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The world's first fully immersive Cyberpunk adventure made exclusively for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality System.
The world's first fully immersive Cyberpunk adventure made exclusively for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality System.
1,489 backers pledged CA$ 64,477 to help bring this project to life.

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UPDATE 29.04.2014_

Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)


First of all, I want to express my excitement for reaching our first stretch goal! This will allow us hire Graham Miller Music Design to compose an original score for the game. This includes everything from cues and ambiance, to radio streams, to elevator music and advertising jingles. Graham was gracious enough to allow us to use some of his tracks for the demo version of Technolust -but, these tracks were just ones he had laying around. The score for Technolust will be completely original! Graham is a very talented musician and we believe he has the perfect style for the mood we are trying to convey in the out world. I will post more about the music of Technolust shortly. Keep watching here :)


Behind the scenes I have been working with some people with amazing new graphics technology that I really can't wait to show you! I promise something more on that, very very shortly as well.

A complete new set of control options have been added to the most recent (unreleased) build of Technolust. Working together with mrgreen72 from the Oculus forums we are testing a huge number of control possibilities to ensure a safe and comfortable ride through Technolust. We have everything from a "comfort mode" (made famous by CloudHead Games) to decoupled head tracking, to 'U'-turn abilities and everything in between. 

That's it for now. Keep your eyes pealed for more updates soon.
And remember: Trust your Technolust_

UPDATE 26.04.2014_

Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)


As promised, we are updating the stretch goals to reflect new capabilities. Binaural audio has been removed from the list, as we feel that if and when it becomes possible it should be included regardless of the funding amount. In it's place we are adding support for the Sixense STEM control system.

Thank you for making TECHNOLUST a reality! 

More exciting updates coming soon.

UPDATE 19.04.2014_

Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)


It's only been one week... and the feedback from the demo has been insanely positive! A simple google search for Technolust + Rift reveals pages and pages of praise and excitement. As the developer it is almost impossible to describe how grateful I am that everyone who has tried it loves it as much as I.

We want to thank YOU, the community of fans and backers for bringing Technolust closer to reality.

The Kickstarter campaign is going strong. We are two-thirds of the way there and it's only the first week! We have been Greenlit on Steam after only 36 hours, and word is spreading across the net like a virus.

Exciting things are going on behind the scenes right now that I can't wait to tell everyone about. More updates will be coming shortly with screenshots and video. The revolution WILL be televised!

We're not quite finished yet. Lets crack some of those stretch goals! We will be adding more shortly, but we still need your help get there. Tell everyone you know that you have seen the revolution coming and they should fight with us to set the truth free! HACK THE PLANET!! (haha.. sorry, couldn't resist)