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Iron Mask Miniatures presents swashbuckling 28mm fantasy dwarves modeled after the legendary King’s Musketeers of 17th Century France.
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    1. Gary Price 3-time creator on


      Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The Black Scorpion figures match well with the Iron Mask Dwarf Musketeers, although the differ in proportions -- the legs are thinner and the tummies bigger.

      The Olley Scrunt Pirates might be more of an acquired taste. They are slightly larger with heftier proportions. Also, the muskets seem a bit too long. I like the figures, though, and think they would mix well with the others.

      The Citadel/GW "Long Drong's Slayer Pirates" Regiment of Renown can still be found -- on eBay anyway -- although the castings seem to me to be a little flat. Old Marauder/GW slayers also make credible ship's crew. Both of these mix well with Iron Mask figures.

      Foundry has Swashbuckler dwarves in stock, some of which make decent Golden Age pirates. For pirate crew, you might also have a look at some of their Norse dwarves. They are heftier in proportion and you'll want to modify the weapons (Hmmm... I wonder of Iron Mask dwarf hands would work).


    2. Lostpict Lord High Undertaker of Valoria on

      OBTW, Cyrano and civilian Duelers sound awesome!

    3. Lostpict Lord High Undertaker of Valoria on

      Gary, thanks for the pointer. Scale / style wise who do Olley and Black Scorpion dwarf line up with the Musketeers?

    4. Gary Price 3-time creator on

      Actually, I am planning to do a Cyrano. The last phase of the project -- next year, I hope -- will be four dwarf duelists in civilian dress. These figures will use the existing heads and hands but will be dressed in 17th C fashion. Along with these figures, I plan to released three more dwarf special characters: Cyrano, George Villiers (the Duke of Buckingham), and La Maupin. No plans to do Christian or Roxanne, although the idea is intriguing...

      I have no plans to do pirates as such, although the civilian duelists will make credible pirates. I should add that, for dwarf pirates, Bob Olley's "Treasure Island Scrunt Pirates" and the Black Scorpion dwarf pirate range are hard to beat.

    5. Lostpict Lord High Undertaker of Valoria on

      Looking forward to even more sculpts. I saw Cyrano this weekend and was thinking a Cyrano, Christian, and Roxanne minis would be good additions since they are contemporaries. Slightly unrelated but definitely in the spirit would be Don Quixote and Sancho Panza coming up from Spain. My last idea would be some pirates.

    6. Darsc Zacal on

      Nicely painted minis and I'm liking the concept art of the dwarves on their mounts.
      I asked for the single shipment and I'm also in for the Addon minis, so it sounds like I've still a bit of a wait.

      Thank you for the update!

    7. Netsuke on

      Thanks Gary for the update.

      Looking forward to the artist impressions for the remainder.