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Iron Mask Miniatures presents swashbuckling 28mm fantasy dwarves modeled after the legendary King’s Musketeers of 17th Century France.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Gordon Munn

      Excellent, Gary! I've been checking your original KS periodically, hoping you hadn't given up un the project.

    2. Gary Price 3-time creator on

      Hi everybody-

      It is nice to hear from you all again.

      @Nigel: No mounts for the ogres. Not this time around, anyway. I've given the matter considerable thought but haven't come up with a satisfactory conclusion. I'm not inclined to mount them on over-the-top fantastic beasts and the more "natural" European options just don't fee right. It's also likely that a white-metal casting of an ogre-sized mount would turn out to be too pricey

      @Steven: Unmarked, used $100 bills, please.


    3. Nigel Phillips

      Sacre bleu! Will there be ogres as well as dwarves? I am in whatever. Just doing the half ling KS from Stonehaven which supplies suitably rustic inn folk for Dart Onion's back story

    4. lone dirty dog on

      Great it is almost here tally ho ........

    5. Steven Dunbar on

      The email we've all been waiting for!!! C'mon Wednesday! Gary take my money!