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The official Binding of Isaac multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding.
The official Binding of Isaac multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding.
38,335 backers pledged $2,650,875 to help bring this project to life.

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Print this now!

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

Thanks to everyone for helping spread the word about Binding of Isaac: 4 Souls! Many of you were at Anime Expo with handmade posters and flyers and that was awesome! We've also put one together for you, just in case you want something handy.

Print this at home and make sure to pin one at your local game shop! We know many Binding of Isaac fans (especially those not on social media), still don't know about the tabletop version.

Hand these out at expos, give them to your friends... any way you think this can help spread the word!

$1MM in just over a week! (Surprise unlock inside)

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

We hit $1,000,000!!!! 

You guys unlocked the Stained Glass sticker!! 

This semi transparent sticker will now be included in all game boxes! Thanks so much for spreading the word! And we did it in just over week! So much more to come, please help spread the word to friends who don't know yet that there's a Binding of Isaac card game.

The Soul of Guppy is here

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

You guys cleared The Cathedral and look what you unlocked...

The Soul of Guppy has appeared in the basement! The Soul of Guppy is a "transformation" or the best way to do something like it. The first person to gain 2 guppy themed items while playing gains this soul, and once you have it no one else can gain it. 

The soul of guppy is one of now 3 bonus souls that sit at the sidelines waiting for you to claim them, the other souls (gluttony and greed) can be attained by hoarding loot cards, or sweet sweet coins. These bonus souls are awesome alt win cons. that really change up the game.

Are you ready for the next challenge?

Mystery Box tier is sold out!

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

Just 20 of these exclusive boxes --- all gone within two days! There might be some more exclusive tiers coming soon, but only for a limited time.


Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

We heard and read all your comments and feedback, and have been working to find a solution for international duties and taxes. And we have found a solid expediter! That means you wont be paying additional duties or taxes when your order arrives. This should help everyone who was worried about paying additional duties/taxes above shipping.

We are taking a small hit $ wise on this but we are also closing in at $1M and the biggest request from you guys was to look into getting an expediter and we did!

Keep spreading the word. Want to make sure any overseas fans who didn't back the project at launch know about the changes now, we only have 20 days to go.. and a lot more stuff to unlock when we get more backers.