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A throwback to the classic genre films of the 80's. Starring Ron Perlman, Matt Bush, Scout Taylor Compton, Lea Thompson and more. Read more

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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on August 3, 2011.

A throwback to the classic genre films of the 80's. Starring Ron Perlman, Matt Bush, Scout Taylor Compton, Lea Thompson and more.

Isaac Meisenheimer
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About this project

Bruce's world is turned upside down when an accident leaves him working the night shift at the local cemetery. There's just one catch, the dead won't stay dead.

"The Gatekeeper"

Starring: Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy), Matt Bush (Adventureland, Glory Daze), Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween, The Runaways), Lea Thompson(Back to the Future Trilogy) and many more.

Are you tired of sequels, three-quels, reboots and movies based off of board games? Here's your chance to do what the studios are too scared to do, take a chance on original content. You get to be the executive producer who decides if the film gets green lit. You get to be part of the experience from the ground up.

"The Gatekeeper" is a throwback to the great genre films of the 80's. It's the story of an aging cemetery worker who helps a young man overcome his insecurities by killing the dead. 

What we're doing...

Hindsight Pictures, LLC is trying to raise the money to go into production on "The Gatekeeper". For the last five years, we've been navigating the studios and production companies of Hollywood and to make a long story short, we've had the funding pulled out from under our feet several times. Now we've decided to take it to the people, to trust in YOU the power to fund a really great project.

We've assembled the amazing cast listed above. Ron Perlman, Matt Bush, Scout Taylor Compton, Lea Thompson and many more. This isn't just a wish list of actors we'd like to have, but actors who have attached themselves to the project.

We're also going to document the filming process and broadcast via our website in weekly video podcasts so that you can follow along with our progress. 

What do we need the money for?

Making a feature film isn't easy or cheap. All of the money donated, minus what Kickstarter charges, will be used for the budget of the film. We're scheduled to shoot the film this September in Louisiana using local production service companies, local talent and local crew. 

The total budget of this is one million US. It's a lot of money. Especially in these hard times. But we at Hindsight Pictures love movies. We believe in the magic that happens while you spend two hours in the dark staring at that silver screen and we're hoping to bring some of that magic to you with our film "The Gatekeeper".

What you're paying for...

Every dollar we receive goes directly towards our budget.

Not only do we have to rent all of the equipment to make the film, we also have to pay the skilled craftsmen who operate the equipment, as well as, our dedicated staff that has been developing this project for the last few years.

Most films after completion have to recoup their budget plus any additional money spent on P&A or print and advertising. In most cases this triples the debt the filmmakers now owe before the film makes a profit. We're trying something different. You're the studio. You're the executive producer. You're the audience. We're making this movie for you!

Why would you want to spend your hard earned money on a movie you've never heard of?

Because this is the future of film. This is how we show the studios that the sweeping body of crap that they put out every year isn't good enough for us. The same aging directors and producers rehashing the same tired ideas over and over has worn down our expectations of what a movie can be. It's time we put the power back in the hands of the consumer. It's time we made our voice heard.

So look into your heart, dig deep in your pockets and if you can, please give us a dollar or two.

See you in the movies,

Hindsight Pictures

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    All of the above rewards, dinner with cast and director(travel not included) and credit as "associate producer". Contact us for larger donations and credit opportunities as an executive producer with a profit share in the film.

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