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The official Binding of Isaac multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding.
The official Binding of Isaac multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding.
38,335 backers pledged $2,650,875 to help bring this project to life.

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Important Update: You Don’t Want To Miss This

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

Backers, thanks for the love and support you’ve shown the Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. Ed has been sharing updates on his Twitter as much as possible and we have been working behind the scenes on the hundreds of elements that have gone into making a game like this.  

But now that everything has been finalized, we have a few updates for you – about the production, delivery and 2019 plan. So here we go: 

Some fun facts first:  

  • We’ve printed millions of cards for the games. There’s a team dedicated only to collating, counting and packing each set for the games. 
  • Ed went through design revisions for every single item in the game. From the right shade of red for the dice to the color of the little ball on Judas’ fez. EVERY.SINGLE.THING. 
  • The box itself went through over 6 rounds of revision to get the right size and the right color of red. We wanted to include space for you to keep expansion packs in there but didn’t want to make the box too big. The end result is just perfect. 
  • Ed received the first-ever full set of the four signature figures and the three add-on collectible figures, which he posted on Twitter. 

Add-On Charges

We will start charging cards on Thursday, November 1 so that everyone has enough time. Please make sure your card details are accurate so that your final orders can go through. 


We’ve finished production on the T-Shirts, four-player game mats, single-player Alex Pardee game mats, the custom coins, dice, custom penny pouches, pins, stickers, etc. Almost all of the games are also finished. They are being shipped to the different distribution centers from where they will be sent to you. Please make sure you’ve given us the correct address. 

Below are some pictures from the final pre-production samples.  


We are going to start shipping late November and continue through December.  

Unanswered Surveys

If you still haven’t filled out your survey, please do so immediately. Here’s the link:  

Just add the email address you used to pledge for the Kickstarter and it will take you to the pledge manager for your order. If you filled out the survey post the closing date, we will do our best to deliver your order before the holidays.  

Shrink Wrap  

All boxes will come shrink wrapped (except those that chose the Tainted Tier as Ed is signing your boxes). Thanks for that great suggestion everyone!  

Seal of Authenticity!  

This is one of our favorite things about the order. Each box comes with a seal of authenticity with its own unique number. Check out the picture below!  

Custom Cards  

Ed is working on these for backers in the Mod Tools tier. Please make sure you gave us the right information!  

2019 and beyond  

Is there anything specific you want for the game besides expansion packs? Tell us in the comments down below!  

Full visual spoiler website is live!

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

The Full visual spoiler for my first physical card game, The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, is live! You can view all the cards, read how to play and preorder the game here!

The spoiler site is still a work in progress and the cards themselves are undergoing their first revision so if you see any wording inconsistencies or typos please tell! Enjoy! ;)

P.S. We are working on all other production elements simultaneously too and should have more updates shortly. Lots going on behind the scenes to get everything right.

T-Shirt sizes

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

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Survey links are coming

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

Hello friends!

We have two big announcements!

First, our pre-order store is up. So if you know someone who missed backing the project, they can still get their hands on a game. 

Secondly, the pledge manager survey has been released to roughly 5% of the backers. This is a "Smoke Test" that Backerkit executes just to make sure we can make sure we have everything covered. 

In a few hours, everyone should start receiving their pledge manager links. Please do not freak out if yours is a little late. The surveys are released in batches, so everyone will get it. We promise.

When you receive the survey, click on the link in the email to respond. Give us your preferences. If you have any questions, reach out to us.

Pledge manager coming soon!

Posted by Edmund McMillen (Creator)

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