thanks for dropping a line!

    6. Christopher Currie on

      Hey Nathan can you please answer my questions about the desk.

    7. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Great Anderson, I'm happy you like the SlatePro and your Station Desk Caddy. We don't have a Station made for the iPad but we do have the Chisel iPad Dock. Here is a link to the ordering page:

    8. Missing avatar

      Anderson on

      I love this desk concept and love my station that I bought a few months ago. I use my computer on a laptop stand, so have you considered a version without the holes? Also, do you have any plans for a station that holds an iPad?

    9. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Good question. Early this coming up week, there will be two stretch goals released. There is a very good chance a high top desk will be one of those. Everyone seems to want it and we would like to build it. Thanks for your suggestions!

    10. Ankit Gupta on

      Nathan, this is an awesome sounding project! I wonder, is it possible to get leg extenders to turn this into a standing desk? I'd love to have it approx 48" off the ground!

    11. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      We had an overwhelming amount of people ask for SlatePro's setup the same but on the left side also. Basically, for anyone who is left handed. So, I'll send an update on Monday with the stretch goal details for a left handed model SlatePro. Thanks backers!

    12. Missing avatar

      M C on

      Hi Nathan!
      Where do I pick up the black chair depicted in the pictures and videos? :-P

    13. Missing avatar

      Angelica Holden on

      How about some how incorporating somewhere to put my laser printer?

    14. Christopher Currie on

      Can the Slate Pro fit both a MacBook Pro and an iMac or the new MacPro? Also what about power? Is it built with power cables in the desk? If so are they 110-240 volt or you will place 220/240 volt lines in the desks for international backers? In terms of the cables themselves are there hooks underneath the desk to keep order to all of the devices? Finally what about my Kindle Paperwhite? Can I have it on the desk charging in addition to my iPad and iPhone?

    15. Nathan Mummert 10-time creator on

      Thanks for the comments everyone! I'm working on responding to all backer messages about the SlatePro as they come in. Also, I've heard great suggestions from a lot of you. We are less than a full day into Kickstarter so give me a few days and I can put a game plan together for some possible stretch goals. Again, thanks for the wonderful start!

    16. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Lee on

      Can't wait for mine

    17. Blaine Mitchell Perry on

      What are the exact dimensions for the units I bought 2 and need to make sure they will both work in the room.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dominik Weber on

      Amazing concept! I would also prefer a darker color. Maybe you will add some stretch goals!!!

    19. MOKU on

      Can the desk be purchased without the air holes?

    20. Missing avatar

      Rex Anayas

      Have you thought about a dark stain color for the desk?

    21. MOKU on

      How cool is this desk...

    22. Missing avatar

      Benjamin W on

      This looks great!
      Can't wait