TECHNOLUST: True Cyberpunk

by IRIS V.R.

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    1. christopher chadwick on

      Was just thinking about you today (not like that lol) Great update, cant wait to test the beta. Many thanks!!

    2. Drachenherz on

      Hehe, same here, I was just wondering about Technolust, and here we are: a fresh update, and what a good one indeed. Now I just have to hold back getting a PrioVR... Just short of funds right now. :(

    3. Missing avatar

      Aengus Concannon on

      Cool, thanks. Is low persistence working too?

    4. IRIS V.R. Creator on

      @Aengus. Yep. Aa far as I can tell. No motion blur anymore! Not sure that the timewarping stuff is implemented in Unity yet though.

    5. Thumay Karbalai Assad on

      Hi Blair,

      great job and thank you for this awesome update!
      Yes, please continue with the release of the beta builds. :-)

    6. Blossom14 on

      This video looks great Blair you and your team are doing a fantastic job can't wait to receive my dk2 wish I could afford the PrioVR you have really made this beta so fluid and smooth. Keep up the great work x

    7. Missing avatar

      Matt Barclay on

      DK2 is now shipping! Care to release for us lowly DK1 owners? Can't wait.

    8. IRIS V.R. Creator on

      @Matt. Launching the beta tonight :)

    9. Brandon High on

      Is there some way I could upgrade my pledge to get beta access? I didn't think I'd get my DK2 fast enough to use the beta, but Oculus surprised me!

    10. Brandon High on

      Nevermind, I found the beta download link in a later post! Thanks! :)