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The world's first fully immersive Cyberpunk adventure made exclusively for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality System.
The world's first fully immersive Cyberpunk adventure made exclusively for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality System.
1,489 backers pledged CA$ 64,477 to help bring this project to life.

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Oculus Runtime 4.0 issues

Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)

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Welcome to the Technolust Beta Program!

Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)

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UPDATE 07.07.2014_

Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)


Greetings user_
An early beta release is complete and ready for your DK2! I will post download links to the appropriate tiers as soon as the first reports of shipments arrive (Hopefully around July 14th). For those who haven't received their DK2, the latest builds will still work on older headsets as well. So don't fret! I'm sure yours will arrive soon enough. :)

 This recent stable build is not as far a long as I had hoped. A lot of time was eaten up by running the campaign, casting, setting up the photogrammetry studio etc. Rest assured, things are still on track! Positional tracking is in (and awesome), everything runs smooth as silk at 75fps on a decent gaming PC, I have updated much of the art in the game and added new areas for you to explore! 

Shortly after this beta release we will start gathering backer info for in-game rewards. It will be worth the wait. Building out more of the game environments and story has allowed for lots of exciting new options for your in-game persona. I will be available to speak with everyone individually to ensure that they are happy with their rewards.

This initial release will just be the beginning. For those interested, I will continue to release beta builds so that you can watch the progress of Technolust for yourself.

PrioVR Support:
Recently (with help from the Immersive Technology Alliance), we joined forces with PrioVR to fully immerse players in the Technolust universe.

This is early footage of the PrioVR suit in action. As the game progresses so will the implementation. Hundreds of people tried the demo at the AMD event and everyone was blown away! If you're a hardcore VR enthusiast, I would recommend pre-ordering a suit. This thing is super cool. 

PREORDER TO JOIN THE DK2 BETA:For those of you that haven't done so, or have friends that haven't, you can join the Beta program at any time through our pre-order site here. As mentioned above, many more beta builds will be released as the game progresses.


Check out Radial-G! If you have a Rift and haven't tried this game, GO NOW! They have a demo on Oculus Share. Play it and Back it! I must have this game!

Redefining the Hoodie: Avid Union's The Visor: Stealth Hoodie Superior hoodie with the option of Stealth Mode. Take back your image. Other features include: Peripheral vision like you have never seen while wearing a hood, unobstructed hearing perfect for premium headphones and general safety. Wire Routing: Connect gaming gear and wearables through slots in the shoulder, collar, upper back, and pocket interiors. Chose from two color combinations black shell with black zipper or black shell with yellow.

Origin PC is the place to go for new PC.  Fully customizable, brand name components, beautiful design and beastly performance. I named mine "Technolust". I love her more than I should probably admit. :P

That's all for now!
I'll talk to you soon :)

Blair Renaud 

UPDATE 29.05.2014_

Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

First of all I want to thank everyone for their support! We more than doubled our Kickstarter goal, successfully launching Technolust into the future! 

THE ARCADE:  is where Technolust's story continues from the demo, where (if you're clever enough) you'll meet your beautiful and dangerous contact in the resistance. This is also where those of you that pledged at the "ARCADE HERO" level will see your custom Arcade machines. Players will be able to "jack in" to these machines and explore a second layer of virtual reality within virtual reality. This is also where we will encounter our first 3D photoscanned assets. I can't wait for you to experience the story, mystery and nostalgia of the Arcade. :)

BACKER REWARD SUBMISSIONS: Though I have spoken to some of you about reward submissions, no official information has been gathered from backers as of yet. I will be sending out surveys to get the required materials as they are needed. I don't want to rush it. There is still much to be done. I want you to have as many options for styles and locations so that you will be happy with your cameo in the world of Technolust. Be patient, I promise it will pay off :)

SVVR & HARDWARE SUPPORT: Last week I was lucky enough to attend and speak at the first Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Expo. This afforded me the opportunity to try out all kinds of great hardware and software and to speak with the other developers and build relationships. Aside from giving Palmer Luckey (Founder of Oculus VR and fellow Technolust backer) a high five, I spoke to everyone from STEM and PrioVR to Leap Motion and the Sony Morpheus team about supporting their hardware. Nothing is 100% confirmed yet, but I will try to support everything that I can for the games release. I'm still speaking with everyone trying to get developer kits as soon as possible. Professional video was shot of the panels at SVVR and should be posted online in the coming days for those interested. Feel free to hit the comments section or send me a message if you have any questions :)

THE FUTURE: We're still on track for an early beta in July for those of you that backed at the $30 level and above. If all goes well, you will have a few new areas to explore and positional tracking for Oculus Rift DK2. Running the Kickstarter campaign and all that entails was a lot more time consuming than I had imagined, so the July beta won't be as complete as I had hoped. For those interested I will release a second more complete beta between July and the games final release to give you more of the experience. 

PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE: Have friends who missed the Kickstarter campaign? No problem! Pre-orders are available here! Payment can also be made with PayPal for your convenience. 

LOADING HUMAN: A very cool looking VR Kickstarter. They're already funded with 7 days still remaining. Stop by their page and give them some support!
ORIGIN PC: Need a new PC? These guys have the best custom rigs on the planet! Name brands, crazy customization and beautiful design.
GRAHAM MILLER MUSIC DESIGN: This is who will be doing the custom sound track for Technolust. He has just uploaded tons of new photos of his studio. If this isn't cyberpunk, I don't know what is.
/R/OCULUS: The best VR community on the interwebs. If you want up to date VR news and an amazing community of developers and enthusiasts, look no further.

Thanks again everyone! I hope that you will enjoy Technolust as much as I'm enjoying making it! These are exciting times. This is history in the making!

As I said, if anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to chat in the comments section of the kickstarter page or send me a private message.

Blair (Anticleric)

UPDATE 03.05.2014_

Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)


Stretch goals have been updated to reflect a keener scope for the project. Multiplayer has been replaced with 3D photoscanned assets. Included here are some examples of a 3D scan of Blair Renaud (Developer of Technolust). Reaching the new 60k goal would allow for all of the characters in Technolust to be photo-realistic 3D representations of real actors.


 As a bonus: Here are some renders of a new in-game model. The Corp-Sec APC.