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The official Binding of Isaac multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding.
The official Binding of Isaac multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding.
38,335 backers pledged $2,650,875 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Up for a mystery box?

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

How would you guys feel about a high tier that featured a mystery box full of retired toys/boxed games/stickers and a bunch of random stuff Ed finds in the garage!? It would probably be limited to 20 and be the highest tier so far...

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Is a solo mode coming?

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

For those wondering, Ed is still working on a solitaire mode and a true co-op mode for the game.. We will post detailed info once he is 100% ... 90% sure true co-op will work perfectly :)

Double Trouble explained

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

For those of you asking, the Double Trouble tier comes with twice everything in the $35 tier. We came up with this for those looking to buy it with a friend, especially those outside the US, so that you can split shipping. So, the tier comes with 2 gold trim boxes, 2 expansion packs (each with 68 cards) and two sets of all unlockables. Woo woo!

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So close to unlocking the next level...

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

Looks like we still need 2 more Isaac window post-it’s and 7 (polite) public interruptions ... will update the visuals soon!

We have new tiers!

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

UPDATE! We heard and read all the comments and messages and we have added a few new tiers in response to the most common questions.

First, we added DOUBLE TROUBLE, a pack of 2 gold boxes, at a slight discount & reduced shipping outside of the US, so if you know someone who needs a copy, join forces and save!

We also added a tier called ISAAC’S ROOM for the gold box that adds the 4 player playmat as well since so many of you want the mat without the shirt.

And finally for store owners, or really obsessive hoarders with a lot of money, we added THE SHOPKEEPER tier, a giant set of 30 KS exclusive gold boxes! woo woo!

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