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The world's first fully immersive Cyberpunk adventure made exclusively for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality System.
The world's first fully immersive Cyberpunk adventure made exclusively for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality System.
1,489 backers pledged CA$ 64,477 to help bring this project to life.

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UPDATE 11.13.14_ Supplemental report:

Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)

Hi Everyone! Just a mini update. Pictured above is a screenshot of the wastelands area, looking outward towards the towering super structures of the city beyond the wall.

I just got back from speaking about VR at the Montreal International Games Summit. Oculus was there, showing their amazing new tech. My mind was blown all over again. The future of VR is bright indeed!

The current working build of Technolust is running beautifully under SDK and will be released soon. Rock solid 75FPS with no jutter. I can't wait to show everyone! The only thing holding it back is some polish and a new photoscanned NPC. It will be worth the wait I promise! 

I'm also testing a MAC OSX build, which will be included with the next beta release.

 On the 24th of November, I'll be speaking at IMMERSED in Toronto. It's shaping up to be quite a show. With speakers from all around the world and the VR community.

Please also check out the Kickstarters below! The Nimble Sense Camera is amazing! By far the best solution for hands in VR that I've seen.

Now on Kickstarter, the Nimble Sense is a breakthrough depth sensing camera that captures your hands for VR input. The camera uses advanced time-of-flight depth sensing technology and provides a 110 degree field of view with 70cm range. Optimized for the Oculus RIFT DK2.

Also Check out Crystal Rift. Awesome Old-school dungeon crawler made for VR! 

Next Update will be a big one! Can't wait!


Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)

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UPDATE 10.23.14_ Progress report:

Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)

Hi everyone. Hope you're all enjoying the season of the witch. It's been a while since my last public update and I wanted to bring everyone up to speed.

What's up?

First of all, everything is fantastic! The game is coming along very well and we will have more to show very soon. Delays in an updated beta release mostly come down to stability issues. There are currently some issues with the SDK causing performance problems across the board. Oculus has assured me that they are working closely with both Unity and video card manufacturers to ensure that things will be smoothed out. So, no worries there.

What's new?

The most exciting news is that the photogrammetry studio is up and running. Over the next few weeks we will be presenting a new public DK2 demo with the worlds first animated photorealistic game ready NPC in VR. The actor, Amity is pictured below.

The first photoscanning demo will be released as a stand alone level that will become available on Oculus Share shortly after being released to you (my wonderful backers).

Your world!

The world of Technolust has grown while you've been away. A new save game system is in place and it is now an open-world game. This means that once outside of the first prologue area, you will be free to travel anywhere in the Technolust universe. We also have a fast travel menu so that you can quickly jump from area to area. This opens up a lot of possibilities for exploration and adventure and adds many opportunities to find collectibles and Easter eggs.

Backer Rewards! 

We have begun collecting backer information and have started adding people to the game. These rewards are being implemented from the lowest (and most numerous) tiers, to the highest. So if you haven't received an email or survey, don't fret. You will hear from us soon.

The Future!

We've added support to some fantastic new technologies that haven't even been publicly announced yet. Look for more here soon! I'll give you a hand.. I mean hint.. no .. I do mean hand. haha. Just wait and see.

The good folks at have supplied us with a brand new development rig, that will not only make things move faster, but much, much sexier. Here is a peak at what's under the hood. 

Aside from that, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly via the comments, my twitter @anticleric, or whatever other means you choose.

OH! Also, please get everyone you know that has a DK2 to pre-order with beta access. Every order helps with development. Thanks! 

Talk to you soon!


Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)

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Posted by IRIS V.R. (Creator)

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